Degrading California Environment: Northern California abalone numbers crashing

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 08 December 2017



Degrading California Environment

Northern California abalone numbers crashing

Northern California abalone numbers crashing, recreational season may shutter,
Santa Cruz Sentinel, December 7, 2017.

Initially, we threatened the abalone and the salmon through over-harvesting, literally taking them all. The salmon debacle was matched by removing vast amounts of their riparian habitat for various human uses. Now we have doubled the pressures on the abalone & salmon.

These changes in the air's chemistry have warmed the atmosphere. This warming has changed atmospheric flow patterns, changing the very timing and directions of the seasonal winds driving global fertility, driving the land-based Engines of Life on our planet. These winds also drive the oceanic Engines of Life on our fine planet.

These atmospheric changes are also translated into changes in the openings and closings of many seasonal ocean currents, of the great deep-water oceanic up-wellings, which many creatures of air and sea rely upon. These changes in the timing and direction of seasonal winds changes the timing and location of upwellings, shortening and limiting the "nutrient season" for all sea and much bird life.

Nature's always riding the razor's edge between life and death. Human-generated stresses have turned that, "blade," the harsh balance point of Nature, deep into declining side, the side of shrinkage and death for the web of life, and all its components, including the tenacious abalone.



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