Degrading California Government-Environment-Safety: Corrupted Govt in California Not Trusted

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 08 December 2017



Degrading California Government-Environment-Safety

Corrupted Govt in California Not Trusted

Californians blast state over repairs to tallest US dam,
AP, December 7, 2017.

We all have a "vague" distrust of the obvious corruption and manipulation, the cheating we can feel, if not see going on around us, until the corruption compromises the dam towering over our heads, and a quarter-million other country-folks spread out over the NE corner of the San J Valley.

Until your little boy grows tits after being poisioned by the "ubiquitious" BPA our "regulators" have been silent over.

Until your water catches on fire, a gift from the fracking nastiness next door.

Until cancer clusters break out in your neighborhood, and you find out the surrounding crops have been watered with fracking wastewater, and sprayed with toxic insecticides.

Brown's Brown Water World

Then you know exactly why you can't trust a government subject to the vast bribes of the corporations it is entrusted to regulate: our democratic defenses have been breeched, fatally corrupted.

Fatally, in that our corporate-compromised government will do about anything to you, including hurt & kill you and your children, rape our environment, and betray our economy, to pay off their massive corporate bribes.

Our revolutionary democratic government is now a plaything of our corrupted corporate elite. That's gotta change.

Our health, wealth, and general welfare, let alone American political principals and what honor linked to them that we had, have all been fundamentally betrayed, all to expand corporate profits and powers.

This has made us a global icon of greed, not exceptional ethics.

Ironically, the most wealthy and powerful among us decided they would give up what makes us, "us," being the fundamental political principals and practices, that made us, "exceptional," pushing them aside, so they could be rich and powerful.

What's ironic is that our corporate and political leadership now claim greed, power, and wealth are what's exceptional. Our revolutionary forefathers were claimed to be exceptional by observers for exactly the opposite, for restraining greed, power, and wealth.

Our corporate leadership has supercharged greed, corruption, and tyranny around the world, while our first forefathers inspired freedom around the world.

My, how times have changed.

We, our country, is now a corporate ruling class ruling a global empire, nothing more than a modern version of exactly the system our revolutionary forefathers threw off. This is the system that our Robber Baron forefathers imposed on our land.

Our Robber Baron forefathers pushed aside our internal democratic restraints, while maintaining their external illusion.

Then they raped our country.

These corrupt interests need to be once again restrained within our Constitutional limits, and brought back within the framework of our, "general welfare," before they can do any more damage to our country and planet.

We've got to bring our aristocrats back within our democratic & constitutional limits, if we want to have even a remote chance of preserving the classic character of our High Sierra experience.

Respondents worry more about DWR Oroville Dam than terrorists

Oroville Dam Symbol of Corrupted System



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