Ocean-Abalone Collapse: Corporate Growth Machine brings Death to Land, Air, & Sea

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 11 December 2017



Ocean-Abalone Collapse

Corporate Growth Machine brings Death to Land, Air, & Sea

Dept. of Death at Sea

California’s abalone fishery to be closed next year to protect crashing fishery,
Press Democrat, December 8, 2017.


2018 Red abalone season ended. This is an update of the “Northern California abalone numbers crashing, recreational season may shutter,” story, which gives us the latest, almost last chapter, of the long decline of ocean life off the coast of California, and running up our rivers.

The simple fact is that our irresponsible offshoring and immigration policies have consumed the bounty and fertility of our whole state and most of the natural world.

Now, as we surge full speed ahead with our reckless program of endless, "immigration and offshoring," as quickly as we can, while simultanously watching the consequences of our irresponsible behavior play out in vast forest fires, the collapse of all wild fish, the destruction of migrating species, and a general, global collapse of the traditional weather patterns that the whole web of life around the whole freeking world, including humans, depends on for all of our survival, let alone prosperity.

Our fifty year long, "growth of consumption in the "homeland" program," and our subsequent doubling of our population over that period, is the force that's fueling a relentless global demand for all the Third World's resources, which has driven the breakdown of traditional societies and the formation and growth of megacities, here and around the whole world, to feed.

The effects of our greed have changed the oceans, as well as the skies. That changes everything.

Sadly, one of the things changed is that Abalone is no longer on our menu, after being seriously reduced and endangered for decades.


It was:

California Coastal Backpacker's Treat

Fresh Abalone Feast at Lost Coast



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