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for Backpackers: Get you in deeper, longer, and higher. Train for the long trails. Find your next-steps trips. Hit the Long Trails. Hike the TYT and JMT. Find and explore side trails, alternative, and cross-country routes until you hike your skills into Winter compentency. Explore your potential.

for Experts: The information to come from anywhere in the US or world and backpack from Tahoe to Whitney. The Sierra Nevada is the ultimate wonderland for expert backpackers in top shape. But don't get cocky! The Sierra is bigger, stronger, and has been, and will be here much longer than any of us.  

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Pony Express Trail High Sierra Nevada Historical Monument

High Sierra Nevada Historical Monument

Pony Express Trail

Guide & Forum


Main Article
Pony Express Trail
near Echo Summit 


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Ebbetts Pass High Sierra Nevada Historical Monument and History


High Sierra Nevada Historical Monument
Ebbetts Pass

 Ebbetts Pass Historical Monument

Backpacker Information

Trail Guide Page PCT NORTH: Raymond Lake to Ebbetts Pass 

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Carson Pass: High Sierra Historical Monuments

High Sierra Historical Monuments: Carson Pass

Trail Guide Page: Carson Pass

Backpacker's Forum Page: Carson Pass.


High Sierra Historical Monuments page.


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Summit City Creek High Sierra Nevada Historical Monument

High Sierra Nevada Historical Monument
Lower Summit City Creek

Lower Summit City sign improperly placed in the late 1990s.

This sign was improperly placed at the Horse Canyon trail junction along Summit City Creek during the late 1990s until early in the new century. It is no longer located at Horse Canyon, nor anywhere along Summit City Creek.

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Golden Gate Mine, Eastern Sierra Nevada Clampers Monument

Clampers Monument: Golden Gate Mine. Eastern Sierra Nevada.

Clampers Monument for the Golden Gate Mine on Golden Gate Mine road.


Trail guide page with map and pictures of access to Golden Gate Mine road.


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Spider, Summit City Creek, Tahoe to Yosemite Trail, Mokelumne Wilderness

Spider at Granite Flat along Summit City Creek 1.3 miles South of the Upper Ford. Tahoe to Yosemite Trail between Carson Pass and Lake Alpine. El Dorado National Forest, Mokelumne Wilderness.

This spider appears a a moving black spot on granite. It is in stealth mode when it stops....

Check out this spider's neighborhood

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Megan's Butterfly Information Reference Page

An elementry student in Mrs. DiCaprio's class, Megan, found this excellent page of Butterfly Resources and Information to add to our knowledge of Butterflies. Thanks Megan and Mrs. DiCaprio!

The Butterfly resource is the (broken Link) butterfly page.

This page features information about Butterflies, Butterfly Questions, a Butterfly photo gallery, and an excellent selection of Butterfly reference materials.

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High Sierra Trail Reports Index Link: Reports prior to Spring 2011

See a list of High Sierra trail reports from previous seasons.

See the 2011 High Sierra Spring-Summer Conditions Report.

These reports are from backpacking all four seasons in the Sierra, so they may give you an idea of conditions during a particular season.

But maybe not. During recent decades the seasons have been abnormal, and changing year-to-year.

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Tracking the Sierra Nevada Spring into Summer-Thaw of 2011


Greetings. I'm Alex Wierbinski, and I started up this continuing post in early May so you could both obtain and contribute information that backpackers, hikers, and even you climbers need to track the Spring Thaw of 2011.

Video embed 2: 
See video
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Free Car Camping near Carson Pass: Intro to the Car Camping Section

Free Car Camping in the Sierra Nevada

My focus in this forum is on free Car Camping opportunities in the National Forests along the Sierra Crest. You're welcome to use this forum to post up your own pages or supplemental information about your own favorite car camping spots in the Sierra, regardless of if it is a free National Forest site, or is in a high-fee state, federal, or national park.

Map embed: 
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Meiss Cabin South to the Carson Gap.

  This is the last Forum-comments page covering the trail up from the South Upper Truckee trail head in Meyers to the Meiss Cabin.  

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The Carson Gap

Video embed: 
See video

The Carson Gap

The Carson Gap is a low point in the mountains along the Southeastern edge of the Lake Tahoe Rim. The Carson Gap makes up the Southern entrance and exit from the Tahoe Basin for Backpackers heading North and South on either the Tahoe to Yosemite or the Pacific Crest Trails.

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Meiss Cabin South to the Carson Gap

Video embed: 
See video


Meiss Cabin to Carson Gap

This is the comments, questions, and extra information Forum Page for the trail guide pages between Meiss Cabin and the Carson Gap.

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Round Lake to Meiss Meadow Spring backpacking High Sierra

A little over two miles South of Round Lake on the trail we will encounter the Pacific Crest and Tahoe to Yosemite Trails. 

We will wind our way South from Round Lake thorugh meadow and forest along a moderately ascending well maintained trail  to the trail junction with the Tahoe to Yosemite and Pacific Crest Trails within sight of Meiss Cabin and Barn. 

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Showers_Lake_Frozen_Spring 2010

This picture looks from the check dam Southwest across the frozen lake. The top of the checkdam is visible in the snow in the foreground.

A duck was screwing around on the lake, and a chipmunk was scouting us out, and probing us for food at our campsite. I love Spring. Departing the lake the next day I found bear tracks emerging from bear's hibernation spot.

Bear Tracks Departing Hibernation Den

Showers_Lake_Frozen_Spring 2010
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Winter Backpacking Gear Video and Notes: Selection thoughts, Worse Case Scenario, First Aid Kit

Video embed: 
See video

Now that we've checked out our Winter layering options, we now have to tailor our selections to the weather conditions we are anticipating from our route and weather conditions research and balance this with our own personal level of cold tolerance.

Then we have to throw in the extra layer necessary to deal with worse-case scenarios.

Check out the Tahoe to Whitney gear list for layering options, and the discussion about layering.

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Test: Inline Images after site upgrade: Becan, Grand Pryramid


 I can upload new pictures successfully, yet the images in all previous posts fail to print.

This means that although all new posts on this site are capable of displaying uploaded images, every earlier post has lost its uploaded pictures, and I can't find them anywhere. such are the trials of backpacking the digital trail.

This project was suspended until this problem was fixed today, April 10 2011. Yeah!!

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Other Great High Sierra Activities: Hikers-Bikers-Fishermen, Check this Out!

Backpacking is a great thing to do to clear your mind and satisfy your soul . I have been a backpacker for most of my life and have tromped all over the Sierra Nevada mountains (maybe not on the scale that Alex has ).

As we get older it is not possible for all of us to continue with the things we love ( at least in the same capacity ) . For those that are not able to backpack long distances like we used to there is still hope.

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Winter Backpacking Survival: Frozen Lake Breakthrough, Self Rescue, and Recovery


This incident happened about eight or nine years ago during a late-Winter snowshoe trip. I recount it now so you can avoid my stupid mistakes and learn from my errors. My experience may give you an extra option for self-rescue after breaking through the ice on a frozen lake.

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Hiking Trip Plan: Tahoe to Yosemite Trail from Meeks Bay

This is your page for questions and comments on the Hiking Trip Plan for heading South on the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail out of Meeks Bay.

See the trail guide for basic considerations the underlay a solid hiking plan.

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