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for Backpackers: Get you in deeper, longer, and higher. Train for the long trails. Find your next-steps trips. Hit the Long Trails. Hike the TYT and JMT. Find and explore side trails, alternative, and cross-country routes until you hike your skills into Winter compentency. Explore your potential.

for Experts: The information to come from anywhere in the US or world and backpack from Tahoe to Whitney. The Sierra Nevada is the ultimate wonderland for expert backpackers in top shape. But don't get cocky! The Sierra is bigger, stronger, and has been, and will be here much longer than any of us.  

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June, 2018: Serious Spring Snow Accident on Mount Whitney




Serious Spring Snow Accident on Mount Whitney

Pro Rescue brings Two off Whitney by Helo, One able to Self-Rescue

Inyo, Mono Search and Rescue members aid hikers,
Sierra Wave, June 12, 2018.




"...approximately 9:30 am on Sunday June 10th…"

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Eco-Crash News: Warming to Disrupt Global Corn Production


Eco-Crash News

Warming to Disrupt Global Corn Production

Warmer climate will dramatically increase the volatility of global corn crops,
University of Washington, June 11, 2018.


The Big Four Producers

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2018 Water Woes Deepening in the Southwest



Water Woes Deepening in the Southwest

No Solution for Crazy Development Using more Water during Drying Times

Physical Tools can't Fix Greedy Fools

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HEALTH & FITTNESS, Medicinal Nutrition, Foods that Fight Disease



Foods that Fight Disease

Scientists identify foods that fight disease,
Nutrition 2018, June 10, 2018.


The Foods

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Two Works of Research: Bacteria Moving Effectively to Counter Human Antibiotics



Microscopic Bacterial Magic

Bacteria Moving Effectively to Counter Human Antibiotics

DNA HUNTERS: Spearing and Plasmid Sharing



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INDEX: ALL Mosquito and Tick News and Information for High Sierra Backpackers

Tick and Mosquito News
Mosquitoes are a major issue in the High Sierra,

ticks less so the higher you go.


July 26, 2018





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Snags: Camp, Trail, Cross Country and River Crossing


Mountain Safety


June 2018
The High Sierra Tree Mortality situation induces me to repost this at the top of the list as Summer Backpacking season gets started. Snags are presenting heightened dangers this year, as is the related threat of fire.


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Summer of 2018: Watch Out for the Green Water, Salem Oregon Water Supply Compromised



Salem Water Supply Turns Green

Salem drinking water contaminated, children advised to avoid tap water,
KGW8 Portland, May 31, 2018.

"Low levels of toxins caused by algae blooms in Detroit Lake have been discovered in Salem's drinking water..."

"The toxins originated with algae blooms first detected last week in Detroit Lake. That water continues down the North Santiam River, which becomes the Santiam Canyon and City of Salem's drinking water source."

"Other affected cities include Turner and Stayton."

"Algae blooms in Detroit Lake are common in the late spring and early summer. But the algae blooms observed this year appear to be more widespread and potent."

"There are about 185,000 people who live in the cities that draw their municipal drinking water from the North Santiam River, not including farms in rural communities that draw water from the river."

"People with compromised health and immune systems also are being told not to drink tap water."

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Boots and Footwear: Member's Favorites for High Sierra Backpacking

Member's Favorites


Selecting Backpacking Boots and Footwear from among our many, many Options. The goal is to get exactly what you need fit perfectly.



The Range of Choices
 We have an extensive selection of types and styles of backpacking footwear available from extremely heavy to virtually none at all. The barefoot and neoprene fads are quite amusing...

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Introduction to Backpacks: The Best High Sierra Backpack for You, Your Trail, and the Season

Best High Sierra Backpack for Various Applications

Getting the correct backpack for your backpacking depends on properly determining what you are going to need out of a backpack. The proper backpack for a five day cross-country Wintertime snow trip is going to be different in a number of ways than the proper backpack for a two-day Summer hike along well-marked trails. 

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Humans are equal to The Big Volcano and The Big Rock from Space?




Humans are Equal to The Big Volcano(s) and The Big Rock from Space?

How do you like your frogs cooked? Slowly Self-Cooked, or Naturally Quick?


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2018 Mountain Safety News, Drowning in Kaweah River


Mountain Safety

Drowning in Kaweah River

A Sign of Dangerous Fording Conditions

NPS Report

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Another Einstien Test Passed, 'Einstein's Elevator' Confirmed



Astro-Physics News

Another Einstein Test Passed

Increasing High Precision Time Measurements

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Searching for Dark Matter & Not Finding WIMPS



Search for Dark Matter Particles

Not Finding WIMPS

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Forty Years of Stonewalling and Political Bribes: Styrene is Probably Carcinogenic



Forty Years of Stonewalling and Political Bribes...

Styrene is probably carcinogenic

After 40 years in limbo: Styrene is probably carcinogenic,
Aarhus University, May 30, 2018.

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Next Step in Destruction of California Ecology: THE DEVILS STRAWS



The Next Step in Destruction of California Ecology

No Vote for You!

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First Light on Dark Matter? Ancient Radio Waves Distorted by Dark Matter-UPDATED 2x


Astrophysics News
First Light on Dark Matter?

Ancient Radio Waves Distorted-Chilled by Dark Matter?

Search for first stars uncovers 'dark matter,'
American Friends of Tel Aviv University, February 28, 2018.


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THE NATURE OF REALITY: Resolving Descrepancies in Universal Measurements



Resolving Descrepancies in Universal Measurements

Data discrepancies may affect understanding of the universe,
University of Texas at Dallas, June 5, 2018.

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End of The Age of Humans: Human Effects Equal Chicxulub Climate Disruption



The Age of Humans

Human Effects Equal Chicxulub Climate Disruption

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