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Desolation Wilderness: 10 trail junctions south of Lake Aloha

The Tamarack Trail junction South of Lake Aloha marks the first of 10 main trail junctions between here and the Boat Taxi Dock on Lower Echo Lake backpacking out of the South end of Desolation Wilderness.

But don't worry too much, as it is fairly clear from the signs, the elevation drop, and the direction which trail is the Southbound Pacific Crest and Tahoe to Yosemite Trail to the Echo Lake trailhead.

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Aloha Lake, Desolation Wilderness, Backpacking Tahoe Yosemite Trail

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This is the questions, comments, and additional experiences page for the Lake Aloha pages of the Tahoe to Whitney backpacker trail guide.

Lake Aloha is a beautiful and popular place. Share your favorite backpacking trips, loops, campsites, and experiences here to inform and direct other backpackers.

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Susie and Heather Lakes, Desolation Wilderness, Tahoe to Yosemite Trail

This is the questions, comments, and additional experiences page for the Susie Lake and Heather Lake page of the Tahoe to Whitney Trail guide.

Register to post pictures and videos of your experiences here, or post text comments.

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Trail View: Stony Ridge Lake to Rubicon Lake

This little topic entry is thrown here, outside of the trail sequence order, but a word has to be said about the trails we take to backpack through the High Sierras between Lake Tahoe and Mount Whitney. So here it goes!

With no particular named features to describe, the trail itself  between Stony Ridge Lake and Rubicon Lake on the Desolation trail is notable, nonetheless. As are many of the trails we are going to encounter between here and the Mount Whitney Portal.

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Anatomy of a Snow Trip: 1-10-2010

Going Crazy working on a backpacking guide. Need to Backpack. I made a small amount of money. I have an REI voucher from the refund from all of their equipment I completely trashed this last Summer.

Money and a voucher? It's too much to handle. I can't help but begin to put together a late-January snow shoe backpacking trip out of the Tahoe Basin.

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Tahoe to Yosemite Trail: Desolation Trail from Meeks Bay to Pacific Crest Trail junction near Middle Velma Lake

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The start point of the Tahoe to Yosemite Backpacking Trail is at Meeks Bay.

This is also the Start Point for this Tahoe to Whitney Trail Guide.

Trail Guide Page
Desolation Trail, The Meeks Bay Trailhead.

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Site Update Information

January 19, 2010

Hey Hikers!

Welcome to Lake Tahoe to Mount Whitney. This backpacker forum is now officially open for business. There are as many routes and experiences in the High Sierras as there are people who hike there. This site is designed to gather and provide information on every type of High Sierra backcountry visitor and traveler. 

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John Muir Wilderness Boundary, Goodale Pass to Vermillion Valley Resort

The Back way into Vermilion Valley Resort through Fish Valley...

John Muir Wilderness Boundary North of Vermilion to Goodale Pass.

I had to turn around to take this picture, because I was coming down from Goodale Pass out of the John Muir Wilderness to visit Vermillion Valley Resort, which sits a couple of miles past the Wilderness boundary. Heck, I had been off of the John Muir Trail for three days, doing my own custom route.

Vermillion Valley Resort

A few miles after passing out of the John Muir Wilderness (see entry above) into its parent National Forest, Sierra, you will hit the trail head, a dirt road by two campgrounds, and come upon this sign:

Vermilion Valley Resort's road sign. 

You have reached backpacker disney land, Vermillion Valley Resort.

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Vermillion Valley Resort ferry pick-up point at Mono Creek on Lake Thomas Edison

Departing Vermillion Valley Resort by Ferry to spur trail at end of Lake Thomas Edison leading to John Muir Trail.




Above: Loaded from Directory in Drupal

Below: John Muir Trailers will see this sign when they arrive at the ferry pick-up point.



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Coyotes encountered backpacking in the High Sierras, June 9, '09, snow & ice

 Coyote encounters in the Wild? If you've observed coyote in the wild, you can relate your experience, post pictures, and videos through the Coyote section of the Living Things forum.

Coyotes encountered backpacking in the High Sierras, June 9, '09, snow & ice
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Tahoe to Whitney Backpacker's Forum Site Features, Point, and Purpose.

These Tahoe to Whitney Trails Forums are for backpacker feedback, trail condition updates, trip reports, and your insights about every location from Lake Tahoe to Mount Whitney along the High Sierra Crestline covered by the trail guide.

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Trail Notes Test: Google Maps embed

 Hey Kids!

With this upgrade the Tahoe to Whitney site now supports content with Google Maps, UTube videos, hiker uploaded images, and any pages you have authored or commented on can inform you by email when it is commented on. And site development is barely half-way done!


Stay tuned for upgrades to the hiker's account page, offering a wide range of helpful links for the four-season high altitude traveler. And there's more!


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Story Video embed Test

The Echo Summit Trail head tour with Alex and Randy 

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Video Embed Test Blog

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This blog was created to test video embedding from UTube

The video is of a bear I spotted running South through the Carson Gap, the gap that divides the Truckee River headwaters and Tahoe Basin from the Carson drainage. 


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Image Upload Test; Create Image

This was taken near Wheeler Beach, Southern Lost Coast, 2006.


This test is to determine how to upload retrievable images into the image file browser, as it appears that image uploads into the blogs do not read on the image file browser.


 So, it appears that one image at a time can be uploaded into the directory the image file browser reads from via "create image."

Image Upload Test; Create Image
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Trail Head Options at Lake Tahoe

 This forum discusses the three main trail head options from where your Tahoe to Whitney trips can begin at Lake Tahoe


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Trail Options between Lake Tahoe and Highway 4

The Second of the seven trail sections between Lake Tahoe and Mount Whitney is from where you exit the Tahoe Basin at the Carson Gap,  to Highway 4. Highway 4 is the road crossing the Sierras where Ebbetts Pass and Lake Alpine are located. Lake Alpine is a resupply point for long distance backpackers.

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Hard at Work in the in the mountains and on the computer: Trail Guide

This picture was taken while I was wandering about between the South ford of Summit City Creek and the ford over the North Mokelumne River at Camp Irene on the Tahoe to Yosemite "Trail" this Summer. 

I was "surveying unknown territory," looking for known territory. Normal people would call it being lost. I was in the very tricky section after you make your 2nd ford, the Southern ford across Summit City Creek, and work your way over the big piece of rock into a deeply unblazed forest within a great rock bowl.

Hard at Work in the in the mountains and on the computer: Trail Guide

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