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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 23 August 2017

 Outdoor Women 

This section is dedicated to information pertaining specifically to female's health, fitness, and outdoor activities. It centers as specifically as possible on News, topics and issues concerning women backpacking the High Sierra


June 25, 2018


Female Running Shoe Test

Maximal Running Shoes Vs. Neutral Shoes




March 14



Women's World

Fitness Protects from Dementia




January 30



Dr. Arlene Blum talks about the Climbing Life



January 9

Scientific "My Team" Survival Sports

Women Survive Early-life Stress better than Men




December 4

Health & Fitness Perspectives 

Women more "fit" than Men




November 16

Women's Movement Wards Off Death

Old Girls Gotta Keep Going




November 7

Brisk Walking-Physical Activity may Lower Risk of Death among Older Women

Keep Backpacking, Ladies




October 4

Field Conditions

First female Marine officer to lead assault amphibian vehicle platoon



September 8

Female Viking Warrior Officer

"Classic" Viking Burial Site filled with a Surprise!

An officer and a gentlewoman from the Viking army in Birka,
STOCKHOLM UNIVERSITY, September 8, 2017.





August 23, 2017

Get the Kids Outdoors!

Opinion: It’s great to be a Girl Scout,
Sierra Sun, August 23, 2017.



Wonder Women

Big and strong may not last as long, according to UBC prof,
University of British Columbia Okanagan campus, August 23, 2017.




August 7

Amazing Nature

Women have more active brains than men,
IOS PRESS, August 7, 2017.



 July 19

Why Chicks Crazy

Estradiol-serotonin dance

Why some women are more likely to feel depressed,

Complex interactions between hormone and serotonin, across a wide range of different population-wide mixtures between these two substances, each of which are so fundamental to identity and feeling. 

Talk about Riding the Tiger... 



I'm not sure segragation is a solution...

Kaweah Commonwealth, July 18, 2017.



June 28

My Fellow Test Subjects

WEN hair loss scandal exposed dirty underbelly of personal care products,
Ars Technica, June 28, 2017.


“Regulation? NONE”


Heath and Fitness “Market”


My Fellow Test Subjects


Our Greatest Danger



May 23

Staying Motivated and Balanced 

Rethinking exercise: Replace punishing workouts with movement that makes you happy,

Though the above article targets older women, this is an issue for all humans, and involves the "pain-pleasure" balance of "engagement."

This comes down to a "meaning of life" issue for each individual. What degree of pain in the pain-pleasure balance is acceptable? 

I must switch our attention to the time and consistancy factors. Practices, or exercises that were once painful and difficult becomes stimulating-even necessary-as our experience evolves as we spend more time doing it. What we thought difficult or even impossible becomes achievable if we approach it properly.


Pain & Pleasure & High Sierra Backpacking 



April 1

Dept. of Our Population & Planet are Vast Test Subjects: 
Gender and Liver Confusion

Early-life BPA exposure reprograms gene expression linked to fatty liver disease,

"Because these endocrine disruptors are ubiquitous in the environment, a large portion of the population may be affected by developmental reprogramming."

No Kidding? Flooding our environment with "endocrine disruptors" has "reprogrammed" kid's development? Wow, I wonder what that would do to a vast population...

 Ultimately I believe we are seeing the results of this particular "experiment" bringing the rise of a tremendous amount of gender confusion, the “metorsexual,”and uni-gender bathrooms, so far.


Test Results Coming in After Public Exposure:

Exposure to BPA substitute, BPS, multiplies breast cancer cells,

"Hopes for a safer..BPA" coming to naught as testing AFTER PUBLIC DEPLOYMENT shows BPS is also a powerful endocrine disruptor. Who would have THUNK that? 

Perhaps we should test these chemicals BEFORE we test them on the public? No, that would get in the way of profits, and those profits are what bribes our politicans, who keep the "profits" flowing by preventing rational safety regulation in all aspects of American life.

Crushing your lives is very, very profitable. This bribery and corruption applies in all aspects of "politics," as we can clearly see from the article below, "our" politicians and their corporate-sponsored political parties are for sale to the highest bidder:


How to buy the Influence to Legally Kill your Kid, and use the population as "test subjects:"

How $3 million in political donations stands in the way of justice for this boy's death
Sac Bee, April 28, 2017.

This is exactly the same process developers and ag interests to make us subsidize their bad dams, that the chemical companies used to poison our children, and that has driven the "Corporate Growth Machine of Death" that has stripped man and Nature bare-ass naked in California.

Yup, that's exactly the same machine of greed and corruption at work for all the worse people, interests, and institutions in our country...

It is clear we require a new Environmental Movement that can deal with the scope and depth of our corruption problem that drives our "environmental" problems.



March 13

Physical activity levels may start tailing off by age of 7 in both boys and girls,
BMJ, March 13, 2017.






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