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High Sierra History NEWS, EVENTS, & FORUM INDEX | High Sierra Backpacker

High Sierra History NEWS, EVENTS, & FORUM INDEX

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 15 November 2011


Welcome to the High Sierra History Forum. If you have general questions or comments this is the place to put them. The comments link sits at the bottom of the page.

The History Forum is composed of articles and information concerned with the history of the locations our trails cross in the mountains between Lake Tahoe and Mount Whitney.

There is a breadcrumb to go up a level to the topics in the History Forum at the top of this page bringing you to a list of all High Sierra History News & Information in the History Forum. Below you'll find an index of all articles & news published since June 5, 2017.

It all starts (or ends) with the Western Discovery of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range:

Western Discovery of Sierra Nevada, Early History of California


There is also a High Sierra History and Historical Monuments page with images, trail guide and road map locations of Historical markers. Post up your perspectives on High Sierra History and its Monuments here or there.

If you have any High Sierra History, information, topics, or insights you'd like to write about, or share some images, videos, or other information about I urge you to register and post up an article. Unregistered visitors can comment on any of the existing articles, but cannot post up new content or images.

Send me the information, and I will put it up for you.


To forget the past is to blind yourself in the present. If you can't see where you've been, you can't know where you are, and you won't be able to see where you are going, nor know what you are.

In that case, you are in fact, an idiot. We can help fix some of that problem here, with some  contextual information about High Sierra History.

Again, welcome to the Sierra History forum.


News & Events of Interest 

Now is Our Future History
Act Accordingly



January 18, 2020



Women Warriors Ancient & Modern

Warrior Woman Grave in Armenia, Women Warriors in Alexander's Macedonia, and Modern US Marine Warrior Women




April 18, 2019



A Deep Dive
The Long History of Human Field Operations

A First: Humans Coming Out of The Field




April 13



Physical History of Alaska’s Gold Rush

Iditarod Today & Yesterday, with a few Classics of Snow & Ice Exploration






 June 18


Annual Pony Express Re-creation

Pony Express riding through on Thursday




March 14



Program: The History of Corrupted Scumbags

‘Mulholland … the Final Chapter’




March 6


High Sierra History

Virginia City, Gold Hill, & Silver City




East Sierra Social History

The Life, Times, and Home of Virgilio Sebastiano Garbarini




February 20



Champion Sparkplug Mine




Feburary 15, 2018


High Sierra History Roundup

Three Western Museums Get their Wagons Rolling




February 12, 2018

Geo Tour

Moon, Sierra, and the Alabama Hills

Geo & Film "Histories"




January 17, 2018

Looking Back at a Lost World


Hetch Hetchy & Lake Tahoe




December 15
Restoring Grim History

Unburning the Last Yosemite Valley Indian Village?




November 15

Legends of Lake Tahoe

More Bodies Found



The Clampers: Living History of High Sierra Society

A historical drinking society or a drinking historical society?




November 10

Screwing the Indians along the Consumnes River, 1850-51

The Attempted Double-Screw: Drain the Indians & the Feds




November 7

High Sierra Women's History

High Sierra Textiles & Style History




October 25

High Sierra History & Culture

Nevada Day celebration in Carson City this weekend




October 20

East Flank History

The Valley Pioneer Families Annual Cemetery Tour Event




October 17

History of Beer in Early California

Boca Ice Brewery 1876-1893




October 9

East Sierra Flank History

Enjoy legendary Mt. Whitney Fish Hatchery history this Friday




October 5

Drama on Ice

Did Teddy Evans fatally undermine Scott of the Antarctic?




 October 3

Railroad Fire

Historic "Bug Lab" Burned




September 12

High Sierra History

New exhibit: Button family’s history at Manzanar,
Sierra Wave, September 11, 2017.




September 7

Nature as Prop

Langley will give film history of the Eastern Sierra,
Sierra Wave, August 31, 2017.




August 24

High Sierra History Event

Railtown 1897 Presents 4th Annual “Working on the Railroad” Celebration,
PineTree, August 24, 2017.



Gold Rush

NOW & THEN: A look at Old Columbia,
Mountain Democrat, August 23, 2017.



August 18

Three Rivers Power History

Southern California Edison performs aerial inspection of Mineral King dams,
Kaweah Commonwealth, August 14, 2017.




August 10


Industrial Sierra History

Central Sierra Historical Society Launches Mobile App,
Sierra News Online, August 4, 2017.

Central Sierra Historical Society,
A Museum Without Walls.



History of 395

Get your ‘Tales’ at Mammoth Lakes Library,
Sierra Wave, August 8, 2017.




August 7


Industrial Sierra

Vestiges of Amador—Preserving a Rarity - The Kennedy Tailing Wheels,
Part II – Finishing the Wheels & Building the Dam,
Ledger Dispatch, August 6, 2017.

Kennedy Mine Tours




July 24, 2017

Historic coin press returning to operation at Nevada State Museum,
Record-Courier, July 22, 2017.




June 7


3.9 magnitude earthquake hits Douglas County, felt in South Lake Tahoe,
Tahoe Daily Tribune, June 6, 2017.

My pal Donnie was rocking!



June marks 130 years since big Carson Valley earthquake,
Record Courier, June 7, 2017.




June 6, 2017

Tahoe History

Tallac Historic Site begins summer programs,
Sierra Sun, June 5, 2017.




June 5, 2017

Pony Express

Mormon Station celebrates Pony Express re-ride,
Record-Courier, June 4, 2017.

Trail Guide: Pony Express across the High Sierra

High Sierra History: Pony Express Forum Article


Earlier History Articles



Latest High Sierra News



News Of Nature

Climate Destruction News



Bee News

Bear News

Spider Forum

Bird News

Small Mammals

Frogs and Reptiles

Butterfly News


Health and Fitness

Mountain Safety

Mosquito News

Female Trail

High Sierra History


Astro-Phys, Space, & Science News

High Sierra Geology News

Fish & Water News






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