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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 12 April 2018



Status of Devils Straws

Massive Delta tunnels project took a giant step forward – here’s what you need to know,
Sac Bee, April 11, 2018.

"A powerful Southern California water agency voted Tuesday to cover two-thirds of the cost of building the controversial Delta tunnels in one of the most significant California water actions in decades."

"The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California's agreement to bankroll $10.8 billion of the project's total cost was a critical step for a project that had struggled to get funded."

"The biggest barrier is a water-rights hearing that began in 2016 before the State Water Resources Control Board. Its members, all appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown, oversee California's complicated water-rights system and must decide whether the tunnels project is allowed to divert water from the Sacramento River..."

(LIARS: The Brown Appointees are "in the bag," so to speak. Brown and his apointees are owned by the corporate forces of irresponsible development, "Lock, Stock, and Barrel.")

"Lawsuits are another barrier. At least 58 tunnels opponents, including Sacramento-area governments, fishing groups and a Native American tribe, are suing under California's environmental protection law. Many of those same opponents filed lawsuits challenging the plan's financial arrangements. And in late February, many of these groups filed a fresh lawsuit saying the water board broke state law by secretly meeting with state and federal officials about the project."


"So construction won't start until 2019 at the earliest, and only if the water board rules favorably and no judges issue injunctions blocking the project. Meanwhile, it's going to take at least 15 years for the project to get built."




We must to stop the irresponsible growth that's damaged California, and the whole United States. We need to not just stop the Devils Straws, but we need to turn off the Tracy Pumps, and bring the populations and production in the Valley and Southern California back under reasonable, sound, Natural and social limits. We have far exceeded those limits at this point in our wild trajectory of irresponsible growth and development. We must reduce our population and production to fit back within those Natural limits. The Devils Straws points us in exactly the wrong direction.

The current population under the current water systems are already drawing enough water to collapse all their related ecosystems. The snowpack and future water availablity in the Sierra and Rockies are both diminishing. Allowing the South Valley and SoCal to radically increase their ability to draw water for further irresponsible growth & development only demonstrates how clouded by corruption our press and politicians really are. We are already far Beyond the Pale, and the Rubicon is far behind us, in terms of irresponsible growth and development driving the breakdowns in our natural and social infrastructures. Both are badly damaged and degrading. More growth will only bring more damages to our already faltering Natural and social infrastructures.

Stopping and reducing the unlimited flow of cheap labor into California will only begin our ecological recovery, while simultanously starting the economic process of pushing all wages back up to American Middle Class levels from the Mexican Peasant levels the massive illegal immigration has pushed them down to. This manipulation of labor supply must be accompanied by bringing back our sustainable, environmentally-friendly, high wage manufacturing to California from Filthy China.

Zero illegal labor combined with hefty "filth" and "slave labor" tarriffs on everything manufactured in China, Southwest Asia, and India. That'll begin to turn our ship of state back onto its Constitutional Course. This is exactly how we put the wealth and power of our nation back into the hands of its citizens. Our "global" corporate elite and their armies of domestic and offshore foreign slaves can go fuck themselves.

We were constitutionally and culturally designed to be a sustainable, stable, middle-class dominated republic, not a corporate fascist state of billionaires running a global empire of Kings, Emirs, Military Dictators, and "religious" states. Those forms of authority would be anathema to our country and its leaders, if we were operating under American Constitutional Ethics. We are not.
We are ruled by wealth and power, and the desire to have it, just as are our allied Kings & Dictators. Those desires are exactly the opposite of the "rules" generated by our ethically-based revolution, and therefore illegitimate. The current nature of our country's relationship between our elite of wealth, power, and desire to our nation's institutions of political power has been thoroughly corrupted.

So, first we need to defeat the corporate-bribed politicians who are asset-stripping man and Nature in California. The only way to do that is by stopping the ability of the Rich and Powerful corporate interests to bribe "our" politicians and fund "our" political parties. Only then will they be "our" politicians and parties. Only then will we preserve our values and resources for future generations, rather than consume them for the contemporary gratifications of the greedy.

Want to save the environment in California? Then we've got to stop the massive irresponsible growth we've suffered under. We've got to stop our traitor politicians from trading citizenship papers for the votes of people who put themselves above the most basic understandings and rule of law that ties us together as a nation:

We must make it crystal clear that Illegal Mexicans and the criminals who support them are not above our laws, that their greed and self-interest they use to put themselves above our most basic laws are not the ties that bind us together as a nation. Greed and desire are not the basis of any claims to citizenship. Illegals and corrupted politicians break those bonds.

The practice of trading citizenship for the votes of a criminal population is equal to voting that the United States has no borders, and does not exist as a country.

The Democrats "Sponsoring" and subsidizing this massive, rapid influx of illegals  along with the Democrats who've gladly underwritten and rewarded the corporations sending our manufacturing to filty China, have created an endless cycle of irresponsible growth that's already badly damaged both our social and Natural infrastructures in California, while significantly contributing to the damages the whole world's weather is undergoing.

That's what our being the, "world's 6th biggest economy," has done to California, the US, and the whole world.

Those Democrat-sponsored policies of endless irresponsible domestic growth feeding the endless growth of offshore manufacturing are essentially sponsoring the rapid asset-stripping of California as part of a vast Ponzi Scheme, a Ponzi Scheme constructed out of humans and their greedy desires. That process of endless growth into the face of declining resources is exactly what these Devils Straws are being designed, privately owned, and publically funded to perpetuate.

"They," being our corporate elite, plan on having at least 50 million people in California by 2050. We have to stop them. LA is already a megacity. LA must be shrunk. The growth in the Imperial Valley is designed to reach megacity numbers ASAP. This planned growth East from LA must not be provided with water. Stopping the Devils Straws will stop growth East of LA in its tracks. In the South Valley both population and agricultural growth along the 99 and 5 corridors will give the South Valley megacity status by mid-century. Large parts of the South Valley have already been badly over-produced. Removing the illegal labor driving these irresponsible operations will give the groundwater a chance to recharge, will stop the massive releases of toxins into the South Valley, and just give Nature a chance to recover. More illegal labor will just bring more over-production, more pollution, and more pressure on the South Valley's already depleated and poisoned resources.



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