DEVILS STRAWS FUNDED: Public "TWIN TUNNEL" Ripoff for Private Profits & Vast Destruction of Man & Nature

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 19 April 2018



Public "TWIN TUNNEL" Ripoff for Private Profits & Vast Destruction of Man & Nature

Water agency approves $11B for California twin tunnels plan,
AP, April 11, 2018.

LA Times Story

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California just voted in favor of stealing from the ratepayers to steal the water from all of Ca and Nature through the "Devils Straws."
Their goal is to continue the irresponsible growth, greed, and environmental destruction that is Southern California.

What the MWD Ratepayers will Fund

(From the AP Story)

"...a nearly $11 billion plan to help fund two enormous tunnels, breathing new life into Gov. Jerry Brown’s ambitious and controversial plan to remake the state’s water system."

This vote will subsidize billions in profits to the banks, developers, builders, and real estate advocates of endless growth and irresponsible development, who have already transformed California's LA and The Bay Area into nasty urban megacity crapholes. These crapholes are going to be radically expanded, at a time when current growth already exceeds our water supply during dry years, just at the time when every year is getting drier.

"The project still requires multiple permits and faces legal challenges by opponents who consider it too expensive and dangerous. Environmentalists who fear negative effects on fish, wildlife and water quality are pushing for more sustainable developments such as recycling and storm water capture."

"...“litigated for years to come,” predicted Kathryn Phillips, director of Sierra Club California."

"Golden Gate Salmon Association president John McManus said his group and its allies “are already in court challenging this project because federal fish experts have found the twin tunnels will be a disaster for salmon.”

MWD says, “We need to move forward now to make sure we don’t have a natural disaster that impacts our water supply.”


Let's be clear: it is our continuing irresponsible growth over the last fifty years that's typified by the growth of the LA megacity, combined with offshoring our manufacturing to filty China, that are the twin human-created "disasters" that have already destroyed our traditional weather and ecosystems.

This Devils Straws project is to forward exactly that same method of massive irresponsible demographic growth to all new heights of irresponsibility, natural, and social destruction at exactly the same time our Winters in California are shortening, the temps around the whole year are steadily warming, and our annual precipitation in the Sierra is decreasing, while turning from snow into rain.

This is not the time to expand our population. It is time to shrink them until we can balance ourselves with Nature and each other. This approach would be prudent in the face of the current rate our weather is warming and changing, let alone the projections of future warming in the Southwestern US.

This Devils Straws project is designed to massively enrich the already rich, and further impoverish the already badly damaged American Middle Class. It will intensify the spread of irresponsible growth and development in Southern California and East into the Imperial Valley. It will continue to support the building of vast populations into the deserts of Southeastern California, reaching East towards Vegas and Arizona.
The Devils Straws project will spread even more and even deeper poverty all over Southern and Southeastern California while draining the already desperately over-drawn rivers and ecosystems of Northern California.


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