Democrat Twin Tunnels (Devils Straws) Indemnified by Republican Conservative

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 21 May 2018



Corporate Corruption at All Levels, Both Parties

Democrat Twin Tunnels (Devils Straws) Indemnified by Republican Conservative


Why a bill before Congress is such a big threat to the Delta,
Sac Bee, May 18, 2018.

"John Garamendi Special to The Sacramento Bee"

"Let’s be clear on what this means. Currently, there are over 25 lawsuits challenging various aspects of the project. These lawsuits have been filed by local governments, water districts, recreational groups, conservation groups and tribal governments – many of whom are my constituents."

I don't believe the Dems really want to stop this bill prohibiting lawsuits against the Twin Tunnels, as the whole Devils Straws is a Democrat initative that makes Republicans rich as NAZIS. Garamendi does. Is that enough for him to expose the dispicable corruption that dominates his party, and identify the greed that's driven and drives projects like the Devils Straws?

I will believe Democrats only when their Deeds match their Words, which is very, very, rarely. The Dems have pushed this whole Twin Tunnels thing in complete cooperation with all Southern Cal Economic interests. Political bribery rises above party affiliation for our corporate leaders at the top of our economy. They run both parties. Our corporate elite bribes both parties equally, and Garamendi is either in their pockets, or he would be attacking the institutional corruption itself that's responsible for drving the Devils Straws forward.

Garamendi is quibbling out along the edges of the problem, when it's the very heart of our democratic institution and processes that are rotten, having been corrupted to their cores.

"Under this language, the state Department of Water Resources could take as much Sacramento River water as it wanted and send it to southern California and there would be no legal recourse to stop it."


The above is exactly what I said the Democrats wanted to do with the Devils Straws from the beginning, that they want to pass control and unlimited access to the Delta/NorCal waters to SoCal, so SoCal could continue their headlong irresponsible growth of our state deeper into the disaster they've already grown us into.

This sucking-up to powerful economic interests is exactly how the Democrats earn their own social power and secure their post-political career positions, not to mention the millions in contemporary political bribes "greasing" the tracks of their political careers.
In my imagination I can hear the Dems speaking in the future, as our megadrought expands in parallel with their crazy population expansion. I can hear the Dems of the future, right now, and they will say:

"What do you want, to give water to Nature when we have 40 million people in SoCal that need that water!" That's because they've said it in the past...

Jerry already used exactly this "rational" justifying drilling for oil in California, so we'e ready to see the Dems talking about raping nature, "for the thirsty mexican childern in LA," which will come easier for Jerry and his Corporate Democrat Devils, than justifying endless oil drilling to support their endless irresponsible population growth has already been.

Back to Garamendi:

"...If this language — inserted by Rep. Ken Calvert of Riverside County — becomes law, these lawsuits would be dismissed, thereby giving a green light to build the tunnels without any further disposition."

"This language is one of the biggest threats Northern California and the Delta has faced yet, and it sets a horrible precedent."

No, John, the Devils Straws is merely a "represntative" of the biggest threat the Delta faces.

If you step back far enough to get a view of the size of the irresponsible population growth that's already stripped the Delta and riparian California to the bone, you will see the greed-driven corruption fueling the whole Corporate Growth Machine of Death, of which the Democrat Party is a critical component.

Responsible growth would have maintained our healing ecosystems and the broad distribution of our national wealth in the middle-class we had in the 1960s, without the Dems to put the greed of foreigners and their corporate "sponsors" above our rule of law.

Garamendi needs to step up to the next level in the fight against the irresponsible growth that's already torn California apart, not just by helping bury the Devils Straws in the dustbin of history, but by revealing to the public the institutional connections of greed and corruption that have long compromised our government, through Jerry and back through his father, and identify the web of bribery "fueling" all these, "beasts of corruption," like Jerry and his "Devils Straws," forward.



Fitzgerald: For water, they’d take your rights,
Recordnet, May 17, 2018.

The Corporate State

"But seriously. The plethora of opportunities Calvert describes did not include allowing the people of California a vote on this $17 billion (for starters) project. We couldn’t use the ballot box; now we can’t use the courts?"

That is the plan...



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