Sonora Pass History and Historical Monuments

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 11 August 2010

Federal and Clamper Historical Mounuments at Sonora Pass

The Sonora Pass was an early route of Western settlers attempting to enter Mexican Calfiornia during the 1840s. Notable attempts were made through Pickle Meadow and up the West Walker River through Emigrant Pass, then over Sonora Pass and Saint Marys Passes, and finally the present route of the roadbed was established between 1855 and 1864.

The rough conditions made this a dangerous and often unsuccessful crossing until a road was established. Check the HIstory of the Sonora Pass Road for information about the early history of the Sonora Pass Road. 

Today we have well established hiking routes North and South from Sonora Pass.

Read the two monuments at the Sonora Pass linked to below for a few more historical details when you hike through. The Clampers Monuments at Sonora Pass and Kennedy Meadows Pack Station as well as the Stanislaus National Forest monument at Sonora Pass are noted on the following history forum pages.

From the Sonora Pass, the Pacific Crest Trail, or other Long-Distance Backpackers hitch hike 7 miles to the West.

Stanislaus National Forest sign at Sonora Pass Trailheads parking-picnic area.

Sonora Pass Historical Monuments

Sonora Pass Monuments (2): Trail Culture 2010

Golden Gate Mine Monument: Trail Culture 2010


Historical Monuments at Kennedy Meadows Pack Station

Emigrants of 1852-1853, Clampers

High Sierra Check Dams,  Clampers


Also see the High Sierra Nevada Historical Monuments page

 Trail Culture at Sonora Pass

On July 22, 2010 I ran into Stroker, a Pacific Crest Trail hiker at the Sonora Pass. Then I headed down Hwy 108 to Hwy 395, where I climbed into the Sierras through a remote part of its Eastern Flank. This began a two-day isolation in the mountains as I worked my way from the Eastern base of the Sierras to the Pacific Crest Trail.

Hitting the Pacific Crest Trail at sunset on July 23, I found it very quiet at the junction between the East Carson Trail and the Pacific Crest Tral about 8 miles North of the Sonora Pass. It was very quite. Neither the campsite at the junction between the PCT and the E Carson River Trail, nor the bigger camp about a hundred yards down the E Carson Trail  was occupied.

Heading South on the PCT the next day brought me through a fine selection of the 2010 class of Pacific Crest Trail hikers from the East Carson River to Sonora Pass. I found this to be a strong group, in good health and humor, and I really enjoyed meeting them.

I kept a record of most of these encounters, which are recounted in the trail guide's Trail Culture 2010 pages. Check them out:

Go to the Trail Culture 2010 Index Page

Sonora Pass History

If you have any information about making or contributing to the ongoing history of Sonora Pass, or enjoying the views of history we get through the lens of Sonora Pass, then Register and post up a page in this High Sierra History Forum.

 I've compiled a basic history of Sonora Pass.
See the HIstory of the Sonora Pass Road.

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