Skeeter News: Skeeters Defy Technology, show Their Genetic Tech Superior to Human Technology

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 04 January 2018


Skeeter News
Skeeters Defy Technology

Natural Genetic Tech Superior to Human Technology

Genetic changes help mosquitoes survive pesticide attacks,
University of California - Riverside, January 2, 2018.

This ability of mosquitoes to sluff off implanted genetic flaws is typical of Nature. It is just like bacteria developing resistance to antibiotics or insects to pesticides, but at a more, a most fundamental level of response. This alone tells us something, something about how the fabric of reality and life itself operates. And about ourselves.

Centering our abilities on attaining the power to dominate or destroy Nature, rather than balancing or enhancing our natural environment to bring less mosquito virilunce assures our efforts will be easily rebuffed, and turned into even greater impediments to expanding our "dominion," let alone maintaining our current power to dominate and destroy Nature. Nature does not work like "that," well, not for long. IT responds to pressures, first, them eliminates them.

First, our approach shows we have separated ourselves from Nature, and no longer consider its benefit ours. Our massive population imposes established patterns of human consumption on a natural system composed of delecate interrelated balances. The result is that Human welfare and Natural welfare have spit into two distinctly different trajectories within both the human mind and in the physical world. Our actions manipulating nature reflect our own greed, rather than the great spirit of Nature.

Second, this contradiction between the human and natural realities indicates that although the humans are capable of escaping the physical requirements and brutal demands of the natural environment itself, that we are incapable of escaping that brutal mindset, of imposing ethical restraints on our own brutal desires. As capable as we are of restraining and manipulating nature, we are incapable of restraining ourselves.
Thus our rapid technological advances have done nothing to "holster" or neutralize our savage desires, but our physical "progress" has in fact put both the technological tools capable of destoying our planet into our hands, hands long guided by the desire to use technology in pursuit of wealth & power.

We need to take a new approach to nature that moves our greed out of the driver's seat of human motivations, and replaces it with good will. Only then will we value the spirit of life in nature enough to preserve it. 




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