Sayles Canyon, Bryan Meadow Trail Junctions

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 20 February 2010

Sayles Canyon Trail Junction

Sayles Canyon Snow Travel: Finstad Family Daytrip, 2012.

Three and a half miles South of Echo Summit on the combined Pacific Crest-Tahoe to Yosemite-and Tahoe Rim Trails we come to the Sayles Canyon, Bryan Meadow Junction. Though the post at Echo Summit puts the mileage to Bryan Meadow at 4 miles, I have it at 3.49 miles. This accounts for the distance from this junction West to the meadow.

Though the Sayles Canyon trail junction indicates that Showers Lake is 5 miles South, I put the first Showers Lake trail junction at 3.31 miles to our South, and the second Showers Lake junction .4 of a mile further South, at 3.71 miles.
Note that the first Showers Lake Trail junction is a junction to nowhere, a remnant of an earlier trail rerouting, showing us where the trail previously circled around the West side of Showers Lake.

This is the comments-questions-"add you experiences" to the trail guide page, so post up your take on the miles, the terrain, the campsites, and your favorite hikes through here. Please!

Showers Lake 5 miles, lies the sign post

What is sure is that the trail has been extensively rerouted between Showers Lake and Echo Summit since the time when the maps were published and the trail signs laid in. 

The East side of the post at the Sayles trail junction, seen below, points us West towards Highway 50 at Camp Sacramento, where both of the Sayles Canyon trail junctions ultimately bring us. The post indicates Highway 50 is 4 miles West of this junction.

Cool Visitor
While I was sitting here, taking in how the surrounding meadow was slowly diminishing, a Coyote scurried up, did some quick scouting about, and trotted away as quickly as it came, without noticing me. I didn't have time to pull my camera out, though I was wearing it. Sometimes things happen very quickly in what appears at other times to be a very slow-moving eternal forest.

Down Sayles Canyon to Highway 50 at Camp Sacramento


The Second Sayles Canyon Junction

The second Sayles Canyon Trail Junction, pictured below, is .85 miles South of the first Sayles Canyon junction. This junction also brings us through Sayles Canyon to Camp Sacramento on Highway 50, but it misses Bryan Meadow, because it links into Sayles Canyon below the meadow.

Second Sayles Canyon junction heading South from Echo Summit

 Note:  Between Echo Summit and Meiss Cabin the Pacific Crest, Tahoe Rim, and Tahoe to Yosemite trails all share the same route through these junctions.

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