NORTH ATLANTIC CHAOS: Gulf Stream Freaking Out

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 11 April 2018


Gulf Stream Freaking Out

Colder Here, Warmer there, Short Term Instabilities Abound

Reconstruction of major North Atlantic circulation system shows weakening,
NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center, April 11, 2018.

"The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) is a large-scale system of ocean currents that circulates warm, salty water from the South Atlantic and tropics via the Gulf Stream to the colder North Atlantic."

"Rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have affected one of the global ocean's major circulation systems, slowing the redistribution of heat in the North Atlantic Ocean. The resulting changes have been felt along the Northeast U.S. Shelf and in the Gulf of Maine, which has warmed 99 percent faster than the global ocean over the past ten years, impacting distributions of fish and other species and their prey."

"...suggest the AMOC has slowed down or weakened by about 15 percent since the 1950s."

“Our findings show that in recent years the AMOC appears to have reached a new record low, consistent with the record low annual sea surface temperature in the subpolar North Atlantic since observations began in 1870 and reported by NOAA for 2015,” the authors report. “The AMOC decline since the mid-20th century is a feature projected by climate models in response to rising carbon dioxide levels.”


OK, let's see if I've got this straight: The global warming that's melting the Arctic Ice and Greenland is flooding the North Atlantic with lots of fresh cold water. This release of lots of cold fresh water is chilling, actually reducing the sub-Arctic sea surface temps, and additionally, it's stalling out the top of the Gulf Stream circulating tropical heat up into the North Atlantic.

This is bringing crazy weather to the UK and North Europe...

The extra heat coming up the Gulf Stream from the superheated equatorial belt and tropical regions is being stalled out by this flood of cold water at, and warming up the Northeast US Shelf and the Gulf of Maine. North of this area of warmer waters along Northeastern US shelf and Gulf of Maine we find sub-Arctic waters have been chilled by the melting of Arctic Ice to sub-normal temps...

So, global warming is currently causing cold Arctic melted ice water & Greenland's melt waters to significantly chill sub Arctic sea surface temps, ice water who's temp and density differences are confounding and, most importantly, temporarily stalling out the Gulf Stream's transport of heat into the furthest North Atlantic.
We are now seeing this cold fresh melt water creating, "short term," waves of cooling and warming reverberating through Arctic and North Atlantic weather and water circulation patterns. These effects will continue until the effects of the massive Arctic and Greenland Meltdowns we are in the middle of are finally dispelled.

At that point in time the weather in the UK and North Europe will go from crazy cold & wet to crazy warm weather. Bigger changes than we've already experienced lay in our future.

At that point in time the Gulf Stream will begin pumping huge amounts of hot water into the sub Arctic and Arctic, once the majority of Arctic ice has melted, and its cold fresh waters have been dispelled across Northern Hemisphere Oceans. Once the melt water is dispelled the now-cooler sub Arctic sea surface temps will explode much higher. I figure palm trees will reach the shores of Hudson Bay in two hundred years, once these cooling abberations are dispelled by rising temps.

This process clearly shows us that the changes to weather, water, and ice we have already unleashed with our irresponsible growth and development are nothing, and the real radical changes we have in store are just getting started. We are now watching the first steps in the breakdown of our ancient weather & water circulation patterns and the ancient ecosystems attached to them. Thus we are also watching the emergence of a completely different alignment of weather and ecosystems. This process of change is going to get much uglier.

Within two hundred years much of the life on this planet will have no place within the new weather patterns our out of control greed are creating. What we are really watching as we observe these radical changes to the Arctic Ice & Gulf Stream are the bottom-line effects of human greed directly targeting and destroying the very foundations of life's complexity on this planet. We are altering the fundamental distribution of energy on this planet, which is changing everything.

Our behaviors, more precisely it is our corrupted desires which are driving the changes to the atmosphere that directly translates into us creating a much simpler and much less fertile biosphere that will not support the current levels or quality of each and every level and aspect of life on this Earth.

These changes are "baked in" to our future unless we can turn the motivations and direction of the Corporate Growth Machine of Death away from endless pursuit of irresponsible growth to gratify their endless greed.


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North Atlantic Gulf Stream circulation weakening


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