New Pacific Crest Trail signs across North Yosemite

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 24 September 2016

 Take off your glasses-you can now find the PCT across Yosemite without them.

Yosemite National Park has installed HUGE new Pacific Crest Trail emblems on their trail  sign posts, at least across the North Yosemite Backcountry, as my personal observations indicate. 

I suspect that all marked trail junctions along the Pacific Crest Trail across Yosemite are now so marked.  Those are some huge PCT emblems. I just want to know if they glow in the dark too. That would be cool. They look like they should glow in the dark...

I'd like to know If you've seen them in Lyell Canyon and across other parts of the North Yosemite Backcountry.

New Pacific Crest Trail signs across Yosemite, here at Tilden Lake in Jack Main Canyon.
New Pacific Crest trail emblem-trail marker deployed at the Northern Tilden Lake  trail junction in Jack Main Canyon.

I can see the Future
I figure they are going to loose their paint first, becoming faint & faded fat triangles marking the route of the PCT in ten years or so. Maybe fifteen years. It depends on weathering.

Oh, and anyplace these huge emblems are deployed that allows hunting,... well, you know what they will be used for.


The Tree Ate my Homework!
I swear!
Well, it was really my PCT emblem the tree ate.

These new emblems are a far cry from the old ones, which were magnitudes of order smaller, sometimes obscurely placed, and are and have been being, "eaten by the trees." Well, some of them are being eaten by trees.

 1.75 miles further down Jack Main Canyon we may see this tree eating this old-school PCT emblem.

Here's a classic deployment of the old emblem in Forestdale Divide.

Just South of Forestdale Divide we find Southbound perplexity where the trail forks near an obscured old PCT emblem.

Lacking Old School Skills

I suspect that the recent massive surge in PCT hiker traffic has significantly degraded the average level of the average PCT hiker's observation and navigation skills. That fact makes these signs a very good investment for the Park Service. The bigger the signs the less spent on Search and Rescue.

My solution is not to "run off half-cocked," all excited about an idea, such as hiking the PCT, without doing the proper preparation to successfully transform that idea into reality. That takes some research, work, study, training, and a reasonable practical evolution of the skills and assets required to succeed.

Or maybe just really big signs...

It's better if the evolution of fitness, skills, and experience begins before we hit the trail, let alone the PCT!

That's why I've written these draft introductions to Planning and Prep for Long Distance High Sierra  Backpacking and to Planning the Tahoe to Yosemite Trails backpacking trip.

I need to apply about forty pages of edits to these drafts, but you should get the idea...

These introductions were written specifically to prevent the, "Crash and Burn." At the very least they will allow us to Crash & Burn with style...

Happy Trails!


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