Mountain Madness is Real: Are You Crazy?

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 14 December 2017




High Altitude psychosis
Life in Crazy Town

Mountain Madness is Real

Are You Crazy?

'The mountains can drive us to madness,'
Eurac Research, December 13, 2017.

Having spent extended time relatively alone in the wilderness at moderate-high altitudes, I've become quite aware of another, of other "presences" in Nature, that we become unaware of in cities, in the arena of urban interpretations filled with various material gratifications and distractions.

Removing those distractions reveals other roles for man than destroyer or consumer.


My theory is that mankind has the fundamental metaphysical capacity to sense, be receptive to, and reflect the spirit of life itself. Stripping away the layers of internal psychological expectations and the external layers of urban development from the body and mind begins to allow this sprit to sneak into our consciousness, if we let it, and let it take conscious form & flight with our "wings.," with the tools of our perception.

We were not just "made" by ourselves, or just for ourselves. Our perceptive skill evolved along with all the other living things on this planet. We have a greater role than serving our substantial desire.

So yeah, the folks who've not just gone oxyegen-deprived crazy, are, in my opinion, likely seeing the fundamental expression of the spirit of life as a "presence" or, as I like to call IT, "my favorite hiking buddy."

Or, maybe, maybe I'm just batshit crazy...

My invisible hiking buddy says I'm cool... haha.


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