South Lake Tahoe Backpackers Resupply and Resources

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 07 February 2010

Lake Tahoe Backpackers Resupply and Resources

View of South Lake Tahoe from near Showers Lake on the Pacific Crest Trail South of Echo Summit

Lake Tahoe from South of  Echo Summit heading towards Showers Lake


This is the Forum page for the Lake Tahoe Backpacker's Resupply Page.

As Lake Tahoe  is the start point of our Tahoe to Whitney backpacking trip,  it cannot officially be classed as a "resupply" point.

 If you are traveling a long ways to get to Lake Tahoe to begin your backpacking trip you might want to spend a night at Lake Tahoe before departing. South Lake Tahoe is an interesting place, and a good place to get ready for the trail after a long trip. In that case you may find these Tahoe Resources Pages useful for the restaurant and lodging information.

Pacific Crest Trailers

Many Pacific Crest Trail backpackers hiking North on the Pacific Crest Trail every year will use the Echo Lake Chalet as a resupply point, and it is not uncommon for many Pacific Crest Trailers to head down to South Lake Tahoe to fully rest, recover, resupply, and restore their beat asses before resuming their mad rush North to the Canadian border.

These pages dealing with South Lake Tahoe Backpacker Resources should help you out. This page is the forum where you are invited to tell me about your favorite place to eat, to stay, to obtain resupplies, to repair your gear, and to party. It is South Lake Tahoe, after all. They do party there.

Below are links to the South Lake Tahoe Resources page, Echo Chalet Resupply page, and the Echo Lake Trail Guide page, which I hope you find useful starting your backpacking trip at, or hiking past South Lake Tahoe.

Below that is the Comments link, where you should post-up the favorite resources you know of in the South Lake Tahoe region that will be helpful to backpackers. I want to hear about your favorite places to stay, eat, and see.

On the trail guide

Lake Tahoe Backpacker Resources

Echo Chalet Resupply page

Echo Chalet Comments and Questions page

Live from Echo Lake's fine staff

Echo Lake Trail Guide page

 Off the Trail Guide

About Lake Tahoe

My South Lake Tahoe Backpacker's Resources Page is tailored to give backpackers a feel for South Lake Tahoe, access to the resources they will need, and the ability to find more.

About Lake Tahoe goes far beyond the scope of my backpacking-centric approach to South Lake Tahoe, and provides much more in-depth information about dining and lodging in the area than my simple South Lake Tahoe page.

About Lake Tahoe provides information on about every social and natural activity that goes on in South Lake Tahoe.


Post up your questions or comments about Lake Tahoe Resupply, as well as your experiences and advice for backpackers passing by South Lake Tahoe by clicking the comments link below.


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