Meeks Bay to Crag Lake, via Lake Genevieve, Desolation Wilderness, Tahoe to Yosemite Trail

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 08 January 2010

This is the Comments, Questions, and Feedback page for the trail guide between Meeks Bay and Crag Lake via Lake Genevieve.

This is the place to share your experiences here out of the Meeks Bay Trailhead. Tell new backpackers about your favorite short trips along this chain of lakes up to Phipps Pass, and your favorite backpacking loop trips around the North Desolation.

This is a great place for new backpackers to break in their skills and old backpackers to get a foot back on the trail because the distance is not too far and the climb not too steep.

What do you think?

Departing Meeks Bay leaves us with a 4.39 mile hike to Lake Genevieve. This easy day hike first brings us a bit over a mile to a trail junction, where we veery right to gradually traverse a ridge to our entrance into Desolation Wilderness. After reaching the head of the ridge line, we find a moist zone, a convoluted section of trail, then another miles brings us to Lake Genvieve.

Lake Genevieve is the first of a chain of lakes in the valley beginning our climb to Phipps Pass gently, then we climb after Stony Ridge Lake. Have you been here? Any Thoughts on this section of Trail between Meeks Bay and Crag Lake?

Your favorite campsites? You favorite day hikes and local loops?

Post you comments and questions below, or register to make posts with pictures, videos, and map embed features.

Sunset in the Northeast Desolation Wilderness. 

Trail Guide: Lake Genevieve

Trail Guide: Crag Lake


Miles and Elevations


Meeks Bay to Lake Genevieve map

Lake Genevieve to Phipps Pass map


Big Map of the Desolation Wilderness: Click along marked trail  for specific detailed maps of each trail section through Desolation Wilderness.

See the trail guide pages covering the trail between Meeks Bay and Lake Genevieve for maps and complete mileage and elevation information.

Post up your comments, questions, and experiences between Meeks Bay and Phipps Pass.

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