Kid News; Exercise makes you Smarter? The brains of Fit Children have More Gray Matter

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 24 November 2017



Backpacking Kid News

Exercise makes you Smarter?

Backpacking Kids would be Brilliant!

The brains of children with a better physical fitness possess a greater volume of gray matter,
UNIVERSITY OF GRANADA, November 22, 2017.

We've seen extensive research that exercise typical of backpacking, being an expression of both aerobic and strength at the same time, is very good for kids.

Scouting & Such

Well, we can clearly see that the lack of Natural engagement is bad for the kids. We don't need research to see the obvious reality "we've" created around us,... that creating kids based on our current set of, "consumer" values of self-gratification, greed, and cheating produces fat, stupid, emotionally-and-ethically damaged kids.

These damaged children are merely reflecting the lack of values they were "raised" upon. The salient fact is our bad actions have human consequences. Bad human consequences.

Little Kid Exercise

Little Porkers a-Popping

Further, the Health & Fitness Section clearly shows that a lifetime of physical engagement of your body working in Nature wrings the optimal results possible out of your potential from childhood to the point of death.
Exercise itself brings a better quality of physical life, while exercise engaged with and in Nature shows us exactly where and why the resident physical and perceptive skills we are exercising were forged, here in the delightful and dread crucibles of Nature.

It's a shame to see so many "little porkers a-popping," I mean seeing so many fat, stupid, and slow children created in pursuit of the superfical gratifications-the gross gratifications-of a consumer culture, rather than growing in health, strength, and common-sense brought about by a healthy engagement with Nature.

That ship sailed with the inception of our massive population expansion building megacities full of impoverished low wage workers. This method of "growth" smashes the quality of life for Man & Nature, reducing both to little more than commodities.

Nature is the Antidote

Backpacking Kids: Learn how to Backpack & Teach My Kid How to Backpack


Nature is the Crucible of Charater, and those without its influences and inputs find themselves lacking many of their own best assets, which can only be brought out and properly developed in and by Nature.


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