Internal Framed Backpacks for High Sierra Backpacking: Member's Favorites

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 04 February 2016

Member's Choice

A Selection of Internal Framed Backpack Choices
Experienced High Sierra Backpackers


High Sierra Internal Framed Backpacks

Internal framed backpacks are by far the most popular type of pack we see used in the Sierra today. I personally prefer them for cold-weather work, and use external framed packs for the hotter Summertime backpacking conditions.

But that's just me. I tend to carry heavy loads. I enjoy an air-space between pack and back during Summertime, and none during Winter.

Internal framed packs are also superior for cross-country travel, and routes that require climbing. The snug fit centers better on our  balance point in sketchy situations.

Below find a fine selection of High Sierra Backpacks selected, used, and approved by very experienced High Sierra Backpackers. Well, most members on TW are experts, most of the remainder are very experienced advanced backpackers, and the rest intelligent, careful beginners.




PerfectDay                      CG 30z Ski Pack

                                       CG 60l Work Sack




lotsbackpacker                   Dana Designs Glacier pack (Currently Mystery Ranch, Wiki)

dthoming                            Mystery Ranch Ravine




CK                                     Gregory Whitney pack

gbrahaney                          Gregory Baltoro 70 Pack (Gregory Backpacks)

                                         Gregory Baltoro 75 Pack

Thomas Eusterbrock          Gregory pack

JDVandevelde                    Gregory

markskor                            Gregory DEVA, ...old model 




Paula53                               Granite Geat Lattitute Kit pack

rn2pacu                               Granite Gear VC 60

Hiking 50                             Granite Gear Blaze AC 60




mjamison                          Lowe Alpina Sirocco II pack (Lowe Alpina Backpacks)




Alex-W                                 Ancient North Face internal framed pack for Winter Use

denovo                                 North face 60 liter




Tpack                              Osprey Argon 85 Pack (Osprey Backpacks)

Razzi                               Hon Mention: Osprey Volt 75

rjoss                                Osprey Aether 70

tmorton23                       Aether 70 backpack (Osprey Aether 70)

Flower                            AURA AG™ 65

Frddet1                          Osprey Atmos 65




vplane                              Venturi Classic (Discontinued: Could only find Women's ver)




abramrodd                          Zpacks Arc Blast




Honorable Mention

abramrodd                       Gossamer Gear Kumo

markskor                         Osprey Atmos 

Flower                             Deuter

Frddet1                           Kelty Redcloud

denovo                            Osprey Backpacks

Johnnymans                   not decided


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Post up your experiences with internally-framed backpacks, why you like specific models, and what their drawbacks are, through the comments link below.


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