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News of Fish, Water, Oceans, Ice, and People | High Sierra Backpacker

News of Fish, Water, Oceans, Ice, and People

Alex Wierbinski's picture

By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 12 February 2016

This is the High Sierra
Fish &
 Water News

The Fish News has been stretching into Fish & River News, now into covering Water Issues generally.


2018 Water and Fish News


June 2015
December 28, 2017

Last Updated
December 28, 2017:


Nestle Water Heist Update

State DWR & NPR Discover Theivery, Yawn, Don't Care, Will Issue Permit




December 24

The Great Water Ripoff Advances

SoCal will Grow at All Costs to Man & Nature



Symbolic of the Corporate Ripoff

Nestle Plastic Water Ripoff



Symbolic of the Corporate Ripoff

Degraded Physical & Ethical Infrastructure




December 22

The Great Water Ripoff Depends on the Great Political Ripoff

Nor Cal Politicians Call on Trump to Forstall Oroville Go-Ahead




December 20

Amazing Life

Subzero Life Exists & Persists until Compressed into Ice




December 18

At the Center of It All





December 13

Technology to the Rescue?

Technology Killed the Salmon




December 12

Lying Liars Lying?

What's Going on with Oroville Dam Cracks?



Some Serious Problems on The Big Muddy

Quick or Slow, the River will go Where its Flows Push It



Traditional Arctic Weather Cycle Gone

Life & Weather Consequences just getting started




December 11

Ocean-Abalone Collapse

Corporate Growth Machine brings Death to Land, Air, & Sea




December 7 

Degrading California Environment 

Northern California abalone numbers crashing


Degrading California Government-Environment-&-Safety

Corrupt Govt in California Not Trusted




December 6 

Forest Feedback Crucial to Water Cycle



Department of Life is Amazing

Real "Breatharians:" Microbes live on Thin, Cold Air




December 4

Widespread End of the Salmon

Last Winter Run Chinook Salmon Swim Far and Near



Backasswards Jerry Brown 

Twin Tunnel Financial Analysis Last Thing Not Done: Why?




December 1

Vast Pacific Ecosystems Breaking Down 

Abalone Collapse with Kelp Forests



Kill the Devil's Straw(s?)

Country Folk Pissed-Off, Corruption Don't Care




November 29

Liquid-Gas Micro-drop Mechanism

Are Pollution & Waste Killing Clouds & Precip?



Plastic Oceans 

A Congressional Afterthough




November 28

Devil's Straws Dead?

Brown's Twin Tunnels Flushed?



Melting Ice World

Alaska Melting Rapidly: Alsek Glacier



The Threat Within is the Threat Without

In Harm's Fracking Way




November 27

Two Water Bonds Need to Die




Masters of Disaster

Don't Screw with Mother Nature's Skies & Rivers




November 22

Titanic Deck Chairs 

California Reservoir Network




 November 21

Water & Health

Legionnaires’ Spreading Rapidly by Water and Air Dispersion




Groundwater Changing in the American West 

Looking Clearly at the Implications of the Latest Groundwater Research



Resculpting Our Ice World 

Radical Reduction in Bridge Glacier, Alaska




November 20

One Endangered Specie Eating Another

We Humans are the Force Damaging Both Killer Whales and Salmon




November 19

Plastic Oceans 

“extraordinary levels of persistent organic pollutants”



Scraping Along the Bottom of Ma Nature's Barrel

Pittance Salmon Run Causes Joy




November 17

Groundwater Double-Wammy

Groundwater depletion adds CO2
Groundwater Recharge Declines in West under Climate Change




November 15

The Big Weather Picture

The Blob Returneth? Watching the Pieces




November 10

Water World

Devil's Straw? One tunnel would still devastate Delta...




November 2

Another Filth Magnifies its Own Effect

Climate Change induced Increases in Organic Runoff further Desanitizing Lakes




November 1

Big, Cold, Old Things are Stirring

The Totten Glacier, East Antarctica



Can Coral Make the Climate Change Cut?

Unlikely, but not Impossible



Colorado River in Decline

LA Must Shrink Now 




October 31

Devil's "Straw?"

Can the Twin Tunnels live as One?
I hope not



Squeezing Out the Last Irresponsible Growth in a Drying Desert

Last Gasps of Endless Growth Machine of Death: How does a Human Ponzi Collapse?




October 30

Fishery Failure

‘Time is of the essence’: Fisheries face uncertainty
Nothing Uncertain Here




October 26

Are they Dead or Not?

 (Kill them Now!)
Three Devil's Straws Stories



Killing the Planet One City at a Time

People eventually Pay the Piper
Cape Town Going Dry




October 23

Salmon Decline Continues Apace

Two Articles
Spring Run in Feather Hurting & Rearranging Deck Chairs on our "Eco-tanic"



Ma Nature's Wild Ride
Modern Environmental & Cultural Destruction

Rising sea levels creating first Native American climate refugees



Lake Loss

World's Saline Lakes Disappearing



Government Perceived as Greater Threat than Terror

Respondents worry more about DWR Oroville Dam than terrorists




October 19

Rising Seas on a Rising Tide of California BS




October 16 

The Living Oceans

Sophisticated Cultures living Under the Waves in a Nutrient-Rich Environment



Rich Ocean Seas, and the Airs Above

A Microbe-Rich Environment



Biggest Water Capture for Years

Central Valley Project begins 2018 water year with 145% of Average



Death of Wild Fish

More Canaries in Nature's Coal mine



Who Will Pay for the "Twin Tunnels?"

The Forces of Irresponsible Greed Rally
Two Articles
Everyone, if Devil's Straws are Built
The Forces of Irresponsible Growth Rally




October 13

2017 Sea Ice Minimum and Arctic Summer Information

End of the Summer Melt, 8th Lowest of 13 Measured




October 12

Birds, Fish, & Humans

Lead fishing tackle threatening loon populations




October 11

Giant Metropolitan Water District of SOCAL

Approves Devil’s Straws tunnel project




October 9

Big League Seasonal Changes

"Fate of the North American monsoon is quite uncertain"



Devil's Straws - Twin Tunnels

Life or Death: Devil's Straws for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California?




October 5

Water Drama

Delta tunnels stumbles through lack of economic analysis, hiring of unqualified contractor




October 4

Incredible Shrinking Fish

Swimming Thermometers shrinking as ocean temperatures rise




Everything Needs Water

Migrating Birds Are Running Out of Water



October 2, 2017 

Big Bribes Decide Water Policy Questions

Buying “Influence” over Water Policy



Super wet Winter & Spring of 2017

A crazy water year ended Saturday



Super Hot Summer of 2017:
A Year of Weather Extremes

What a year: Extreme heat, rain, record number of 100-degree days



Water Woes of the Wildly Greedy & Corrupt


All the Water Players Hunker Down,
Will 1939 fed Central Valley water deal doom Delta tunnels?



Irresponsible Growth a Recipie for Environmental Failure?

Is California Giving Enough Water Back to Native Fish?




September 30


The Annual Run Comes

Salmon turn color in Tahoe




Western water wells are going dry




September 28 

Deep Motivations

California Water: The Forces of Organized Greed's, "Steal it All" Water Plan




September 27


Yosemite Flowing

Yosemite Falls never stopped flowing this summer, and that's not normal,
SF Crate, September 26, 2017.



Metropolitan Water District 
Sucks the Desert Dry

Feinstein contends that Cadiz project would contaminate water supply,
The Sun, September 27, 2017.




Metropolitan Water District 
Sucks N Ca Dry


Kill the Devil's Straws

Delta tunnels dead? Southern California ready to plow ahead, 

California Water: Debating The Delta Tunnel Plan, 

MWD to debate its stake in $17B Delta water tunnels project. 



Not Much Water Left to Fight Over 
Two Stories

Delta Smelt & River Salmon

Not Much to Left Fight Over

The wet winter brought lots of water, But not enough for fish & people. 

Oroville hatchery sees lowest salmon run in years, 



But Fight We Will

Drought -- a cause of riots,
UNIVERSITÉ DE GENÈVE, September 26, 2017.




September 25

Levels of Change

 Why Disappearing Sierra Nevada Meadows Are Bad News for Water,
September 25, 2017.



Fish Personalities

Fish have complex personalities, research shows,

University of Exeter, September 24, 2017. 



Plastic World

Brain damage in fish affected by plastic nanoparticles,
Lund University, September 25, 2017.




September 22

 Not Natural Wonders

Why it’s time to stop calling these hurricane disasters ‘natural,’
Wa Po, September 19, 2017.

Our bad behavior in the guise of the Corporate Growth Machine of Death has "triggered" Nature itself, which is moving rapidly to eradicate the problem.



How to Destroy Our Country & Its Climate
More Irresponsible Growth 

East Bay water board backs Delta tunnels project,
East Bay Times, September 22, 2017.



What Happens when You Grow Too Big for your Britches?

The Arctic Vortex Weakens!

Winter cold extremes linked to high-altitude polar vortex weakening,
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), September 22, 2017.




September 20

Fixing a Corrupted System

Oroville is a symbol of a deeper problem


Lessons From Oroville Dam: New Report Calls For Changes,
CPR, September 19, 2017.

Sadly, CPR misses the deeper corruption problem. But we can see it.



Did Westlands Kill the Devil's Straws?

Takes one to Kill one

Farming district says it won’t pay for Delta tunnels in a vote that could kill the project,
Sacto Bee, September 19, 2017.




September 18


Jerry Brown
The Corporacrat's

Forcing You to Pay for Your Own Destruction

Millions of Californians on hook for water plan,
Union Democrat, September 18, 2017.




September 15

The Thieving Corps & Their Bribed Political Cronies

How to Destroy our Environment


Fitzgerald: Feds sneak money to tunnels,
Record Net, September 14, 2017.




September 14 

Fish Challenged Everywhere

Climate change challenges the survival of fish across the world,


End of Fish News

Gasping for Air

Tahoe Cooking

Greed, Corruption, Laughter & Death

More People Kill More Fish

Salmon Decline

Abalone Almost Gone, too

End of Native Fish

Why are the Starfish Melting, mommy?

End of Native Fish, “The Dead Beat”

Fish: One Sacrifice on Alter of Greed

Killing the Natives with the Fish

RIP Salmon

State Wild Fish Extinctions







September 13


Oroville Corruption Crisis Chaos and Free Press Breakdown

 Oroville Crisis: Sheriff Called Emergency ‘An Ugly, Shitty Mess.’
 KQED, September 11, 2017.

"An ugly, shitty mess," is what I call our corrupted political parties and their scumbag politicians, who's compromised morals lead directly to, "ugly, shitty messes" in every aspect of our health, wealth, and safety that they oversee.

In our current system of corruption and bribery our health, wealth, and safety are sold-out to their highest corporate "bidders," or bribers, depending on how charitable you are feeling about calling a spade a spade.  

I'd figure we'd be much less charitable after being hit with the shovel of corruption so many times... but many "consumers" will accept political bribery and corruption if they are able to gain an advantage through the transaction.

Especially if their very presence here is predicated upon cheating our system. Of course these "small" cheaters will support the "big" cheaters to maintain their own cheating. We have a vast system of mutually interdependent cheating, not a system composed of "rights," "values," or "justice."

The politicians of both parties will trade anything, especially the values and welfare of our country and its citizens, if they stand to profit.



September 11


Lying Liars Lie

AP, September 8, 2017.



North Fork of the Mokelumne River Headwaters Improvements

Mokelumne River Watershed Forest Improvement Project Underway,

Ledger Dispatch, September 10, 2017. 




September 8


Big Trouble Coming at Florida & East Coast

Two Hurricane Stories with Weather Resources

A Menacing Line of Hurricanes,
NASA EARTH OBSERVATORY, September 9, 2017.



Big Trouble Here in the West

Drought, Fire, & Floods

Throw in an Earthquake, and things will be downright biblical 

 Increases in wildfire-caused erosion could impact water supply and quality in the West,
AGU Blogs, September 7, 2017.



Emergency Officials did not Trust Political Officials

Smart Guys!

Frustration, friction flashed behind the scenes as Oroville Dam emergency grew,
Sac Bee, September 8, 2017.




September 6


Saying Goodby 
Cycle of Doom

Arctic Melting Reinforcement

Unraveling a major cause of sea ice retreat in the Arctic Ocean,
HOKKAIDO UNIVERSITY, September 6, 2017.



Saying Goodby

18th century nautical charts document historic loss of coral reefs,




Breaking the Devil's Straws

Kill the Twin Tunnels

Will lawsuits, high costs frustrate Brown’s water tunnels plan?
Pasadema Star-News, September 5, 2017.


The Devil’s Straws
Screwing California, again...



 Irresponsible Growth
Killing and Perverting us All

Billions are drinking water contaminated with plastic — and US has it the worst, study finds
Sac Bee, September 6, 2017.


How the Plastic Threat Operates

Endocrine Disruptors




September 5

Changing Oceans

More 'losers' than 'winners' predicted for Southern Ocean seafloor animals,
British Antarctic Survey, September 4, 2017.



Changing Planet

Catastrophic storms, once rare, are almost routine,
Lake Tahoe News, September 5, 2017.

Extreme catastrophic storms usher in new world weather order.



September 2

Can corals survive climate change?

Can We?



August 30

Ocean Life

Fish food for marine farms harbor antibiotic resistance genes,
American Chemical Society, August 30, 2017.

Health and Fitness






Harvey Drops Devastating Rain on Texas,
NASA Earth Observatory, August 25-28, 2017.



Stealing Water

Environmental groups win documents related to Nestlé operations in San Bernardino National Forest,
Press Enterprise, August 30, 2017.



The Devil's Straws 

How much might 'the California Water Fix' cost LA?
KPCC, August 29, 2017.

Height of Irresponsibility

Rate Stability

Hubris & Folly

Sue them

“Owens Valley all over again”




August 24

Stormy Times in the North Pac

Severity of North Pacific storms at highest point in over 1,200 years,
Dartmouth College, August 24, 2017.



Mammals in the Sea

Stormy Times for Alantic Dolphins
Apex Predator Poisioning

Studies reveal worrisome trend for health of wild dolphins,
Georgia Aquarium, August 23, 2017.




August 22

The Devil's Straws
“Owens Valley all over again”

County claims tunnels would ‘devastate’ Delta
Record Net, August 21, 2017.

Citizens: Stop this multi-faceted travesty now. Kill it. Kill it now.

 Last: Fight the Devil's Straws




 A statewide tax is an unfair way to safe drinking water
Sac Bee, August 18, 2017.

 Last: Funding Irresponsible Growth



Unimaginable Flows 
Big Glacier Dam Lake

Satellite photos reveal gigantic outburst floods



Fish in the Water
"Why do fish hit a fishing lure?"
Psycho-Chemical Balance:

"hormonal response"

 Study links fish stress hormones to whether they take the bait

Another contributing factor may be previous “stress” experiences conditioning subsequent responces to lures.




August 21


Whiskey is for Drinking,
Water's for Fighting:

Time to stop the Irreponsible Growth,
Time to Kick Some Corrupted Corporate Ass


The Devil’s Straws: 
Dozens are suing to block Delta tunnels. Will it matter?
Sac Bee, August 21, 2017.


The Devil’s Straws:
Sacramento County sues to block Delta tunnels – and it’s not alone,
Sac Bee, August 18, 2017.


Giant Experiment

Stealing Water

We will get Screwed, Again.




Warmer waters from climate change will leave fish shrinking, gasping for air,



Some Good News for the biggest Mammals

Post-whaling recovery of Southern Hemisphere,
CSIRO AUSTRALIA, August 21, 2017.



August 18

Study validates East Antarctic ice sheet to remain stable even if western ice sheet melts
INDIANA UNIVERSITY, August 17, 2017.



Greenland ice flow likely to speed up: New data assert glaciers move over sediment, which gets more slippery as it gets wetter,
SWANSEA UNIVERSITY, August 16, 2017.



Climate change projected to significantly increase harmful algal blooms in US freshwaters,
TUFTS UNIVERSITY, August 15, 2017.



All you know are Wrong

Russian scientists deny climate model of IPCC,





August 14

End of Water

Groundwater Depletion

Farmers Propose Novel Solution to Fight Over Groundwater in Nevada,
Water Deeply, August 14, 2017.

Just a hint: The market will not solve problems the market created.

Fight over Nothing Left

Earlier Groundwater Articles



Dept of Duh

AP, August 14, 2017.




"a giant experiment"
Hubris and Folly

California WaterFix and Delta Smelt,
California Water Blog, August 13, 2017.

More below



August 11

 Stealing Water
The Low Price of Evil NOW
It's Unpayable Future

Southern Californians, here’s how much your water bills could rise to pay for Delta tunnels, Sac Bee, August 10, 2017.

Our corporate “leadership” will grow the population and their costs far beyond these initial estimates once you let these thieves directly tap-in to Northern California’s water. The act of building these tunnels itself is completely irresponsible, to support and expand the already grossly irresponsible growth that has already terminally damaged our state’s ecology, and our global climate.

Stop this wildly irresponsible population growth now. We need to improve the quality of life in our state, which the last fifty years of irresponsible domestic and international growth has smashed down to third world status. Oh, and the rich, our "corporate fascists," have used the "profits," of that growth, the stolen wealth of the American Middle Class, to make themselves richer and more powerful than the German nationalist Nazi fascists were... 

"Mission Accomplished."

.. before their evil brought Germany and themselves down.

Sounds Familiar?

It should. They are the same people and the same systems, the only difference being that our American Corporate Fascists (Craps and Repugnants) have replaced the "pure blood" of German National Fascism with the pure greed of the international system of corporate fascism.

It is, "Color Blind" Corporate Fascism; all's you need to do to join them is, "anything to satisfy your personal greed," and you instantly become above the law, and, "one of us."


Our American Corporate Fascists are "multicultural," as we can see from the "rainbow flag" of multi-colored dictators, generals, emirs, and royal families that we support with our wealth, power, and our arms around the world.

And we tell these people, "come join us, and join us looting the worlds of Man and Nature!"

The party is almost over...


Last on Twin Tunnels Costs

Major Corruption

Major Future Problems Assured



Lake Tahoe Cooking

Record Heat in 2016 Broke Lake Temperature Records Too,
Circle of Blue, August 10, 2017.

Tahoe’s Sad State

Blood Money



Watching The Beauty Slip Away

Lake Tahoe Analysis
"Monitoring the Ongoing Change"

Scientists launch underwater robot in Lake Tahoe,
Sierra Sun, August 11, 2017.




August 10



Panel Weighed Oroville Spillway Failure in 2014 — and Called It Unlikely,
KQED, August 9, 2017.


How come KQED does not mention that? Are the same people who profit from politically ripping us off, are the bribers of our politicians also the main sponsors of KQED?

(Hint: YES.)


Last Oroville
Propaganda Failure

Cannot trust FERC




Corporate Growth Machine of Death

Poisoned Water 
"...the proposed standard is not economically feasible"

California’s Plan to Tackle a Carcinogen Widespread in Water,
Water Creepily, August 10, 2017,

The Scam
Our corporate masters never pay the initial costs of doing business itself, being decent wages, benefits, and conditions, medicine and educations for the families, let alone for consequences of the crimes they commit while doing “business.”

Stealing So Much from So Many
Their system of criminal “state” subsidized illegal labor has looted our country’s middle class and our environment to provide our corporate aristocracy with unprecedented luxury, power, and profits. These criminals are not going to give-up these crimes, nor the luxury and power that come with them, let alone pay for their past damages, after working so hard to steal so much from so many Americans.

That would void the point of these activities, to drain our wealth for their own power, wealth, and profits.

This is not a failure, it is "Mission Accomplished." Now we are going to pay the costs of reparing the damages from these crimes, while we drink toilet water.

No Problem for Them: They have paid and are paying the Dems and Repugnants a lot of money for those dispicable profits, and the power and wealth that comes from cheating our country. They are actually enjoying the fruits of their crimes with "luxury lifestyles."

Let's deport all these traitors and invaders together, the corporate masters along with all their illegal slaves and all their bribed supporters in both the corporate parties.

That will fix the political, physical, and spiritual dimensions of these "pollution" problems, which are actually a serious set of problems with corruption and basic ethics, at their true sources. Let's address them there.

Earlier TCP News



August 9 

Political Water

California's Largest Water Supplier Says Federal Water Bill Goes Too Far,
Capital Public Radio, August 7, 2017.


Great Repugnant Water Ripoff


The Repugnants
Rape our Land for Bribes and Laugh

Bribed Repugnants are Killing Us

So are the Bribed Democraps in Califorigner.

The cold, dead fingers of the corporate state must be peeled from the neck of our democracy. We will only have a healthy polity, people, and environment after corporate bribery is outlawed.

Organized Greed is the greatest clear and present danger to our country and environment, and must be shattered and scattered to the winds.



The Seasons Continue to Change

Incomplete drought recovery may be the new normal,

Just like what we're seeing here & now. Continuing high temps continuing to stress trees recieving adequate water.




Cooking Along, Singing a Song

Report confirms 2016 was another warm year,
WILEY, August 9, 2017.

"...2015 and 2016 were clearly warmer than any other year in the record."

“...the two warmest years on record for global temperature.”




The Corporate Growth Machine of Death

Science report: Who gets hotter, wetter with climate change,
AP, August 9, 2017.




August 8

Welcome to the Fourth World

From toilet water to drinking water,
Capitol Weekly, August 8, 2017.

We became the “Fourth World” when we allowed "our" “First World” corporate leadership use the Third World to smash the American middle class into third world poverty. "Mission Accomplished."

Now we get toilet water.

Last Toilet Water News

Toilet Water for Your Thoughts

Blowing past the Limits of Irresponsible Growth



"Water Tax"

Local entities oppose funding sources for drinking water bill,
Times Standard, August 7, 2017.



Water Made Dangerous 
Political Talking Heads 
Corrupted Fools in Office, on the News...

Oroville Dam: Mayor’s emails during spillway crisis under scrutiny
East Bay Times, August 7, 2017. 

Our fantastic leadership:  ‘What should I say and how should I say it.”

 We cannot trust a system based on bribery and corruption to protect us, our rights, or our assets.

Cannot trust the Dam itself I:
“Baked-in” Corruption from the start.

 Cannot trust the dam itself II,
Corrupted Regulation and Monitoring.

Cannot trust FERC



Fighting Over Nothing Left

Plan for San Joaquin Valley Reservoir to Recharge Groundwater Draws Concern,
Water Deeply, August 8, 2017.




August 7

 Never Ending
Costs of Corruption

$1 Billion Worth Of Claims For Oroville Dam Damages Filed With The State Of California,
Capital Public Radio, August 4, 2017.

Last Oroville Debacle

Costs? How about basic citizen safety? 



The ocean's fastest shark is being threatened by over fishing,



Australian teen chewed and bloodied after bizarre ocean feeding frenzy,
Ars Technica, August 7, 2017.



Health & Fitness 
Just because it is legal does not mean it’s safe

Marin, other U.S. water supplies targeted by advocacy group over safety,
Marin Independent Journal, July 5, 2017.

See Title and Comments below...




August 4

Democrats are Killing Us

How Much Drinking Water Has California Lost to Oil Industry Waste? No One Knows,
KQED, August 3, 2017.

Lost? The correct question would be, "How Much Drinking Water has been ""Poisioned,"" or ""adulterated,"" by Oil Industry Waste before being allowed back into the chain of human consumption by corrupted politicians?

That would be the question.

Dems have destroyed the state of Califoreigner every way they possibly can. They, the Dems, are a fully-owned subsidairy of Corporate America. Ca Dems will do literally anything to our state and country to advance corporate profits, including the vast irresponsible growth that is the spearpoint of poisioning, killing, and simply defrauding and degrading our citizens.

So are the Repugnants, but they have had little power in Califoreigner for decades, so the Dems have shouldered the “heavy-lifting” required to advance corporate evil in Califoreigner.

This behavior will continue in every aspect of our lives until the ability of our corporate aristocracy to buy and sell politicians is ended.



Pushing the Limits of Irresponsible Growth

Fields of Poverty and Pollution

TCP in Valley Water


The Situation

My Fellow Test Subjects I

My Fellow Test Subjects II

Bribed Politicians, Corporate Wolves

Bad Regulation




August 3

Even LA Won't Steal This
And they steal everything

Company’s plan to sell Mojave Desert groundwater opposed by L.A. water officials,
Desert Sun, August 1, 2017.



Runoff from Ogalalla

 The Gulf Of Mexico's Dead Zone Is The Biggest Ever Seen,
NPR, August 3, 2017.



Devil's Straws

Opinion: Twin tunnels project jeopardizes stability of your water rates,
East Bay Times, August 2, 2017.




August 2

Tahoe Policy, Planning, & Spending
A basic outline

$94.6M invested in Tahoe’s environment in 2016,
Lake Tahoe News, August 2, 2017.

Recently in the Tahoe Basin

State ‘O Da Lake


Tahoe in Deep Trouble


Too Many Folks

Tourist Trash




Big Changes in Water, on Land, & Sea


Update on the Larsen-C iceberg breakaway,
UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS, August 2, 2017.

Berg at Night

Mother of All Bergs



Draining the Ocean's Web of Life
From the Bottom-UP

New NOAA Fisheries research reveals ecosystem cascades affecting salmon,



The Great Water Ripoff

House Bill Redirects River Flows From Fish to Farms,
Water Deeply, August 2, 2017.

The forces of organized bribery and corruption move against man and Nature.



The Rich Run, & Rape Our Country
And laugh about it

Nunes and Valadao joke about Westlands’ water grab. We’re not laughing,
Sac Bee, July 28, 2017.

Corporate-Bribed Politicians:
Bribed Cheating Theives. Enemies of Man & Nature.



Second Lowest Count Ever

 110 salmon counted on Salmon River; tribe says new research could lead to protections,
Times Standard, August 1, 2017.


Top of Page



August 1, 2017

Our Decimated Ecology

As Salmon Season Opens, A Reminder Of Drought's Lasting Effects,
Capital Public Radio, August 1, 2017.

The radical reduction in virtually all wild fish in and around California has been accelerating with increases in population, production, and consumption for the last fifty years. We already exceeded the limits of rational growth before we began this last, incredibly irresponsible burst of growth that has doomed wild fish in and around California.

Salmon going extinct




July 28

Troubled Tahoe
2017 State of the Lake Report

Pummeled by drought and climate change, beloved Lake Tahoe in hot water,
SF Chron, July 28, 2017.



Lake Tahoe’s waters continue to warm, and thousands of trees are dying,
Sac Bee, July 28, 2017.


State of the Lake, 2017

Warming 14X normal





Dam-Troubled Waters

See if a dam near you has been ordered to do a new spillway inspection,
Sac Bee, July 27, 2017.


Top of Page




July 27

Trouble in Paradise

Tahoe warming at 14 times the normal rate,
Tahoe Daily Tribune, July 27, 2017.


This warming will kill Tahoe's unique, pristine aspects, as it is dulling, browing, and burning the whole Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. 



State Subsidized
corruption & crime

Unlikely Allies Push Bill to Solve California Drinking Water Crisis,
Water Deeply, July 27, 2017.


The subsidized poverty of these state-subsidized dirt-cheap illegal field laborers perpetuates this irresponsible over-development of agriculture, which is what put and is still putting these heavy metals and pesticides into the ground in the first place.

Deport these people, close down the over-expanded and over-used agricultural Fields of Poverty and Pollution in the Valley that created, sustain, and make very profitable this state-subsidized poverty and pollution in the first place. We really do have to end this problem by ending this problem at its source, not its endless symptoms.

We have to get back under our lines of rational sustainability in every aspect of life. Continuing to subsidize immoral, if not criminal profits, is not any rational person’s goal. It is the goal of the greedy. This greed and cheating has stripped man and nature bare.

Save our Environment? This shit needs to end.



Much More Green Water Coming

Climate change means more rain, more nitrogen runoff, more problems,

Green Water


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July 26

Oroville Dam
Layers of Deception & Secrecy
How Deep?

Speculation about Oroville Dam’s ‘green spot’ grows,
Chico ER, July 25, 2017.

There is no speculation. The situation is very clear.

The green spot represents the bribery that's compromised our polity, and Oroville Dam.

Political corruption, deception, and secrecy has compromised Oroville Dam from inception through upkeep and maintenance, which directly created the spillway disaster, and maybe even a greater disaster. But we don’t know, as our corrupted political system continues to put out layers of deception and secrecy to obscure the true nature of our situation, and reveal how their corruption got us into this pathetic position.

Oroville is a “secret”

Our politicians have been bribed into submission…

Bribed Tools

There is no way we can trust anything this government says until it is not subjegated by obscene amounts of corporate bribes. When that happens we will finally be able to see that our corporate traitors have made us build, fund, and maintain their own infrastructure of power and profit at the least possible cost to their profits and power.

They have asset-stripped us, using our own wealth to fund and accomplish the task.

Not according to the corporate press!


Earlier "Green Spot" article. 



These Tools want to Build Twin Tunnels
Haven't screwed up enough?

Bureaucratic bungling on Oroville Dam bodes ill for future projects,
Calmatters, July 26, 2017.

Hilarious how reporters "transform" corruption and bribery into "bureaucratic bungling." It's a form of journalistic magic...




Let the Theivery Begin
The Devil's Straws

WaterFix EIR Certification and NOD Client Alert,
Downeybrand, July 24, 2017.



‘Insidious’ Drinking Water Carcinogen Has California Water Customers Facing Rate Hikes,
CBS SF Bay Area, July 25, 2017.

“TCP was an unnecessary impurity in the companies’ pesticides which were injected into fields until the 1980s”
“The lack of federal regulation has left it up to individual states to regulate, but few states are doing so.”
“big companies putting profits ahead of the environment.”

And, these vast and powerful corporations are continuing to bribe our politicians to make, and keep these corrupt, dare I say, criminal, profits flowing.

My Fellow Test Subjects I

My Fellow Test Subjects II

Bribed Politicians, Corporate Wolves

Bad Regulation


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July 25


"Wasted Water?"

Water wasted to the sea?
California Water Blog, July 24, 2017.

Nature wastes nothing that escapes our greedy grasp.




July 24


Height of Irresponsibility
The Devil's Straws

Build it now, fix it later?
Recordnet, July 22, 2017.

“Adaptive” liars and cheaters distorting science to steal our water, and controlling the decision making process through bribery from A to Z.

These tunnels are great engines for the growth driving our economic/demographic ponzi scheme that's driving our ecological collapse.

Last Twin Tunnel News

Zero Growth

Devils Straws drawing from a shrinking supply
Science says

Growing into Drought 
(see 3 articles below the above link, too.)

Water is for Stealing 
(see article below the above link, too.)

How to fix this


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July 21

"Managed to Failure"

Engineering expert blasts management failures at Oroville Dam,
SF Chron, July 20, 2017.

And this incompentence was covered up and ignored. Ignorance is cheap. Acting responsibly limits profits. Bribed politicians enhance private profits at the cost of public safety.



Fundamental Safety

Catastrophic engineering expert asks: Is Oroville Dam leaking?
Sac Bee, July 20, 2017.
"Oroville Dam may be facing a breach danger from a serious and a dangerous form of a slow motion failure mode..."

Last Oroville News

Bottom Line




After 10 years of delays on dam relicensing, these groups want more time,
Chico ER, July 20, 2017.

The point: FERC will “licence” a dangerous dam, unless resisted. Bribed politicians are dangerous, and should be put in jail, not in charge.

That's Smart:
FERC is totally, historically, corrupt

LaMalfa Article

No one trusts these bribed tools-/-fools


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July 20


The Corporate Growth Machine of Death

The drought is over. Why are Republicans in Congress fighting for more water for farmers?
Sac Bee, July 20, 2017.

Because the Repugs are leading in expanding all forms of production, as the Dems have flowed in millions and millions of illegals to break wages while expanding all forms of consumption. That’s real teamwork.

Jerry tells us why we need to drill for so much oil: People! 



Land & Sea

Increasing Variability

Sea temperature changes contributing to droughts,

System instability...




July 18

The Big Straw

These farmers say they may not pay for Delta tunnels pushed by Gov. Brown,
Sac Bee, July 17, 2017.

The goal of the Corporate Growth Machine of Death is unlimited access to Nor Cal Water. Once access is achieved, through the tunnels, the population of So Cal will be swelled by millions, out into the Imperial Valley. Farmers are just today's front men. The real goal is setting the groundwork for unlimited development and massive urban expansion out into the deserts of Southeast California.

Don't be fooled, because that's what the Twin Tunnels are really about.



The Battle for Water Intensifies around the Whole World

New assessment identifies global hotspots for water conflict,


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July 17

Water Wars Heating Up

Stop the Growth

Battle Looms as California Moves to Dedicate More Water to Fish,
Water Deeply, July 17, 2017.



Stop the Growth

It's going to be a fight,
Recordnet, July 16, 2017.



July 14 


That's What!
Stop all Quantitative Growth

Opponents of California’s Delta tunnels project push alternative strategies,
Water Deeply, July 14, 2017.

How about Zero Population Growth? We only grow in quality, not quantity.



Overdevlopment Kills

AP, July 13, 2017.



Take it Back Take
Take it All Back

Inyo County in process of ‘condemning’ landfill sites, reclaiming land from LADWP,
Sierra Wave, July 14, 2017.

Screw LA. Bring it down to under a few million Americans, in LA. Take all the LA's stolen water sources back, and don't let them steal any more.


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July 12

Warm Water Wars

Warm Waters

Thousands of tiny red crabs wash ashore on Catalina Island — are Southern California beaches next?
Orange County Register, July 11, 2017.


Save the Fish

Fish or farms? A new battle rages over California water,
Sac Bee, July 11, 2017.




Climate change to deplete some US water basins used for irrigation,




July 6

Sierra in Transition

California projected to get wetter through this century,


"El Nino like?" Not so much. The effect of changes in East Pacific temps and Jet Stream/Storm Track has been to change where our Winter storms originate.
The traditional strom track brought cold storms out of the Northwest across the Aleutians down to the NW corner of the USA. The new, powerfully emerging pattern brings warm tropical storms out of the West and Southwest to the West Coast of the USA. These are completely different wind and storm patterns drawing storms from completely different sources.

Besides the changing wind directions, temps, and "characters," of our Winter Storm Pattern, the timing and duration of Winter have also both changed. Winter has started later and ended earlier, significantly shortening the window of Winter weather we experience at the same time that weather has become warmer and therefore wetter.

The net effect is that we should expect much less water during Winter, and we should expect to capture much less of that water for human use. The net result? California's Winter weather has already become tropical, bringing the majority of our Winter moisture up from the tropics, rather than down from the Arctic. That change has already happened. "Normal" Winters, with storms tracking out of the Northwest, are now abnormal.

We should expect less Arctic storms carrying snow, and more tropical weather carrying warm rains.

Therefore, we should grow and develop as quickly as possible?


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July 5

Pushing the Limits of Irresponsible Growth 
The Corporate Politicians & their "Free" Press Can’t See or Measure the Damages of the Irresponsible, Illegal Growth they have pushed for forty years, when it is Right in Front of Them, and hits them in the face:

Getting to the Roots of California’s Drinking Water Crisis
Water Deeply, July 5, 2017.

This article should be called, "NOT getting to the Roots of CA Water Crisis."

Willful Blindness 
A quarter-million illegals into California every year (and 2 million to USA per year) over the last forty years has sucked everything dry. Maybe this reporter should focus on the corruption-driven irresponsible growth driving all our crisis, rather on how to keep this asset-stripping going?

This is what they have built here, according to the article above:

(“This is Third World living standards – this is California, this is the United States,” says Becky Quintana.)

It was. Not anymore. Greed and self-interest long ago replaced our mutual Constitutional Principals as our standards of behavior. Practically speaking, these practices of greed and corruption have put Mexicans and Corporates far above the law.

Our living standards have collasped with the betrayal of our ethics and political standards.

This willful blindness of press and politicans are two of the fundamental practices that define our era as The Age of Cheaters.



Pushing the Limits of Irresponsible Growth

Toilet to tap? Some in drought-prone California say it’s time
Mercury News, July 5, 2017.

Last Toilet Water News



Roots of Water Crisis
Fully Subsidized Cheap Illegal Labor
Schools, Water, Medicine, EVERYTHING.


Two Articles

Systemic Failure: Why 1 Million "Californians" Lack Safe Drinking Water,
Water Deeply, July 5, 2017.


The California Drought Isn’t Over, It Just Went Underground,
Water Deeply, July 5, 2017.

The Real Answer
We are experiencing a CRITICAL WATER CRISIS because our “leaders” allowed tens of millions of crimigrants into our state, and have fully subsidized their peasant wages for our corporate overlords. Because our leaders created poverty in the United States. Because it makes the rich very much richer, and all the costs for subsidizing illegals have come exclusively out of the middle-class's hides, out of their schools and social systems, and their wages and benefits, that’s why.

We are experiencing a Water Crisis and general environmental breakdown because our corporate leadership utilized massive irresponsible growth and offshoring to engineer the greatest transfer of wealth and pwer in human history, the transfer of the economic wealth and political power of the American Middle Class to the Sino-Mexi-American Corporate Elite, a Frankensteinian Monster that must be dismembered, if not destroyed, for the sake of Man and Nature.

We have created a modern, "globalized" version of the mutually-supporting trans-european imperial elite that kept itself going across the transformation or demise of aristocratic, blood elites in Europe at the end of the 19th, and beginning of the 20th Centuries.

That did not work out well.

Our global system is currently reaching equivalent critical stress points, as have all previous empires. But unlike previous empires, the stability of ours, if not its very life, depends on growing ever larger while remaining balanced as we run ever faster, upon a spinning blue ball composed of a rapidly shrinking set of Natural resources and declining fertility. Our growth program up to this point has already pressed our environment and resources beyond recovery while demanding ever more.

Success, as we've defined and pursue it, are impossible to achieve, except for very, very few folks, and for a very, very short period of time.



The Scientific Perspective

San Joaquin Valley Water Supplies – Unavoidable Variability and Uncertainty,
California WaterBlog, July 2, 2017.

The Bottom Line

"Uncertainty High," and that our Water Availability Plans are likely "substantially wrong."

Our "growth" itself has driven the uncertainty, and growing more under that uncertainty is unwise. Our politician's solution: endless, relentless growth.

Stop the growth NOW to stabilize both Man and Nature.



Supercomputer Climate Modeling 
New Solar Datasets

 Improved representation of solar variability in climate models

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July 3

Quality Issues

Why does water suddenly taste bad in parts of the East Bay?
East Bay Times, June 30, 2017.




June 30

How to Screw Yourself

How climate change could threaten the water supply for millions of Californians,
Sac Bee, June 30, 2017.

Why have our "leaders" been pushing massive, irresponsible population growth? Why?
Who's it "good" for, who profits, and who pays? 

These "policies" of irresponsible growth are nothing more than an asset-stripping pyramid-ponzi scam-scheme made out of humans.

Greed is ugly itself, and brings ugly results.




Screw the Tunnels

Environmentalists, fishing groups file lawsuits to block Delta tunnels plan,
Mercury News, June 30, 2017.

See second article below


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June 29

Study shows high pregnancy failure, nutritional stress in southern resident killer whales,

A consequence of our deepening salmon extinction disaster 


Water Theives

There’s no green light for terrible Delta tunnels,
Sac Bee, June 28, 2017.


‘Under the Radar’ Hearings Grind on for California Water Tunnel,
Water Deeply, June 28, 2017.

Last Twin Tunnel News



June 28

East Sierra Flank Water Issues

East Flank Saturation
High water, campers compete for Topaz Lake spots,
Record Courier, June 28, 2017.


Gem, Waugh, and June Lake Issues
Trail Closures This Summer

Get with the choppers if you want to live! 
The Sheet, Page 8, June 24, 2017. PDF.



Heat Wave Thaw Surge 

Homes along Kings River remain under evacuation from flooding, but there’s new hope,
Sac Bee, June 26, 2017.


Extinction Event

Will they go the way of the buffalo? Vanishing salmon could doom tribes’ culture.
Sac Bee, June 28, 2017.


The Last Fishermen

June 1
Finishing Off California Fish
Long term operation of the Growth Machine of Death

May 22
“The Dead Beat”
Extinction Coverage in CA
A long story

Extinction 5-31

State Fish Collapse 3-29

Many More tragic Salmon Links

Stop the Corporate Growth Machine of Death.
We Need a New Environmentalism.


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June 27


Water is for Stealing

AP, June 26, 2017.


Professional Liars

‘Huge milestone’ for Delta tunnels – feds won’t push fish over the brink,
Sac Bee, June 26, 2917.

Previous Twin Tunnels
The Scam


June 23



Snowmelt causing problems on Lower Owens River,
Sierra Wave, June 21, 2017.



Destruction of our Ecosystems
Land & Sea

More limits foreseen for California abalone fishery as scientist raises alarm,
Press Democrat, June 22, 2017.

Predictable Results 

April 1: Abalone Season Closed

Salmon suffering a "long" term extincition event too


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June 22

Stop the Natural Meltdown?

First, We Have to STOP THE GROWTH

To help the Delta, we need to fix the Sierra,
Sac Bee, June 21, 2017.

To "fix" the Sierra and "help" the Delta we have to address the weather change problem at its true source, not its symptoms. The true source of our environmnetal destruction lays in the mechanism of corruption controlling policy and politics itself, which has driven forth policies of massive irresponsible growth and wholesale environmental destruction.
We must aim directly for Stopping the Corporate Growth Machine of Death by breaking the corrupt relationship between corporate wealth and political power. We must establish a balance with Nature after reestablishing our democracy between each other.

That's how we can "fix" the Sierra and "help" the Delta, by first ending the corruptions that make these damages possible . The only way we can do that is by driving the money-changers, the bribers and bribed, out of our political temples. We can only fix Nature by first fixing ourselves.



Growing into the Jaws of Doom

Climate Change Is Shrinking the Colorado River,
Water Deeply, June 22, 2017.

Last on Lake Mead



 June 21


Some Toilet Water for Your Thoughts


A Few Tens of Millions More here, a Few There...
You ALREADY Drink Toilet Water and WILL soon be Eating Insects


Would you drink purified toilet water? Hollywood residents will get the chance Wednesday,
San Gabriel Valley Tribune, June 20, 2017.

The Corporate Growth Machine of Death wants us to accept drinking Toilet Water so they can pretend to justify having grown, and continuing to grow our population beyond All RATIONALITY, not to mention our state's shrinking water supplies.

Don't let one freak wet year fool you: The Sierra Neavada (including the whole Southwest of the United States and the Rockies) are on a steady trajectory of radical long-term drying and warming. This trend is indispuatable, and already well under way.

Thus, soon Toilet Water will have-to be delivered directly to our taps, to keep the Corporate Growth Machine of Death growing.

WE are all going to get the privilidge of drinking toilet water so our leaders can grow our population even further beyond our Natural Carrying Capacity. Ironically, this is the exact same style of massive population growth that reduced our Natural Carrying Capacity in the first place, and is still reducing it now.

But now it's funny, because they convinced you to drink piss while they screw you and your environment. The jokes are all on us!

Massive, rapid population growth is EXACTLY the same engine of growth driving the asset-stripping of California and our whole planet's Natural Resources and peoples... An engine that must be turned-off.

Yet the Corporate Environmentalist celebrate toilet water as some kind of environmental "victory." The forces perpetuating irresponsible growth celebrate how Toilet Water paints their irresponsible growth as "green," while not addressing the growing fundamental conflict between overdevelopment and shrinking water supplies. Drinking Toilet Water is Not the Answer. It is a sign of the problem.

Drinking piss is a classic sign of an emergency situation, not an environmental, "victory." There is no longer near enough water for Nature and the number of people already here. The trend lines plotting our corporate master's planned future "growth" against the diminishing annual Sierra snow pack paints a grim picture of California's water future.

Toilet Water is not "Green," but is Yellow, representing the Cowardice of the Corporate Machine of Death to face up to the Environmental, Social, Political, and Economic Damages and Costs the last fifty years of irresponsible growth has already done to California especially, and the rest of our country and the whole world generally.

People who accept and forward these policies of Environmental Destruction deserve their toilet water. Cheer, & Drink Up! Karma is a Bitch, and toilet water, droughts, and floods are just the opening acts of this tragi-comedy of unchecked human greed destroying itself and its Natural environment.

Toilet Water is only one of the many latest signs of the desperation of our corporate masters attempts to perpetuate their human ponzi scheme pyramid of irresponsible growth for as long as possible is reaching a desperate, fever pitch.

The great tower of greed they built is not sustainable, and the stresses of this environmental and social irresponsibility is changing the patterns of Nature and degrading the manners of man.

Independent of irresponsibility, corruption, and sustainability, practically speaking, basing our State's in-place plans for ongoing massive future growth in population on drinking piss and eating insects is beyond desperate. It displays the hallmarks of psychological instability. Or maybe what I'm seeing is what happens when the open insanity of greed becomes commonplace and acceptable, when irrationality is accepted as rational.
Nothing better illustrates this shared delusion than the fact that all the Corporate, "Environmentalists," agree you should drink piss and eat insects for your own good. And that nuclear power is good, as it too will perpeuate their deadly plans for endless growth without carbon.

Irresponsible behavior is irresponsible with or without carbon.

Does anyone else see a pattern of dogged desperation emerging from the behavior of our Corporate Masters, their Press, & their Politicians to keep this same failed scam of Endless Growth under the banner of "Corporate Environmentalism" alive and dancing on the dance-floor, despite the complete environmental, economic, social and political destruction wrought by these very same policies of irresponsible growth?



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June 19

Water for Drinking

Mountain water may look clear, but don’t trust it,
Lake Tahoe News, June 18, 2017.


High Sierra Water Treatment

Members Favorite High Sierra Water systems

Bad Water in the High Sierra
(must be signed-in)



Seven times more water in the snowpack than this time last year,
Monologue, June 14, 2017.


Water Woes

Oroville Dam repair is huge, but so is residents’ mistrust,
SF Chron, June 18, 2017.


Last Oroville News



Lake Mead forecast drops sharply, may trigger CAP water shortage,
Tucson dot com, June 17, 2017.




Observing the Colorado River



June 14


Amazonia's future will be jeopardized by dams,



Firing Up
Newest Engine of Unlimited Growth
Unlimited Environmental Destruction


Why years of waiting may be over on Delta tunnels,
Sac Bee, JUne 13, 2017.


Last Tunnel news


To keep this growing "forever:"


Megacity in the Desert
Persistent Multi-Decadal
Overdevelopment & Overpopulation

Where did the farmland go? Here’s how urbanization has spread in Southern California,
OC Register, June 13, 2017.


Which has Drained This 

4 Things You Should Know About California’s Biggest Reservoir,
KQED, June 13, 2017.


Groundwater Information


And, built monuments to our greed and folly such as this


Cover Up

Oroville Dam Incident Explained: What Happened, Why and What’s Next,
Water Deeply, June 14, 2017.


This article fails miserably to account for "what happened, why, or what's next."


That's because this article above is a cover-up, completely ignoring the Political Corruption driving all the technical corruptions it cites as "causes" of the spillway failures.

This article completely ignores the clouds of corruption and the initial construction scandals enveloping the "Original"-(corporate)-Gangster "Daddy" Brown, while also completely ignoring the political "mojo" that silenced the 2005 "Smoking Gun" report. Finally, the above article ignores the most important fact: Oroville and the rest of our corrupted, flawed infrastructure was not built for the benefit of the citizens of California, but funded by our citizens to be the most fundamental tool with which to drive the irresponsible growth that has quite successfully asset-stripped them, and done great damage to our state’s human and natural resources.

"Mission Accomplished!"


Oroville Dam Rip Off References

Systematic Political Corruption

"Multiple Factors"

2005 "Smoking Gun" report

FERC is totally, historically, corrupt

Political Corruption and Irresponsible growth:
Asset-Stripping California


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 June 7


Carson River to benefit from annual work day,
Record Courier, June 7, 2017.

Trail Guide: View of Hope Valley



Population Driven Crisis

AP, June 6, 2017.


California Fish in Deep Trouble

A field guide to aiding salmon (as preferred by SF and other Tuolumne River diverters),
Mod Bee, June 6, 2017.

More than Fish are reaching End of the Line

We are at the end of a historically notable vast demographic expansion and the related concentration of wealth and power this type of irresponsible growth brings.

Adding to the historical legacy of the era of the “robber barons,” who gave birth to the, "American Corporate Aristocracy," our current Corporate Aristocrats can claim the dubious distinction of supplying the irresponsible growth necessary to evolve their corporate aristocracy into, “the American Corporate Fascist State,” we live in today.

As the robber barons built the original American Corporate Aristocracy by disassembling our democracy using the profits from raping the untapped Natural Wonders of the American Environment, raping a whole continent across the late 19th Century, today their prodigy, their “billionaire” great-grandchildren have “finished” their ancestor's “mission” by openly evolving their robber baron's old, “American Corporate Aristocracy,” into what can only be called, “American Corporate Fascism,“ today.

Today's billionaires performed this transformation using exactly the same tool their "robber baron" ancestors used to establish their original corporate aristocracy: massive uncontrolled immigration. The robber barons created their aristocracy by riding the vast flood tide of greed and desperation provided by rapidly dumping a hundred million greedy and/or desperate foreigners into the US. It works every time!

Make no mistake about the present character of our country: We have turned the corner into open American Corporate Fascism. Corporate wealth and power are the forces directing all aspects of our government today. Bribery, the direct funding of both parties, all their candidates, and ownership of the "free press," are the reins controlling all aspects of their machine and our government. Bribery that must be stopped.

Inspecting these relationships leaves one with the impression that money is sovereign in the US, not its citizens. Money is the root of American Corporate Fascism.

Associated with this generation's massive growth and exquisite evolution of corruption has been the widespread death and devolution of every aspect of Nature around us. The honest among us will admit what we plainly see: The physical effects of our greed and corruption have triggered a global extinction event.

And we know that our corporate fascist state cares not. They will give up nothing that threatens their “endless growth” scam, and their corrupt stranglehold on the wealth, power, and the very perception of our nation, and their aspirations for maintaining the global reach of their corrupt influence. We hear pretty green words decorating the growth policies of the, "Corporate Growth Machine of Death."

"Saving the environment" today entails a whole lot more than spitting pretty, "corporate green," words. The damages to Nature and Man are so severe that being "environmental" demands we look deeper than the superficial lies of "corporate environmentalism," to clearly see, identify, and take out this disruption of Man and Nature at their source: The Corporate Growth Machine of Death.

We must take out the very foundations of the Corporate Growth Machine of Death, choking off its bribery, corruptions, and demographic growth or we will be consumed by them. No one will escape the punishments meted out by a wounded and angry, "Mother Nature," especially as the Corporate Fascists are looting Mankind as deeply as they are raping Nature.

We will be broke and broken when Nature finally comes for us. Unless we fix this now.

Sorry about getting all preachy, but this shit is serious. Man and Nature are down, and the ref is counting past eight...


Top of Page 



June 5 

Twin Tunnels: Another Oroville

We are being Set-Up

Delta tunnels won’t help on climate change,
Sac Bee, June 5, 2017.

This project is solely to maintain the irresponsible growth and profits of the Corporate Growth Machine of Death. These tunnels are designed to continue and perpetuate the burst of irresponsible growth over the last fifty years that killed our middle-class, built filthy megacities in Calfornia, and moved all the wealth in our state into the pockets of our corporate masters.

Oh, and sustain the "growth" that killed off the, "metabolism," of our planet, being the relationship between energy, sky, water, land and our seasons driving fertility on this planet. We've already damaged IT, and our brilliant leaders look forward to decades of same type of unabated growth that broke our planet in the first place.

"Brilliant," I say! The only thing our Corporate Growth Machine of Death "grows" is political corruption, natural destruction, and social poverty. And that's what keeps them Rich and in Power.

That's exactly what the Twin Tunnels are designed to do, to continue the destructive trend of irresponsible growth our corporate masters rely upon to rip us off.

This project will continue the degradation of California Life, and the quality of life in California, as it fuels the next generations of irresponsible growth that wrecked our state and destroyed its natural environment in the first place.

Let's fix the problems in the country we've already got, before we grow them even bigger.

Review the articles below for more information.


The Scam

Burned Again

The Problem
Fool's Market of Fools 

No More Bribery, No More Corporate Aristocracy



The Devil's Straws
"Twin Tunnels"

The Real Deal

Devil’s Straws News




June 2 

Another Oroville:

Not a Tunnel, a Grave for Nature in our state.

APNewsBreak: Water agencies push bigger role in tunnel plan,
June 2, 2017.

The Corporate Growth Machine of Death must be Stopped. Tell your “representatives” to stop the tunnel of thieves.

Stop the growth of the Southern California Megacity. No More! Allready too Big, with too many people in California for California's Natural Wealth and human resources.


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June 1

We are Finishing Off California Fish

California’s native trout and salmon are headed for extinction if no action is taken to change current trends, Sierra Sun, May 31, 2017.

Corporate Growth Machine of Death eats our Fish & Trees...



Kill 'em All: 
Water for Growth

Jerry will Destroy California! 
Stop Growing Mega Cities in a Desert, You Frigging Idiot

Jerry Brown sends a message to water agencies on the Delta tunnels – and it’s direct,
Sac Bee, May 31, 2017.

The massive expansion of industrial agriculture and the size and population of the LA megacity and the, "Inland Empire" in the desert must stop yesterday.

Nature will stop this foolishness in the near future. How many people will these fools have stuffed in when Nature turns off the water? We will pay dearly for these irresponsible profits.

Who is Jerry?

Socially Institutionalized Corruption, like we had a corporate aristocracy?


The Face of the Corporate Growth Machine of Death
Political Service to the Corporate Masters

This systamatic, open bribing of “our” politicians must be made illegal.
They should at least hide their shamefulness


The Devil's Straws
"Twin Tunnels"


The Real Deal


Speaking in the shadow of this last Memorial Day, I must say that this corruption is not just a disgrace to our country, its founders, the ideas it was built upon, but especially to all those who have sacrificed some or all for our shared principals who now watch corrupt politicians like Jerry Brown finally stripping our Natural Environment and Californians of their exceptional environment that made their exceptional spirits and characters even possible.

Jerry has never served or sacrificed for our Nation in uniform, only stolen from our people while in political office for his corporate masters, I mean "contributors." Yeah, that's what I mean.

We must end all the non-voter, corporate and special-interest political bribery that has rendered our system as corrupt and obnoxious as our governor. They were made for each other by the forces of greed and corruption, not by or for the benefit of our citizens.


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Better News 
Keep Tahoe Blue

League to Save Lake Tahoe crowdsourcing science to ‘Keep Tahoe Blue,’
Tahoe Daily Tribune, May 31, 2017.




May 31

Why are the Starfish Melting, mommy?

Acidified ocean water widespread along North American West Coast,



Growth Water

The Engine of Irresponsible Growth:

Feds Issue Permit for Large Dam on Colorado River Headwaters,
Water Deeply, May 31, 2017.



Trees & Water

How Unhealthy Forests Affect Water Supply,
PPCI, May 30, 2017.

Our best “management practice” will be the immediate stoppage of population growth, with the goal of shrinking back under a number we can sustain our environment under a middle-class democracy.

Return our jobs to clean manufacturing here, rather than in the filth of China.

Our best “management practice” for forests is the same one required for the bees, and for every other part of the Web of Life on this Planet: Humans Must Control Themselves, and their Base Desires.




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May 30

The Ultimate Costs of Corruption

Da Climate


Marine species distribution shifts will continue under ocean warming,



Fool's Market of Fools

Three Reasons Why Water Markets May Be Damaging the West’s Rivers,
Water Deeply, May 30, 2017.

The "market," more precisely the unrestricted growth of population driving, "markets," created our problem. All such problems are value and ethically based, not fundamentally economic problems. "Economic conditions" exist within, and are created within the political context. The constant seeking of economic solutions to environmental and ethical problems that the greed and irresponsibility that created and are driving our problems, reveals the true, deeper source of all our problems.

Our problem is that greed and desire for wealth and power, not the general welfare of our citizens, is the power and motivation controlling all decision-making in our nation's government, including the, "markets."

Greed and corruption are at the heart of our interlocked environmental, social, political, and economic problems.

The forces of organized greed and corruption control our money, our markets, and our politics. They seek to control our "water," as they have held education, medicine, money, and energy under private control with public subsidy. Hey, I'm no frigging commie or marxist, or even a socialist. I'm a simple, "General Welfare" American. 
It is this corrupt relationship between wealth, power, and politics allows the American body politic and environment to be drained at will, not for our basic mutual needs. while maintaining a global system of dictators, kings, emirs, and other forms of tryanny dedicated to the brutal explotation of all resources, human and Natural.

We've got a pretty good rendition of the, "forces of evil," running the show here, rather than having our government serving the Natural Rights & General Welfare of our CITIZENS.

That ship sailed a very long time ago, Mr. Rockefeller...

Climate Destruction News


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May 26

California, Oregon governors request salmon disaster declaration,
Times Standard, May 25, 2017.

Our last forty years of growth killed them, and unbalanced all of Man and Nature.



May 22 

California’s ‘iconic’ native fish facing extinction, with climate change a major cause,
Press Democrat, May 22, 2017.


The Dead Beat
All the newspapers are covering the end, the extinction of Salmon in California, and most Native Species in California as well. Get used to it. This is happening around the world as radical changes in seasonal patterns disrupts everything.
"They," the corporate press, have been covering this story for the last fifty years as we've Been Killing Everything at an Accelerated Rate during the last 50 Years of Wildly Irreponsible Growth.

They love the growth, they love having more and more money, and they are sad about the death of Nature. Thus they cannot tie the former to the latter. Much the same wlth the destruction of the middle-class. And the concentration of wealth and power.

Each is sad, and nothing has anything to do with anything else...

So says the Corporate Press.

The Corporate Growth Machine of Death is GOOD!
(Even as it Destroys Nature and Ethics around us)

Now we are at the Losing End of a Long Game, without ever confronting that it was our wildly irresponsible domestic growth, coupled with moving our manufacturing to Filthy China, that pushed our planet's climate, and subsequently its ecology far over the tipping point.

We are already deeply into a Brave New World.

The Next Chapter
And we surge forward with our program of unfettered greed and growth even as the consequences of our last fifty years of unfettered greed and growth bring our planet and our country crashing down around us.

Our growth program has induced and accelerated an extinction event.




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Fish are only One Sacrifice on a Vast Alter
Greed and Corruption

Political Corruption of “Our” Politicans


Removed from NG,
Rotten Tomatoes


Corporate Gangsters in Government:

Water Wars in California



Salmon Links

See the next few following articles below, too.

Last Fishermen

Permanent closure

Klamath closure

Water allotment restrictions


Cooked to Extinction


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 May 16

Report: California fish face more extinctions unless trends change,
Merchury News, May 16, 2017.



The Corporate Growth Machine of DEATH Needs More Food

It's Greedy Surge is Eating all the lands, waters, fishes, and fertility of our State and Planet…


‘These fish are in a bad way.’ How many more will die because of the Delta tunnels? 
Sac Bee, May 7, 2017. 

 They will kill all of them (and us) for their "profits."



 May 2

Facing extinction: California fishes,
California Water Blog, April 30, 2017.



May 1

Protecting the Mokelumne River benefits landowners as well as the public,
Ledger-Dispatch, , May 1, 2017.



East Flank
‘The State of the Inyo’ for general trout opener
Sierra Wave, April 26, 2017.



April 24

Yosemite Seeks Public Input On Bridalveil Fall Rehab Project,
Sierra News Online, April 24, 2017.


Yosemite Park Planning



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April 21 

Lake Tahoe filled to the brim for first time in years (video),
Tahoe Daily Tribune, April 21, 2017.

 EarlierWatching Tahoe Rise, March 17

Tahoe back to Natural Rim, Dec 16, 2016.



April 18

20% !
Study on impact of climate change on snowpack loss in Western US

Climate Change News




April 17

California tribes fear abysmal salmon run may trigger public health crisis.
Sac Bee, April 14, 2017.


April 17


Retreating Yukon glacier caused a river to disappear,



Why don't fish freeze to death in icy water?



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April 12

US streams carry surprisingly extensive mixture of pollutants,


AP, April 12, 2017.  



April 11

‘A cultural tragedy’: Karuk Tribe cuts salmon harvest to 200 fish,
Times Satndard, April 10, 2017.



April 10

A Grim Forecast for Klamath River Salmon Worries Tribes and Fishing Fleet,
KQED, April 7, 2017.



April 7

The ‘last generation of salmon fishermen?’
Times Standard, April 6, 2017.

Letter calls for approval of fishery disaster funds,
Times Standard, April 5, 2017.



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April 6

Children of the Sierra
Delta could be designate’s first national heritage area,
Record Net, April 6, 2017.



April 4

Salmon Getting Pounded
State panel may make river fishing closure permanent,
Record Searchlight, April 4, 2017.


April 1

Watching a Lifetime of Decline
Unprecedented delay in California abalone season shuts down North Coast in April,
Press Democrat, April 1, 2017.

Salmon taking a beating, too. 



 March 29

Legislators, fishermen discuss future of state fisheries,
Times-Standard, March 29, 2017.


March 27

Massive whale formation gathers off Pt. Reyes,
SF Crate, March 27, 2017.



 March 24, 2017

Klamath River salmon season faces closure due to ‘unprecedented’ forecast,
Times-Standard, March 23, 2017. 

 Blast from the Past:
Disappearing Salmon in 2008



March 21

Number abilities in humans, birds and fish are based in brain's subcortex,



March 16

Two Debris Flows
Rain, snowmelt have filled Tuolumne River with debris,
Sac Bee, March 16, 2017.



March 15, 2017

With Some Chinook in Trouble, California Faces ‘a Pathetic Scrap’ of a Salmon Season,
KQED, March 14, 2017.


March 14, 2017

Leap onto land saves fish from being eaten,


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March 10, 2017

Political Corruption of “Our” Politicans

National Geo Feature Documentary, March 14.


First underwater video footage of the True's beaked whale,
PEERJ, March 7, 2017.



March 5, 2017
Oroville Dam Crisis

Winter storms cause massive sewage spills in Sacramento region,
Sac Bee, March 4, 2017.

Riverbanks collapse after Oroville Dam spillway shut off,
SF Chron, March 4, 2017.


March 3, 2017

‘Spoil sites’ for Oroville Dam spillway debris, Hyatt Powerplant starting up soon,
Chico ER, March 2, 2017.



Feb 24, 2017
Beyond the Storm: Fish Pirates

It took less than a minute of satellite time to catch these thieves red-handed,
Ars Technica, February 22, 2017.


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Last year's El Niño waves battered California shore to unprecedented degree,

Scientists present El Nino,


Podcast Interview with Dam Expert Scott Cahill
Expert: What You Need To Know About The Oroville Dam Crisis,
Peak Prosperity, February 13, 2017.

Interview HIghlights
"It's already an ecological disaster"
"I don't know if the dam wll make it"

Al's Analysis



Substance in crude oil harms fish hearts, could affect humans as well,
STANFORD UNIVERSITY, January 31, 2017.



Intense industrial fishing,



The Brink of Extinction:
Salmon concerns may affect water deliveries,
Record Searchlight, 1-16-16.


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California temporarily curbing water to spare vanishing fish,
1-14-16, AP.



Weather Effects
CA's state fish can benefit from restoring and protecting streamside meadows,
1-13-16, USDA Forest Service - Pacific Southwest Research Station.


Research Paper
"Mediating Water Temperature Increases Due to Livestock and Global Change in High Elevation Meadow Streams of the Golden Trout Wilderness," 
 USDA Forest Service - Pacific Southwest Research Station

Pacific Southwest Research Station



Magnetic force pulls baby reef fish back home,



Obama signs California’s massive water bill, but Trump will determine its future,
McClatchy, December 16, 2016.



Extraordinary animation reveals ocean's role in El Niños,

Original Article

Antarctic Currents Video



A new dead zone in the Indian Ocean could impact future marine nutrient balance, UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN DENMARK, December 5, 2016.




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Salmon RIP?
December 02, 2015, East Bay Express.
Also see
N Cal Salmon failure, Cod too.


Researchers may have found first polluted river from before Bronze Age


The height of Irresponsible Growth:
Kill Everything: The Megacity.
It takes a village -- and much more -- to quench megacity water demands,
December 03, 2015, Michigan State University.

Note: Vast dead zones will be left in the dead footprints of our megacities for thousands of years. Just wait until they finish collapsing all the aquifers, as is currently being done in the San Joaquin Valley and throughout the West.


Pre-Cooked Cod
New study: Warming waters a major factor in the collapse of New England cod,
October 29, 2015, Gulf of Maine Research Institute.


Pre-Cooked Salmon
Feds: Winter salmon run nearly extinguished in California drought,
October 28, 2015, Sac Bee.


Lingering drought heightens worries of extinction for salmon,
October 28, 2015, AP.

Drought-driven salmon deaths could have far-reaching impact,
Oct 29, SF Gate.



How will salmon survive in a flooded future?
 Wild Salmon Center, October 17, 2016. 

Clever fish keep cool
University of Texas at Austin, October 4, 2016. 

Scott River flow ‘crisis’ preventing salmon spawning,
November 19, 2015, Eureka Times-Standard.


Exhausted, Starving Seabirds Continue To Swamp International Bird Rescue’s San Francisco Bay Center, Yuba Net, Sep 24, 2015. 


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Fishery Collapse
Feds, California Agencies Sued Over Water Management Plan,
CPR, June 4, 2015.

Fish Swimming Away
Habitats contracting as fish and coral flee equator,
AAAS, June 4, 2015.

Nowhere to Swim...
Warmer, lower-oxygen oceans will shift marine habitats,
UW, June 4, 2015.



Also See
2018 Water and Fish News


Living Things Fish Forum


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