Health & Fitness News: Plastic Oceans, A Congressional Afterthought

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 29 November 2017



Health & Fitness News
Plastic Oceans

A Congressional Afterthough

Rare Outbreak of Bipartisanship on Need to Fight Ocean Pollution,
Water Deeply, November 29, 2017.

We are not, "fighting ocean pollution," we are not reducing the plastic load in the oceans, and we are doing nothing at all to curb the sources of all this toxic debris. This legislation has no teeth, and just enough money to satisify beach constituiencies, without doing a thing to piss-off the real powers of plastic, being the vast bribers of the hydrocarbon-plastics industries.

This legislation is good window-dressing, without doing anything substantial about the sources of the problem.

Our programs of domestic and international growth are fueling even more plastic production under pathetic environmental regulations in our filthy Indian & Chinese manufacturing centers, which we exempted from the stipulations of the Paris Climate Accord.

Fake Environmentalists have Failed

Why? Because all our American corporations do their manufacturing in India & China, and they moved our manufacturing there to avoid environmental regulations, so they exempted them.

We would move our manufacturing back to the US, and strictly regulate it for environmental standards, if we really wanted to end the oceans of filth eminating from China, let alone the rivers of plastic flowing out of China. 

Our corporate traitor's movement of American manufacturing to China is as big an ongoing, continious blow to our environment as it is a continuing insult to the health & wealth of the American Middle-Class: Moving our manufacturing to China was a devastating leap ahead, an acceleration in our corporate aristocracy's international "race to the bottom," of driving down wages, benefits, environmental protection, worker safety, and democracy that their program of "globalism" represents.


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Plastic Oceans

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