Does Mother Nature have a right to life?

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 21 October 2017



Killing Nature

Does Mother Nature have a right to life?
Vegas Sun, October 16, 2017.

The real question is, “Do you exist without Nature?”

How this question is phrased reveals a lot about the self-centeredness of human perception. Humans naturally see themselves at the center of everything, even though we are actually a product of the environment we see ourselves at the center of. That’s one of the metaphysical “traps” (and beauties) of individual perception: Self-Perception naturally puts itself at the center of the reality that produced it.

This is a fundamental contradiction. Each of us are both a distinct individual, and an intergral part of the environment that created us.

Though we are all “independent actors” in our environment, we are at the same time as dependent on the environment as we are independent within it. Any failures of our self-centered self-perception to understand its ultimate environmental dependendence, every failure to put self-constraints on how deeply our independendent actions damage our environment, will ultimately be measured-out by the environmental failures our actions drive. Every one of our actions has an equal reaction in the biosphere as our global “lack of restraint” triggers global reductions in the fertility of Nature.

We can craft pretty corporate words and propaganda to justify every human selfishness, but none of their words can alter the consequences of their evil actions. Nature will ultimately make you pay, no matter what you say.


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