Dave Bewley completes Pacific Crest Trail at 72

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 09 April 2015

Over the years hiking South from Tahoe to Whitney I've had the pleasure to meet a lot of Northbound PCT hikers.

Though many of these encounters are fleeting, they can be deeply rewarding and satisfying. I've met a whole lot of amazing folks over the years.

One of those folks is Dave Bewley, a section hiker out of Florida. Well, let's let Dave tell us about it.


I still remember meeting you for the first time in the lobby of the Motel 6 in Mammoth Lakes in 2009.

I was sicker than a dog with giardia and spent the next couple of days there recovering before returning home in Florida. The next time we met was on the PCT in 2010, somewhere south of Sonora Pass.

Nate and I were NoBo and you were SoBo and you were the first person we had seen in well over 24 hours. I recognized you immediately. We had a brief chat and then decided to move on before the mosquitos annihilated us.

So I have continued on with section hiking the PCT and on Sept 6, 2014 I crossed the Canadian - U.S. Border to finally complete the PCT at the age of 72. It was truly one of grand experiences of my life.
Now continuing on with the Appalachian Trail this spring and summer. Still spend September at wonderful North Lake Tahoe.

Congratulations, Dave, from Tahoe to Whitney on behalf of the membership. Your amazing accomplishment is an example to us all.

I also believe your reasoned approach to section hiking the PCT has allowed you to soak up more of the experience, meet more of the folks on the trail, and fully immerse yourself in the pains and pleasures of backpacking. Dave, you were hurting in Mammoth!

Dave and Nathan in Kerrick Canyon, 2010
Dave Bewley and Nathan hiking PCT North Yosemite, 2010.

We all hope we can keep posting up trail reports about finishing the PCT at 72, like Dave, and can't wait to get updates about the AT, and a note when Dave finishes it!


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