CRISPR: Reopens The Island of Doctor Moreau, Creating Freaks of Nature, Making mosquitoes self-destruct

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 15 November 2017



Creating Freaks of Nature

Making mosquitoes self-destruct,


Is That You, Dr. Moreau?


Latest: Human Use of CRISPR


Existential Threats
Add CRISPR Genetic Modification?

For every person that will do this, to "edit" one part of our genetic history, there are others who will modify it all. Our only problem is that we have achieved this physical understanding before we have the ethical or spiritual understandings to use it properly. It should be strictly limited to only vital & necessary human/medical uses.

As we have used conventional technology to "edit" our environment to suit our own needs over those of Nature, so too will we use this genetic technology to, "edit" ourselves to achieve our social goals, which will insult and damage the natural logic and goals inherent, but invisible to us, within our design. Humanity now has the capacity to "hijack" itself, to completely turn our basic architecture away from Nature's progression into one dominated by our currently perverse value systems.

These are dangerous times, and they are going to get a lot more dangerous. Why?

CRISPER Tech gives individuals the power to produce powerful bioweapons in their own garage, and Nation-States to radically modify humans. I expect to see both over the fullness of time. The clock has started with a "popping" starting gun, the sound of a mosquito self-destructing.

This fact does not add anything new to the Existential Threat Checklist, as Mankind is already on it. CRISPER just adds another way man can destroy himself.


Existential Threat Checklist


Big Rock From Space
Smoked Lizard, Anyone?



The Island of Doctor Moreau,
HG Wells, 1896. 


Full Text



Human CRISPR Gene Editing

This seems to qualify, but...

I hope he dosen't Explode..

AP Exclusive: Bay Area scientists try 1st gene editing in the body,
AP, November 15, 2017,





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