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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 15 September 2017




Snow possible next week in higher elevations,
Lake Tahoe News, September 15, 2017.

I doubt we are going to see substantial snow, or even snow that will stick, except for the snow that falls on the remaining snow pack from last year. But, these changes are indicative that NOW is exactly the point in time that we've got to change our weather expectations, and therefore our gear and plans, to suite the changing reality around us.

We've faced lots of tropical storm activity so far this Summer, but now the character has changed from tropical to cool, or even cold, and we've got to adjust our gear selection to follow suite and be ready for these changes.

I'd say we should always review this list of Sierra Crest temp reporting stations (all reporting stations) to find the 24 hour highs and lows, we should check the weather forecasts, warnings, and models to see what's coming, and adjust our gear selections accordingly.

Independent of our observations, it is time to replace the lightweight Summertime shell with the medium-weight shell of Fall, and consider adding another layer of insulation, or fattening up our existing layers.

September 15 Calendar Entry


NEXT: Winter Gear Required, November 3, 2017.

NEXT: Full Winter Gear Mandatory, November 28, 2017.

Trail Guide: Four Season High Sierra Gear List



Last Few Year's Temp Drop Dates

Temp Drop in 2017:
Sept 15

Temp Drop in 2016:
Oct 31

Temp Drop in 2015:
Oct 14

Temp Drop in 2014:
Oct 2




Current Conditions, Forecasts, Considerations,


crestline reporting stations

right now: surface low tracks

all reporting stations



High Sierra weather forecast zones

rain & snow forecast models

next six days probability of freezing temps



Fall Conditions Approach: First Snow on Tahoe Rim

Fall Considerations



Gear Selection Implications

Four Season High Sierra Gear List

High Sierra Hazard Report


Key Information

Fall Considerations



NEXT: Winter Gear Required, November 3, 2017.



High Sierra Weather




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