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Cold Blooded Guides & News | High Sierra Backpacker

Cold Blooded Guides & News

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 08 October 2012

High Sierra
Frog & Reptile
News and Information

I've got to gather all the frog news here, which is spread out over the monthly news reports.

In the meantime, signed-in members can review previous Frog reports using the site search feature.


Identify and understand the frogs, lizards, and snakes we encounter.


Field Notes
The Frog, Reptile, & Snake Forum


The mountain yellow-legged frog Site


Links from MyFrog & to
frog and reptile resources



Frog Identification

The Best of Breed

A Guide to the Amphibians and Reptiles of California

California Frogs Photo Idenification

California Snakes Photo Identification

California Lizards Photo Identification




Frog & Reptile News


 October 21, 2019


Direct to Article
Living Dead Scattered Across Alaska Landscape,
AGU Blog, October 21, 2019.

Interesting article about how frogs deal with freezing and parasites in the frozen North.


Recent Frog News

Nov 2018
Attempting to Identify, Understand, & Head-Off Global Frog Mortality

Sierra Frogs

Sierran Treefrog, Noble Lake, Carson Iceberg Wilderness

Frog at Grizzly Lake, Emigrant Wilerness, Stanislaus National Forest




May 10



Rana Virus Expanding in England with Expanding Warmth

Climate Change Supercharging Severity & Spread of Rana in England




March 29



Deadliest Disease Ever

History, Mechanism, Effects of Chytrid Fungus




January 25



The Sad Present & Future Status of the Mountain-Dwelling Cascades Frog

Drier mountains pose a double whammy for cold-adapted amphibians, says SFU study,
Simon Fraser University, January 25, 2019.





November 28



Disease, Decimation, and Hope

High Sierra Yellow Legged Frogs Translocation Recovery Status & Science




August 15


FROGS & REPTILES: Testing Frogs

Attempting to Identify, Understand, & Head-Off Global Frog Mortality

Latest Pathogen Test & Recent Frog Medicine




September 27


Critically Endangered Frogs

Mountain yellow-legged frogs

Oakland Zoo, San Francisco Zoo, and Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Release Critically Endangered Frogs to Bolster Wild Populations, NPS, SEKI, August 30, 2017.




September 20

 Pretty Frogs

This dance is taken: Hundreds of male frog species change colors around mating time,

SMITHSONIAN, September 20, 2017. 




August 30


Or just playing with the "deck chairs" on the Titanic?
It Depends
Let's Get Hopping...

Inoculation giving endangered California frog shot at life,
Tahoe Daily Tribune, August 30, 2017.

Our relentless irresponsible growth Kills Nature with one hand, while we are pretending to save it with the other. The hand of destruction is much more powerful than that of healing. Wise policies... if you want to feel good while doing bad things...


The only way to "save the frogs" is to take the Corporate Growth Machine of Death out of political power and control, to restore our basic democratic values and processes. The "corporates" will continue to successfully do everything in their power to strip Man & Nature of our resouces until we finally remove bribery as the factor determining who has the power to control our politicians, our political parties, and ultimately, the fate of our environment, and our country.




August 21

Wood frogs research clarifies risks posed to animals by warming climate, PENN STATE, August 19, 2017.

Climate Destruction News



July 31


Feeling Froggy

Nearly 2 million California acres were set aside for frogs. But ranchers say decision ignores them,
Sac Bee, July 31, 2017.




July 20

Researchers discover three new Great Basin toad species,
Record Courier, July 20, 2017.




June 22

"Grow you like a Python?"

How pythons regenerate their organs and other secrets of the snake genome,

I can't wait untill football players start using python growth hormone...(not)



June 20, 2017

Small variations in breeding pools make for big differences in Yosemite toad use,



March 31, 2017

Hope for endangered mountain yellow-legged frog,
Tahoe Daily Tribune, March 29, 2017.



October 2016

Temporary extinction reprieve for some frogs,
University of Adelaide, October 11, 2016.




May 2014

Amphibians in a vise: Climate change robs frogs, salamanders of refuge,
U-Dub, May 1, 2014.



July 22, 2010

In the Field

Frog Counting Team, Emigrant Wilderness



As global temperatures rise, the world's lizards are disappearing
20 percent of all lizard species could be extinct by 2080
, researchers say,
May 13, 2010, American Association for the Advancement of Science

An extinction event of global proportions is already well underway, and it is rapidly picking up speed. A simple search of the limited "Science" articles linked on this site will show you that the birds are falling out of the Sky, fish are going belly-up in the world's waters, and land animals are rapidly disappearing.

I started a forum to track the general "progress" of this, the Anthropocene.



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