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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 16 May 2018



Massive Data Coordination

Wet Areas Wetter, Dry Areas Drier

NASA Satellites Reveal Major Shifts in Global Freshwater,
NASA, May 16, 2018.

Eureka Alert Summary


"What we are witnessing is major hydrologic change"

"This is the first time that we've used observations from multiple satellites in a thorough assessment of how freshwater availability is changing, everywhere on Earth."

"We see a distinctive pattern of the wet land areas of the world getting wetter – those are the high latitudes and the tropics – and the dry areas in between getting dryer. Embedded within the dry areas we see multiple hotspots resulting from groundwater depletion."

"...Earth's wet land areas are getting wetter and dry areas are getting drier due to a variety of factors, including human water management, climate change and natural cycles."


Gravity Meter
"The twin GRACE satellites, launched in 2002...precisely measured the distance between the two spacecraft to detect changes in Earth's gravity field caused by movements of mass on the planet below." (Increases or decreases in groundwater drastically affect their gravity readings.)

"We examined information on precipitation, agriculture and groundwater pumping to find a possible explanation for the trends estimated from GRACE."

"... while water loss in some regions, like the melting ice sheets and alpine glaciers, is clearly driven by warming climate, it will require more time and data to determine the driving forces behind other patterns of freshwater change."

"The pattern of wet-getting-wetter, dry-getting-drier during the rest of the 21st century is predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change models, but we’ll need a much longer dataset to be able to definitively say whether climate change is responsible for the emergence of any similar pattern in the GRACE data."

"...groundwater levels are also sensitive to cycles of persistent drought or rainy conditions."

"...a combination of natural and human pressures can lead to complex scenarios..."


The Bottom Line

We have seen radical changes in the character of the seasons over the last twenty years, and even greater changes over the past forty. Simple observation of tree mortality in the whole Southwest of the US alone confirms the conclusion of the research above, that, "What we are witnessing is major hydrologic change."

But, I'd modify this statement, to "we have already observed major hydrologic changes, and these changes are accelerating and deepening," to reflect the true nature of our situation.



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