Eco-Crash News: Everything is Changing, Timing of migration is changing for songbirds on the Pacific coas

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 08 December 2017



Eco-Crash News

Everything is Changing

Timing of migration is changing for songbirds on the Pacific coast,

And it's getting worse, not better...

Our Self-Created Climate Meltdown Future
Karma Comes A-Calling, California!


Climate Change Bad for the Everything, then the Birds
Changes in flowering, fruiting affecting bird abundance, activities

The situation our contry's in, both ecologically and ethically (not to mention economically, or in "foreign policy"), are deeply related, intertwined, all a direct product of the system of corporate greed & corruption controlling our government. The damages that this corruption has done to our country and planet demand decisive action to end.

Simply stated, to create any effective environmental policy, we've got to remove the forces of organized greed and corruption from the beginning to the end of our political processes. That means removing the corporate influence in politics, in all of its many manifestations. To save nature and our own honor, let alone bring back legit democracy, we must outlaw bribery in politics!

We've got to limit all contributions to political parties or candidates to living, breathing, voting individuals in the election to which they contribute, under serious campaign contribution limits. Period. No more corporate corruption and their corrupting influences on our parties or our political processes.

Politics are crooked, and we've got to straighten them out, to give our country and nature even the slightest chances of regaining their lost potentials. Neither nature, nor any ethics, aside from "greed," have a chance in the current political system. And, greed is not an ethic, it is a flaw.

Long prison terms for the cheaters. I'd strip them of citizenship, for corrupting our fundamental democratic processes. That's not just a crime, but I consider corrupting our fundamental democratic processes a real, "sin."

Bribery is a crime and sin our party politicians have not just legalized, but they have made corporate bribery the foundation of the way politics operates in the US.
The system of bribery and corruption the Pervocrats and Repugnants created and operate within is a fundamental betrayal of our country. The only thing these vile parties represent is a showcase for the sycophants willing to front for the forces of greed and organized corruptions resident within, and corrupting our polity.

We've got to take the overwhelming bribery of greedy corporate bastards and "special interests" out of our elections and legislative decision-making processes.

That's the only way we are going to stop the ongoing globalized raping of man & nature we are observing.

Right now we are owned by our corporate elite and their lap dog press. It's beyond sad, it's truly pathetic. We've got to change the political playing field, and bring it back to democratic specifications, to get a better result.

Sure, they, the special interests, can talk to anyone they want, but they must go immediately to prison, if they every deliver a check with their words. The former is "petitioning," of which they have the right, the latter is bribery, for which they should be imprisioned for a very, very long time.

It's funny how our legislature and the courts they've appointed confuse the right to speech and to petition our representatives, with open bribery. Funny.

Killing the Corporate Growth Machine of Death requries draining it of its life's blood: of the bribery money that feeds the greed and corruption in contemporary "party politics," which runs what's left of our "legislative process." Bribery is the "tool" our corporate elite is using to drain our country and planet.

It's time for Americans to start acting like Americans, not like the stupid, fat, greedy corporate nazis who've hijacked our country, tortured the human world, and raped the natural world... all to feed their base greed.

It's time to Starve the Beast.




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