Brain News: Dog vs Cat Brains, Two Different Approaches to Life

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 30 November 2017



Dog Brains vs Cat Brains

Two Very Different Approaches to Life

Sorry, Grumpy Cat -- Study finds dogs are brainier than cats,

According to this research, dogs possess significantly more cortical neurons than cats.

530 compared to 250 million.

The net effect would be, "...the richness of their internal mental state and their ability to predict what is about to happen in their environment based on past experience,”

I believe both are fit for their respective tasks, with the differences reflecting the very different ways in which they go about their respective tasks. The dog's approach is as a participant in a complex internal social hierarchy, which then translates itself into external group-hunting strategies and tactics.
Cats, on the other paw, operate much more individually, relying much more on their own, individual set of refined personal hunting skills, which are dependent on the quality of their individual reflexive physical attributes of observation, quickness, speed, and strength, rather than the combined social organization dogs deploy. These different approaches affect all aspects of their lives, and apparently are observable as brain differences!

The dogs hunt, fight, and fuck in group heiarchies, while the cats hunt alone, only coming together to fight for hierarchical position when it's time to fuck.

The really interesting thing is that we humans have folks that operate like they have dog brains, and others acting like they have cat brains stuck in their heads...

Nature tries it all, humans, and each human, decides which approach suites them.

We humans have enough cortical neurons to have a metaphysical choice. We can choose to pursue the raw physical gratifications, to put self-gratification at the center of life. Or we can choose to organize the physical world, to make our gratifications and our actions dependent upon an ethical or spiritual value system, rather than the pursuit of physical gratification.

Wisdom is being able to figure out which approach suites you, which applications reflect what and who you are, and find the proper actions to express what you represent.

We've got the cortical neurons for the task:


16 billion: Humans

9 billion: Gorillas and orangutans

6-7 billion: Chimpanzees


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Total number of neurons—not enlarged prefrontal region—hallmark of human brain,
Vanderbilt U, August 9, 2016.



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