Bird News: North Sea Changing, Warmer water signals change for Scotland's shags

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 19 November 2017




North Sea Changing

Warmer water signals change for Scotland's shags,

Radical diet change follows temp & weather changes.

All of our recent observations about birds are centered on their desperate adjustments to everything changing around them. The weird changes in the timing and character of the seasons around the whole frigging world changes the availability of all the resources birds depend on.

These changes then change bird behavior and nesting, breeding, and migration timings, each alteration which then passes the warming effect on through to those parts of the web of life, to those creatures who were depending on birds across those timing points, for their own sustanance.

Our behavior is generating waves of disruption through our planet's Webs of Life that are hammering it from the "outside," by just killing too much of it directly and outright, and from the "inside,' by altering the climate out of its survival range.

Our actions are both directly consuming, and indirectly shrinking the web of life far beyond its ability to sustain, and far past the point we could recover the pristine Natural beauty and sophistication we've already squandered.

We are made to, and justified using It. We will pay for each way we abuse It.

That's just the way It works. "It," Nature, is a metaphysical "mirror" who's physical composition and the "meta" nature of its character are all reflections of its participant's actions. It was once a Garden. Not so much, anymore. We are getting It very worked up.

The nature and character of our actions have carved some nasty shit on the Face, Body, even deep into the Soul of Nature, which are reflecting back into our environment as radical reductions in the sophistication and complexity of the web of life necessary for our continued existence.

A radical fall in global fertility today would not surprise me one bit. I put the odds of such a fall by 2100 at 100%. Keep poking the bear. I mean flipping Nature the bird... I mean... well, either way, see what happens...

This party will be paid for. Nature always balances the books. 


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