Bird News: Birds Under Severe Climate Pressure, Genes Control Bird's Climate Survival Potential?

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 08 January 2018


Bird News
Birds Under Severe Climate Pressure

Genes Control Bird's Climate Survival Potential?

How genes will save or fail birds in the face of climate change,
American Association for the Advancement of Science, January 5, 2018.

How effective genes will be preserving birds will be dependent on how significant the heating. Birds themselves capable of physically surviving the increased heat may find the ecosystem necessary to feed them did not, independent of how pre-disposed to change they themselves may be.

Our effects are not just affecting individual species, but sweeping away whole ecosystems.

Recent climate modeling suggests a rather grim future:

Worse models the Best?

Two Degrees Already Baked In

Improved Models Show Grim Future

What I take from this bird research above is that the regional groups of genetically unique warblers expressed such specific genetic variability because each regional group had "fit" itself as perfectly as it could within its historic and traditional range. Now that those ranges are being swept away, so too will these unique and specific genetic configurations, these living reflections of the complexity of the environments that "reflect" themselves in warblers.

We are sweeping away many species' unique genetic adaptations, their unique physical genetic reflections of our ancient environment, as we sweep away these ancient environments and their ancient ecosystems.

This genetic "specificity" demonstrated by the warblers is an example of the genetic reflection that each unique environment imprints on it's living inhabitants, that our physical force of environmental destruction is sweeping away: we are not just warping the environment beyond the basic physical capacity of living things to deal with, independent of their genetic nuances, but we are tearing the genetic specificity and uniqueness of the web of life apart species by species and whole ecosystems at a time...

We are lobotomizing the web of life.

The warbler's genetic specificity measures the deep relationship between each creature and their surrounding ecosystem, and the bird's "physical feedback" of  genetic traits matched and tuned to the local experience.

Going a step further, the process of "natural selection" is much more of a mutually-interdependent system of balanced energy exchange between all living things, abeit exchanges composed of living energy. The main capablility & function of this living system is being able to change, survive, and expand the fertility of its part of the Web of Life within the changing requirements of our sometimes brutal environment, than "natural selection" is a competitive system of, "survival of the fittest."
Nonetheless, the Web of Life is both. It is both mutually-interdependent and individualistic, actually, but the vast majority of the life on this planet and their energy exchanges are participating in vast, planet-wide biological-environmental balances, such as that of Plankton, which passively draws energy from the environment, from the Sun & nutrients in the Sea, then passes it up the food chain. By being eaten. And the next link in this chain of life is again eaten, as the web of life moves the energy through itself that eventually feeds all of us humans.

In other words, we're all, all of us living things, all in this Web of Life together, from the plankton to the whale, if we realise it or not. The level of heating we've already triggered is so widespread and extreme that the vast majority of birds, and the ecosystems that feed them, are not going to see the next century, no matter how powerfully curious their genes are.

The ecosystems they need to survive are dying out from under them.


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