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Carson Pass to Ebbetts Pass Miles and Elevations on the Pacific Crest Trail

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 24 May 2011


This page is a catch-all for questions, comments, and your input about the Maps, Miles and Elevations between the Carson Pass to Ebbetts Pass on the Pacific Crest Trail in the High Sierra.

This page is for your overall impressions or experiences on the technical information provided in the trail guide. Your perspective on the information provided here will improve it.

If you would like to recount a trip through this section, or provide important trail information about a specifc part of the trail, post up a page in the   Carson Pass to Ebbetts Pass Trails Forum!

Check out Carson Gap to Lake Alpine Forum if you are looking to hike the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail South from the Carson Gap. I strongly suggest you check out both routes.

For comments about specific locations between Carson Pass and Ebbetts Pass on the Pacific Crest Trail, check out the other pages in this Carson Pass to Ebbetts Pass Forum. 

Hiker Input

I received a note from DENNIS concerning discrepencies in my mileage figures for the section of the PCT between Carson Pass and Ebbetts Pass.

I had the mileage from Carson Pass to Ebbetts at 26.78 miles. After Dennis shared his mileage concerns, I found I had made a transcription error while transferring my mileage figures to the web page.

This error correction brings the NEW MILES from Carson Pass to Ebbetts Pass to 27.88 miles. 

Here's Dennis' notes on the mileage between Carson and Ebbetts Passes:

"I hiked from Ebbetts Pass to Carson Pass last weekend, using a Garmin GPS to record actual trail mileages. The section from the Raymond Lake Junction to Lost Lakes was substantially further (slightly more than 2.5 miles further) than on your website.

Specifically, the distance from The Nipple trail crest to the Blue Lakes Road is 3/4 mile longer than indicated, but the largest error is in the distance from "dirt road" through to the wilderness boundary. The mileages indicate only 0.3 mile, while this distance is actually more like 1.6 miles. 

But we found ourselves wondering why it took so long to get from the Raymond Lake Junction to Lost Lakes, and why the GPS was saying something different from the mileage chart I took along. If I had it to do over, I would have marked distances and elevations at the specific points indicated all along the hike.

The distances shown from Carson Pass to Lost Lakes road was within 0.2 miles of that on the website, while the distance from Raymond Junction to Ebbetts pass was within 0.1 mile, so those distances are close enough.

Now don't be offended by my pointing out these errors, which I hope you can correct on the website. It is not nearly as bad as the carved wooden PCT sign at the top of Forestdale Divide. This sign says "Ebbetts Pass 18" and "Carson Pass 4" which may be correct as the crow flies, but is nowhere even close to the distances on the trail itself. True distances were from the sign were more like 24 miles to Ebbetts Pass, and 5 miles to Carson Pass.

Thanks for listening." 

Dennis: Thanks for your information!


Though I have corrected this error, Dennis and I still have not yet come to agreement on the distance from the high point on the Nipple heading South to Blue Lakes Road.

I have the distance at 2.65 miles, while Dennis puts it at 3.40 miles, .75 mile longer.

This .75 mile, when added to my 27.88 miles of total distance between Carson Pass and Ebbetts Pass equals 28.63 miles, which is just about exactly the figure generated by writers of The Pacific Crest Trail, Wilderness Press, 1977.

I have repeatedly measured this distance on the maps at 2.65 miles, so I'm sticking with my figure of 27.88 miles until I find the discrepancy.

My thanks go out to Dennis, and I'm interested in hearing any feedback you may have.

Here's our basic information about this section

Carson Pass (trail guide)

Ebbetts Pass  (trail guide)

Section Map (click the red dots!)

Miles and Elevations


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