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August Open Thread: High Sierra Trail Condition Reports

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 03 August 2010

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Video: Grizzly Meadow, Emigrant Wilderness. The video above ends when a massive swarm of mosquitoes engulfed me.

Have you had recent experiences along the Sierra Crest and flanks between Lake Tahoe and Mount Whitney? Do you live or work in a location that gives you a view of the High Trails? Have you been swarmed by mosquitoes on the Sierra Crest lately? Post your experiences, observations, and questions about Sierra Conditions below.

We are all interested in how quickly the snows are uncovering the trails, trail conditions, bits of snow cover along the trail, MOSQUITO CONDITIONS, fording conditions, weather, local weather, and anything that you observed or experienced.

Cowboys, Mule Packers, Hunters, trail workers, Rangers, Car Campers and Day Hikers, as well as backpackers, are all welcome to post their observations and experiences about Spring Trail Conditions in the High Sierras.

    If you could, post the date, location, and conditions you experienced along our High Sierra Trails.

    Check out the comments and posts below for lots of good information from High Sierra Backpackers.

Note on Stubblefield Video below: I actually had 3 holes in my feet, two additional on the L foot. The majority of the damage was done on the cross-country section of my trip along the E Carson River between Carson Falls and its junction with the PCT about 8 miles North of Sonora Pass. The difficulty of this terrain (the route has deteriorated in recent years) caused lots of  "smears" and "wedges" (foot positions that are undesirable-I will expound about this when I complete the "Art of Walking" section) that tore my feet up...After that hiking was bearable through the 12 mile point each day, and after that it was hell. Such is life.

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