Astro Physics News, 2018: Alien Megastructure Fail: Weird Star Wearing Debris Shroud, not an Alien Culture

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 04 January 2018



Astro Physics News, 2018

Alien Megastructure Fail

Weird Star Wearing Debris Shroud, not an Alien Culture

New data debunks alien megastructure theory on the 'most mysterious star in the universe,'
Louisiana State University, January 3, 2018.

As we've been peering deeper and deeper into the depths of space with greater and greater detail, we've been seeing many things that don't fit into our pre-concieved notions of reality.

That the motions and accelerating expansion of the Universe are being influenced, powered by some unseen and unknown force composing the vast majority of our universe, which we've dubbed, "dark" matter and "dark" energy.

Honestly, we humans haven't a clue about what dark matter and energy are, prompting me to dub humanity the real force of "darkness" in our universe, being composed of our deep ignorance of the very existance of the vast majority of the reality around us. But, we are hopeful.

Our imaginations are being regularly set-off by our deeper and deeper look back in time and space, and our more detailed views of stars & their planets. Recently our curiosity and imagination were both piqued by some exciting and strange planatary-level observations, and most especially by the discovery of something big, that was not a planet, orbiting KIC 8462852, or "Tabby's Star," a star sitting 1000 light years away in Cygnus.

These observations drew out attention, imagination, and the funding necessary to take a better look at the mystery. These detailed observations have resolved what is likely a massive debris cloud orbitng the star, rather than an alien megastructure.

Awww, shucks!

Nonetheless, it's as interesting to see how peering into the darkness does something to trigger our human imaginations. Our imaginations and ignorance tell us at least as much, if not more, about ourselves than our universe...

We are, in a way, exploring our own deepest reaches, the deepest places within ourselves, when we explore into the unknown around us, into the deepest reaches of space. The experience produces as much information about ourselves as our environment.

I prefer to explore the deepest reaches of myself through my terrestial explorations into the unknown mysteries and beauties of terrestial Nature, most specifically the High Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, where each step forward also brings us one step deeper into ourselves, as well as our environment.

Nature is the Ultimate Mirror we can peer into. near or far.


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