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We Drive Extinction: Broad California Fishery Failure | High Sierra Backpacker

We Drive Extinction: Broad California Fishery Failure

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 30 October 2017



Fish News
Nothing "Uncertain" here:
We Drive Extinction

California Fishery Failure

‘Time is of the essence’: Fisheries face uncertainty,
Times Standard, October 27, 2017.

A "subtle" disaster. Another canary in our eco-coal mine, but there's no "uncertainity" here, especially after at least a full thirty years of "reporting" on Salmon and Wild Fish's slow but inevitable march to extinction in California and the Eastern Pacific that our relentless growth and expansion has brought on.

An Old Story approaches its End
Finishing-Off Wild Fish in California


The "canary" in this "coal mine" has fins, rather than wings

It is an apt metaphore.

"...state regulators and fishing stakeholders need to take action now to push the federal government to declare a fisheries disaster for not only salmon, but also the state’s urchin and sardine industries."

According to our "political leaders," we need more, not less.

According to "our" Assembly in California, we need to declare "full speed ahead on our program of unlimited growth and development," as this current admin and assembly in California have recently done.

Apparently, we don't have a salmon & its associated eco-disasters caused by irresponsible growth and over-development, we have a greater need to create, "more jobs," forever "more jobs," apparently to drive-up employment in the filthy Chinese factories we already sent our manufacturing jobs to, and to service the flood tides of illegals who have powered our massive irresponsible domestic "growth," and whom are already filling "our" mega-cities of poverty and pollution we have built across the Southwest and Western United States.

The water, the fish, and the ecosystems we have been destroying across the Western United States over this last fifty years of wildly irresponsible growth are just an afterthought, as they finally collapse. Neither of the corporate parties will do a thing to stop, or even slow, the fundamental politics, policies, and processes of irresponsible growth and development, of unrelenting greed, that have already killed our middle-class democratic republic, drained our wealth, and are just now "finishing-up" by killing-off our fish.

Their corporate "environmentalism" is a complete joke. A fucking farce.

Jerry Brown: Corporate Green Leader of California

Corporate Greens: Finishing Off California Fish

Predictable Failure of the Fake Corporate Greens

We stand across the precipice of a great environmental change. A change that is fundamentally decreasing and forever (in human terms) altering global fertility. The collapse of fish is going to continue to play a huge role in these changes.

California's wild fish are just the tip of the iceberg. The natural balances in our oceans, rivers, and lands are all changing as we suck the spirit of life out of Nature. 

Our collapse of ethics and self-restraint triggered these changes.


Last Salmon News
Two News Articles
October 24th

Fall Run
Salmon Failure
"Talk-Talk-Talk" without addressing causes



California Salmon should not feel Lonely

The Fish Collapse Link List



Admit It
We Live in the Corporate Growth Machine of Death

Our current criminally corrupt, "eater of the spirit of Man & Nature," system was established by, and perpetuates itself today, through irresponsible, Nature-killing Growth centered on the gratification of greed.

Oroville Dam is a Contemporary Example of this Scam


The Observed Necessity for a New Environmentalism





Water News




October 2017 High Sierra General News


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