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2018: The New Normal Emerges in California, July Hottest Month EVER sticky icon


The New Normal Emerging in California

July 2018 Warmest Month in California History; Unprecedented Early-Season Wildfire Activity Continues,
Weather West, August 9, 2018.


Early July Heatwave
"July 2018 was an extraordinary weather month across most of California. Early in the month, a searing heatwave brought all-time record heat to some locations in Southern California."

High Temp July
"...extreme heat receded somewhat during the rest of the month, temperatures never cooled back to anywhere near average, and the past 3-4 weeks have been punctuated by heatwaves that have broken countless daily temperature records."

Nighttime Highs
"...a number of more “subtle” temperature records have fallen this July, with all-time record warm overnight temperatures occurring across a majority of the state and “consecutive 100+ degree day” records falling through parts of the Central Valley. Death Valley apparently recorded the warmest single month officially recorded anywhere on Earth."

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Eco Crash News INDEX for January through May, 2018: Observing Our Rapidly Shifting Seasons and Ecosystems sticky icon






Updated Daily 

August 9,  2018


The transitions between seasons, their basic character, their timing, temp, and humidity transitions have all changed. The directions from which the seasonal winds blow have changed. These changes are reverberating through and disrupting webs of life that wrap around the whole planet.

Blooming, feeding, mating, and migration patterns of all living things are changing around the world.

Here we track the obvious and the subtle human affects on Nature. The club and the knife, if you will.


LAST MONTHS' CLIMATE NEWS: October through December 2017





August 9


Heat Dangers Rising, Many Will Suffer

Research Predicts Warming Climate Will Drive Thousands to ER

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CLIMATE WARMING NEWS: Heat Dangers Rising, Will Drive Thousands to ER


Heat Dangers Rising, Many Will Suffer

New study predicts warming climate will drive thousands to ER for heat illness,
AGU Blog, August 7, 2018


Expensive Dangers Ahead
"...a new study predicts that in the coming decades the United States’ heat problem will grow more dangerous and expensive."

Today's Emission Trajectory
"...suggests a warming climate will drive thousands more people into emergency rooms across the country and could cost tens of millions more dollars in treatment by 2050."

Reduced Emission Trajectory
"...U.S. emergency rooms could see 28,000 more hyperthermia visits annually by 2050, which could cost roughly as much as $52 million. Extended to 2090, the annual number of visits for hyperthermia could increase by up to 65,000, costing up to $118 million."

Health Threats of Warming Temps
 How our warming climate affects health.
"This table lists the various causes and ways in which climate change affects human health." Chart credit: U.S. Global Change Research Program.

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Great Northern Hemisphere Heat Wave of 2018: Two Articles: Sweden Shrinking, Europe Frying


The Great Northern Hemisphere Heat Wave of 2018

Two Articles: Sweden Shrinking, & Europe Frying

1>Sweden Shrinking

Sweden's Highest Peak Melts Away as Record Temperatures Hit Arctic Circle,
Time, August 3, 2018.

Main Points

Arctic Circle Heatwave
"A summer heatwave in the Arctic circle has claimed a victim in Sweden’s highest point, a glacier on Kebnekaise mountain in the north of the country."

"Melting fueled by the heat has caused the peak to lose 13 feet in height."

"Just a month ago, the glacier reached 6,893 feet above sea level. At the latest measurement on Tuesday, it was just 6,879 feet is now no longer the highest point in the country."

“We know that it has melted because it is very hot."

Arctic Circle at 90F
"Northern Europe has been sweltering in a heatwave that scientists fear is a result of climate change. Banak in Norway, over 350 miles into the Arctic Circle, reached 90 degrees on Monday."



2>Euros, and even the Northern Euros, are Baking

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Eco-Crash News: The Great Northern Hemisphere Heatwave of 2018


The New Heatwave Normal

Record 2018 Death Valley & Northern Hemispheric Heat

Death Valley posts hottest month ever recorded on Earth, for the second July in a row,
Washington Post, August 2, 2018.

Hottest of the Hot

"Last July, California’s Death Valley endured the hottest month ever measured on the planet. This July ended up even hotter."

"Over both day and night, the temperature at Death Valley averaged 108.1 degrees, ahead of the mark set a year ago by about a half-degree. That previous mark had broken a record that stood for 100 years."

"...this July’s temperature has averaged nearly six degrees above the average of 102.2."

"The high temperature hit at least 120 degrees on 21 days, sailing past the normal high of 116.5 degrees."

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Warm Soil, Heatwaves & Microbes: Two Pieces of Climate Change-Soil Disaster Research



Two Pieces of Climate-Soil Research

1> Climate Change-driven Droughts & Heatwaves are getting Hotter

2> As temperatures rise, Earth's soil is 'breathing' more heavily



Climate Changed Soils Magnifying Droughts & Heatwaves

Climate change-driven droughts are getting hotter, UCI study finds,
University of California - Irvine, August 1, 2018.

Higher Drought Temps

" that temperatures during droughts have been rising faster than in average climates in recent decades, and they point to concurrent changes in atmospheric water vapor as a driver of the surge."

Hotter Hots

"Available soil moisture can remove surface heat through evaporation, but if the land is dry, there is no opportunity to transport it away, which increases the local temperature."

More Problems Now

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The Hottest Summer of 2018: Killing Ourselves and Everything Else


Climate-Driven Antrhopocene

The Hottest Summer of 2018: Killing Ourselves and Everything Else

Record Heat, Fires Worsened By Climate Change,
KQED, July 30, 2018.

Hottest Ever, Again

"Heat waves are setting all-time temperature records across the globe, again. Europe suffered its deadliest wildfire in more than a century, and one of nearly 90 large fires in the U.S. West burned dozens of homes and forced the evacuation of at least 37,000 people..."

"Flood-inducing downpours have pounded the U.S. East this week."

"’s all being made worse by human-caused climate change..."

“Weirdness abounds.”

Records Falling, again...

"Japan hit 106 degrees on Monday, its hottest temperature ever. Records fell in parts of Massachusetts, Maine, Wyoming, Colorado, Oregon, New Mexico and Texas. And then there’s crazy heat in Europe, where normally chill Norway, Sweden and Finland all saw temperatures they have never seen before on any date, pushing past 90 degrees.

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Eco-Crash News: Weather Changed in the US Northeast


Weather Changed in the US Northeast

What is causing more extreme precipitation in the northeast?
Dartmouth College, July 31, 2018.

Where & What

"From Maine to West Virginia, the Northeast has seen a larger increase in extreme precipitation than anywhere else in the U.S."

53% Increase in Extreme Precip

"...these heavy rain and snow events, defined as a day with about two inches of precipitation or more, have been 53 percent higher in the Northeast since 1996."


"...hurricanes were responsible for nearly half of the increase in extreme rainfall across the Northeast. A warmer Atlantic Ocean and more water vapor in the atmosphere are fueling these storms, causing them to drop more rain over the Northeast."

"Severe thunderstorms along "fronts," especially intense downpours along cold fronts, accounted for 25 percent of the increase in extreme precipitation."

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Climate-Driven Anthropocene: Killing Ourselves and Everything Else with Heatwaves

The Climate-Driven Anthropocene

Killing Ourselves and Everything Else

Heatwave deaths will rise steadily by 2080 as globe warms up,
Monash University, July 31, 2018.

“If people cannot adapt to future climate temperatures, deaths caused by severe heatwaves will increase dramatically in tropical and subtropical regions, followed closely by Australia, Europe and the United States”

Death Model

"Researchers developed a model to estimate the number of deaths related to heatwaves in 412 communities across 20 countries for the period of 2031 to 2080."

Death Factors

"...projected excess mortality in relation to heatwaves in the future under different scenarios characterised by levels of greenhouse gas emissions, preparedness and adaption strategies and population density across these regions."


"Future heatwaves in particular will be more frequent, more intense and will last much longer."

Aussies Take it in the Ass

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Lobotomizing the Web of Life: CO2 Increase a Time Machine to the Palogene Era



Lobotomizing the Web of Life

Humans Working Overtime

Ever-increasing CO2 levels could take us back to the tropical climate of Paleogene period,
University of Bristol, July 30, 2018.

"A new study led by scientists at the University of Bristol has warned that unless we mitigate current levels of carbon dioxide emissions, Western Europe and New Zealand could revert to the hot tropical climate of the early Paleogene period - 56-48 million years ago."


"The early Paleogene is a period of great interest to climate change scientists as carbon dioxide levels (around 1,000 ppmv) are similar to those predicted for the end of this century."

"Most of the existing estimates of temperatures from this period are from the ocean, not the land - what this study attempts to answer is exactly how warm it got on land during this period."

Land Temps of Paleogene Scary

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NORTH HEMISPHERE HEATWAVE, Everything Frying: Three Articles, UPDATED



Heatwave Turns Europe Brown,
NASA Earth Observatory, July 30, 2018.


JULY 28.

The Incredible Northern Hemisphere Heatwave

Heatwaves from the Arctic to Japan: a sign of things to come?
AFP, July 27, 2018.

"Intense heatwaves...are set to become increasingly frequent around the world due to climate change, experts warn."

" Northern Europe the recent heatwave is exceptional, and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) predicts temperatures will continue to beat the seasonal average from Ireland to Scandinavia and the Baltic countries until early August."

Super Heatwave
"Generally we have heatwaves in one part of the planet...But now we have the entire northern hemisphere being hot -- it's stunning."

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The Seasons Already Changed, Clear Human 'fingerprint' for Changes


The Seasons Have Already Changed

A 'fingerprint' for Anthropogenic Climate Change in the Changed Seasons

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Climate News (updated): Cape Town gets a Break, "Day Zero" Posponed



Cape Town’s Reservoirs Rebound

Original Article
Global Weather Changes

Cape Town gets a Break

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Freak Weather, 2018: Record Rains Devastate Japan



Freak Weather

Record Rains Devastate Japan

Death toll increases as record rains devastate parts of Japan,
Guardian, July 7, 2018.

49 killed, 48 missing.

"historic" "torrential"

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Scorcing the Planet: UPDATED: FIVE Articles: LA & the World Frying NOW



Scorching the Planet


Five Articles: LA & the World Frying, added: Why LA is Frying

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Climate Models Underestimating Scale of Change: Twice What Climate Models Predict?



Climate Models Underestimating Scale of Change

Global warming may be twice what climate models predict,
University of New South Wales, July 4, 2018.

Anyone reading this site for any length of time already knows that the "standard" climate models are at least suppressing expected Carbon increases by half, while not accurately accounting for current observed atmospheric and oceanic changes.
The more "pessimistic" climate models are proving to be the "best-fits" for the real behavior of the atmosphere and oceans we are observing and experiencing. Check the links to previous analysis of climate models below.


This Research

"Future global warming may eventually be twice as warm as projected by climate models under business-as-usual scenarios and even if the world meets the 2°C target sea levels may rise six metres or more..."

“Observations of past warming periods suggest that a number of amplifying mechanisms, which are poorly represented in climate models, increase long-term warming beyond climate model projections."


Distant Mirrors of the Past

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Climate Changing Noctilucent Clouds of the Mesosphere



Climate Changing Clouds

Noctilucent Clouds of the Mesosphere

Climate change is making night-shining clouds more visible,
American Geophysical Union, July 2, 2018.

Noctilucent Clouds

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ECO-CRASHING NEWS, 2018: Scope, Depth, & Future of Global Warming Explored




Scope, Depth, & Future of Global Warming Explored

What happened last time it was as warm as it’s going to get later this century?
Ars Technica, June 18, 2018.


"Like the Middle Miocene"

"The year 2100 stands like a line of checkered flags at the climate change finish line, as if all our goals expire then."

"...the climate won’t stop changing in 2100. Even if we succeed in limiting warming this century to 2ºC, we’ll have CO2 at around 500 parts per million. That’s a level not seen on this planet since the Middle Miocene, 16 million years ago, when our ancestors were apes. Temperatures then were about 5 to 8ºC warmer not 2º, and sea levels were some 40 meters (130 feet) or more higher, not the 1.5 feet (half a meter) anticipated at the end of this century by the 2013 IPCC report."

Why the Difference between Models and Past Realities?



"Earth takes time to respond to changes in greenhouse gases. Some changes happen within years, while others take generations to reach a new equilibrium. Ice sheets melting, permafrost thawing, deep ocean warming, peat formation, and reorganizations of vegetation take centuries to millennia."


We've Unleashed a MONSTER...

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Hansen Reviewed, 2018: The Planet has Drastically Warmed: And, It's Just Getting Started




The Planet has Drastically Warmed

And, It's Just Getting Started...

Warned 30 years ago, global warming ‘is in our living room,’
AP, June 18, 2018.

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ARIDIFICATION OF THE SW: Colorado River, Lakes Mead & Powell to Be Below 50%



Growing into the Jaws of Doom

Colorado River, Lakes Mead & Powell below 50%

Colorado River Reservoirs Expected To Be Less Than Half Full, Headed Toward Historic Low, KUNC, June 15, 2018.



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