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Water News: In Harm's Fracking Way | High Sierra Backpacker

Water News: In Harm's Fracking Way

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 28 November 2017



Water News
The Threat Within is the Threat Without

In Harm's Fracking Way

In harm's way,

15 years of data from 27,000 wells in 14 states found that half of all fracking operations were within three clicks of domestic water wells.

Now, I agree with the EPA law that private wells have to police their own water quality, but drillers & frackers should never be issued permits to drill into or anywhere near groundwater used for domestic wells, in the first place, period. The lead researcher cites the regulatory needs thusly:

“Our analysis underscores the need to increase monitoring efforts to maximize the probability that we can identify well waters that may be impacted, and do our best to remediate, contain and isolate potentially contaminated waters before they cause harm,”

Well, no. What we need to do is not issue drilling and fracking permits anywhere near domestic groundwater. Oh, and we need to prevent the democrats from allowing fracking wastewater to be put directly into domestic wells.

The plain fact that "our" political parties and their candidates are fully funded by corporate-industrial bribes means that all of our laws and regulations are deeply affected by bribery, all our laws and regulations are crafted by industry-bribed "legislators" and corrupted political parties.

My thoughts on these problems are simple:
"We need to reduce the corporate influence in America to the size it can be drowned in a bathtub"

This corporate corruption means that any such oversight as requested by the researcher above -any effective oversight at all- is impossible.
We can and will not get effective health and safety rules in any aspect of our lives until we get a system of effective representation, until the open political bribery corrupting and dominating our polity is outlawed, and our "representatives" are, finally, prevented from selling our health, welfare, safety, as well as our nation's wealth and resources, to their highest corporate bidders.

Stopping the corruption and cheating in our system is going to kick about half the people in our country square in the ass. Want to save Mother Nature? Want to save what's left of our country? Start Kicking Some Corrupted Cheater Ass.

Our Most Dangerous Threat


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Water News



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