Yeast Converted into THC Factories, & Weed Good for Senior Citizen Medical Issues

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 28 February 2019


Two Weed Stories
1> Yeast turned into THC Factories, first below.
2> Weed Great for Senior's Medical Issues, second below.

Old School
 Living in the Past with non-toxic urban agriculture
Living in the Past: Non-Toxic Urban Agriculture...Old School THC, "factories," AKA. plants.


Yeast Converted into THC Factories

Yeast produce low-cost, high-quality cannabinoids,
University of California - Berkeley, February 27, 2019.

Main Points

Money Factories, er, Yeast Factories
New Products
“...synthetic biologists have engineered brewer's yeast to produce marijuana's main ingredients--mind-altering THC and non-psychoactive CBD--as well as novel cannabinoids not found in the plant itself.”

"...the possibility of new therapies based on novel cannabinoids: the rare ones that are nearly impossible to get from the plant, or the unnatural ones, which are impossible to get from the plant."

Green Green?
"For the consumer, the benefits are high-quality, low-cost CBD and THC: you get exactly what you want from yeast. It is a safer, more environmentally friendly way to produce cannabinoids."

No Toxic Solvents
“...eliminating the expensive synthetic or extractive processes common in the chemical industry and the often toxic or environmentally- damaging chemical byproducts.”

Green Green?
Replace Outdoor Grows?
“Cannabis cultivation is a prime example of an energy-intensive and environmentally-destructive industry.”

Green Green?
Replace Indoor Grows?
“Indoor cultivation under grow lights with ventilation fans uses a lot of energy, accounting for a growing percentage of annual power consumption.”

Yeast Factory: "Old" Products
“Cannabinoids join many other chemicals and drugs now being produced in yeast, including human growth hormone, insulin, blood clotting factors and recently, but not yet on the market, morphine and other opiates.”

New Uses for Legal Weed
More than Rope
“CBD, or cannabidiol, is used increasingly in cosmetics--so-called cosmeceuticals--and has been approved as a treatment for childhood epileptic seizures. It is being investigated as a therapy for numerous conditions, including anxiety, Parkinson's disease and chronic pain.”

Zombie Yeast Factories
“Turning yeast into chemical factories involves co-opting their metabolism so that, instead of turning sugar into alcohol, for example, yeast convert sugar into other chemicals that are then modified by added enzymes to produce a new product, such as THC, that the yeast secrete into the liquid surrounding them. The researchers ended up inserting more than a dozen genes into yeast, many of them copies of genes used by the marijuana plant to synthesize cannabinoids.”

Coming to Market Soon
The Bottom Line
“...founded an Emeryville, California, company, Demetrix Inc.,… The economics look really good. The cost is competitive or better than that for the plant-derived cannabinoids. And manufacturers don't have to worry about contamination--for example, THC in CBD--that would make you high."


Another Bottom Line

Every year, Nature, acting through plant species, especially marijuana and wine grapes, weaves together thousands of years of DNA with contemporary local conditions, with the attentive aid and attention of humans, to produce completely different combinations of, likely millions of potential combinations of various organic molecules with its specific, “active ingredients,” to produce completely unique annual crops.

This is how Nature tracks, and responds to, environmental change. This engaged interaction between Life and Nature is the fundamental bedrock of life itself, that we nuture to unique outcomes.

I doubt yeast factories will ever reflect or achieve this level of natural engagement and sophistication that once surrounded us all, despite the best efforts of science to, “replace,” what nature does so well, so easily, and so cleanly, especially when humans are properly involved.

We are not properly, "involved," and are generating greater imbalances between Man and Man, and between Man & Nature, every day.

Imbalances in humans, and the technological amplification of the toxic effects of imbalanced human involvement with nature are reverberating as. "overproduction," problems through society and nature. More is not necessarily, “better,” nor the proper solution of our, “imbalance,” problems.

I prefer my THC factories, like my people, have solid roots in sustaining long term natural trends, rather than being accessory to the mass-culture means of their destruction.



Direct to Article

California studying cannabis impacts in Mattole River watershed,
Times-Standard, February 26, 2019.








Weed Effective for Range of Elderly Medical Issues

Could medical marijuana help grandma and grandpa with their ailments?
American Academy of Neurology, February 28, 2019.


Much Relief
“Medical marijuana may bring relief to older people who have symptoms like pain, sleep disorders or anxiety due to chronic conditions including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, neuropathy, spinal cord damage and multiple sclerosis...”

Effective Relief
“The study not only found medical marijuana may be safe and effective, it also found that one-third of participants reduced their use of opioids. However, the study was retrospective and relied on participants reporting whether they experienced symptom relief, so it is possible that the placebo effect may have played a role. Additional randomized, placebo-controlled studies are needed.”

An Old, but Still Good Idea…
"Our findings are promising and can help fuel further research into medical marijuana as an additional option for this group of people who often have chronic conditions."

Party Time, Grandma!
“Participants took various ratios of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to cannabidiol (CBD), the main active chemicals in medical marijuana, for an average of four months and had regular checkups. The medical marijuana was taken by mouth as a liquid extract tincture, capsule or in an electronic vaporizer.”

Too Frigging Stoned…
“Initially, 34 percent of participants had side effects from the medical marijuana. After an adjustment in dosage, only 21 percent reported side effects. The most common side effects were sleepiness in 13 percent of patients, balance problems in 7 percent and gastrointestinal disturbances in 7 percent. Three percent of the participants stopped taking the medical marijuana due to the side effects.”

“...69 percent of participants experienced some symptom relief. Of those, the most common conditions that improved were pain with 49 percent experiencing relief, sleep symptoms with 18 percent experiencing relief, neuropathy improving in 15 percent and anxiety improving in 10 percent.”


No Junkies…
“Opioid pain medication was reduced in 32 percent of participants.”

Balance is Out There
"Our findings show that medical marijuana is well-tolerated in people age 75 and older and may improve symptoms like chronic pain and anxiety." Future research should focus on symptoms like sleepiness and balance problems, as well as efficacy and optimal dosing."



Philosophical Note

Tahoe to Whitney does not advocate the use of, nor the prohibition of anything, except common sense and stupidity, respectively. And, I offer that advice within the clear framework that only each individual can be the judge of what is good for themself, and not another.

But, we can discuss the difference between common sense and stupidity, can't we?







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