Winter of 2018 La Nina Observations: A Quiet Return? Observations, Status, & Forecasts

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 22 December 2017



Winter of 2018
La Nina Observations

A Quiet Return?

La Niña Makes a Quiet Return,
NASA, December 22, 2017.


NASA: "... the conditions developing in the eastern and central Pacific are not yet remarkable..."

I disagree. The latest look at the anomaly on December 13 show its extent and the depth of its temp anomaly are vast and powerful. I noted then that I suspected the cold water of the La Nina was suppressing tropical storm activity across the equator from Peru to the NE coast of Indonisia, which would suppress a major source of moisture that feeds weather activity that we feel here.

See the second paragraph below the links on the December 13 entry.

This NASA article above does mention how the wet tropical Winter of 2017 came during a La Nina year, but fails to mention how the super dry winter of 2015 came while a record-breaking super hot El Nino was happening, too. In the post of December 11 about that day's La Nina report I noted that both of those extremely heavy and extremely light precipitation seasons were exactly the opposite outcomes of the traditional effects & conditions induced in the High Sierra by La Nina and El Ninos. Seasonal weather patterns are not following any norms. They are broken.

Though the El Nino & La Nina cycles are very important factors influencing our weather in the High Sierra, they have both clearly taken a back seat to the influence of the persistant High that has been forming up off the coast of California that's been increasingly deflecting Winter storms around the High Sierra, if not the whole Northwest of the US, for decades.

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December 11


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