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Winter Gear Selection II: Figuring Weather History, Current Conditions, and Future Forecasts

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 24 January 2011

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Winter Gear Selection Video II: Figuring the weather history, current conditons, and future forecasts to guide your gear selection.

This video ties together your evaluation of the weather with your gear selection.

This video introduces you to the weather assets I've begun to deploy on the Tahoe to Whitney Trail Guide. Unfortunatly, I have only completed the Northmost elements of the weather sections.

So this video shows you how to access the various weather maps, real time reporting stations, and weather forecasts you will need to anticipate the upcoming conditions. This is vital in determining your gear selection.

Weather Resources and Information

I have built a compilation of weather resources that provide both a broad and a local look at the upcoming weather.

I have compiled the regional information delivered through informative weather satellite and weather maps that cover the whole Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, regional happenings through big radar maps also covering the whole Sierra, and weather forecasts for each region of the Sierra Nevada.

Then the information is brought right to specific conditions on the ground through real-time reporting stations up and down the Sierra Nevada, backed up by local Radar, Storm Warnings, and a cool graphical interface that offers up a wide range of very useful information. Check out the...

High Sierra Backpacker Weather Reports, Conditions, Forecasts, Maps, Radar and Satellites

As work on the site progresses I will evolve the High Sierra Weather Information page on the Trail Guide.

At this point in time the HSWI page contains links to the National Weather Maps, West Coast satellite views in a number of flavors, Pacific Ocean Satellites, real-time weather reporting stations (only for Lake Tahoe and Carson Pass, so far), and forecasts for the Northern Sierras.

These pages will eventually serve up each section of the trail guide with custom weather resources... but alas, I have too much to do, and too little time to do it. But it will get done...

As the weather pages on the Trail Guide are still under construction, I suggest using the High Sierra Backpacker Weather Reports Page, but do look for improvement and expansion of the regional reports on the Trail Guide in the future.

Knowing how to use these weather resources are vital for selecting the proper gear for the conditions you may encounter.


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