Tree News, Widespread Pinyon Pine Mortality Throughout Much of the Southwestern U.S.

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 10 November 2017



Tree News

"Widespread Pinyon Pine Mortality Throughout Much of the Southwestern U.S."

It takes a microclimate to raise a pinyon tree,


Pinyon Problems
“Recent droughts have resulted in widespread pinyon pine mortality throughout much of the southwestern U.S."

“Pinyon pine trees are integral in processes that control water and energy fluctuations across the Southwest.”

"Our team was really interested in whether or not these woodlands were going to come back and how local environmental factors influence their recovery."

Scope of Study
“ sites were spread out across 5,000 square miles of pinyon-juniper woodlands in Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona, to capture the wide range of elevation and soil gradients these trees take root in.”

Factors Controlling Pinyon Pine Regeneration
“Cooler and wetter localized climates with greater soil water capacity”
“Tree canopy cover providing shaded microsite conditions”

“Abundant older juvenile trees that had survived the drought”

“Mature pinyon trees with high seed production that also survived the drought.”

“These simultaneous demands seem impossible to meet after high tree mortality...”

Good & Bad News
"The good news is that while there were some areas with minimal regeneration, there were also areas that had a lot of pinyon pine regeneration."

Worse Heat Coming
“Their findings offer an underlying explanation for scientific claims that this recent drought was just a taste of what the warming climate may do to pinyon-juniper ecosystems.”

Foreseeable End of the Pinyons
"Because of recent changes in climate and projected changes in climate, these Southwest ecosystems are likely going to experience some really severe vegetation shifts."

“The possibility for drought resilience across the Southwest may disappear if that's the case.”


Observing the Decline of the Doomed Forests in the Southwestern US


Hot Now, Hotter Future
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Bottom Line

Many areas around the country and the world seem to be undergoing their own versions of radically changing seasonal patterns triggering local and regional tree mortality events. Increases in Summer heat and duration seems to tie most of them together, pushing conditions out of the "comfort zones" of local aboreal life. The changes driving these tree mortality events are indicate of a broader, increasing "misfit" between the expectations of local plant and animal life, and what is happening.

This fit between our planet's Web of Life and our planet's weather is widening every day.

And, "our" Corporate "Leadership" is striving as hard as they can to push tree mortality forward by increasing the rate of growth and consumption as far as they can without any real demand, before either the financial, ethical, or environmental aspects of their grand scam implodes in upon its own greed and cheating.

After that happens, we will still be left with a looted ecosystem and looted economy long after the growth-scammers have asset-stripped us, and departed.


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Tree News



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