DEJA VU ALL OVER US AGAIN: Oroville and Twin Tunnels Children of the Same Mother: CORRUPTION

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 06 March 2018


Oroville and Twin Tunnels Children of the Same Mother:


Are Our Leaders Corrupted Lying Theives, Or Lying Corrupted Theives?

Quick Answers, YES and YES...

Sacramento County alleges secret meetings over Delta tunnels, files lawsuit,
Sac Bee, February 28, 2018.

Not "alleges." These meetings between the governmental agencies representing the bribers of politicians, happened, putting together a new Devils Straws plan on the fly as the old plan fell apart around them.

Watching the bribed politicians and officials in California is like watching...

A Vast Machine of Political & Economic Corruption

This machine of corporate corruption is working to steal the water necessary to support the overbloated population in the LA Megacity, and stretch this irresponsible growth East through the Inland Empire towards Vegas...

Our current size already dwarfs our sustainable resources, as our corporate-corrupted politicians plot on how to steal the water to grow it ever larger.

We are corrupt, and our corruptions have been supercharged by importing all the greedy people from around the world willing to serve the greed of our corporate elite, that they can possibly find.

Our corporate elite is quite direct: "Want to be "rich?" Will you do anything for money? Then we will make you an American!"

It's as simple as that...unless you really are an American. In that case, what we've done over the past fifty years are crimes against our real national values and ethics (which are not based on "greedy foreigners"), as well as against our Natural Environment.

To see this you've got to be able to look beyond the greed and corruption that's captured and are running our political, press, and social institutions. The easiest way to "fix" this corruption "problem" is to completely end the ability of our corporate elite to bribe any politician, any candidate, or any of the political parties beyond the capacity of the average citizen.

Cutting off these open, bribery-based, "tools of corruption," would be a good start towards disenfranching the greed that's eaten our souls and destroyed our ancient environment. We need to get back to our own fundamental Constitutional and Revolutionary ethics to save ourselves and our environment. That requires we iron-out the distortions that have corrupted our political processes.

Ultimately, we can only really fix the problems we've created for ourselves in the present by making operative the historical potential and legasy left us by our Revolutionary Forefathers in our most radical Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Our upper-classes have corrupted and captured the very institutions designed to limit the scope of their power.

We have an out-of-control corporate elite that needs to be put back within the boundaries of our radical Constitution's Framework.



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