WATER NEWS: Corporate Corruption at all Levels, Both Parties, Dem Twin Tunnels Indemnified by Repub Con

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 16 May 2018



Corporate Corruption at all Levels, Both Parties

Democrat "Twin Tunnels" Indemnified by Republican Conservative

A ban on Delta tunnels lawsuits slips into federal spending plan,
Sac Bee, May 15, 2018.


Interior Dept Funding Scam
"...veteran (R) Rep. Ken Calvert of Riverside County released a 142-page draft spending bill for fiscal year 2019 for the Interior Department and related agencies."

"Tucked into the bill, on page 141, is a brief provision that would prohibit state or federal lawsuits against "the Final Environmental Impact Report/Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Bay Delta Conservation Plan/California Water Fix ... and any resulting agency decision, record of decision, or similar determination."

How to Fight for Our Rights?
Writing letters against the Devils Straws to "our" elected officials... running them out of town on a rail seems more appropriate, but writing to "our" elected officials, urging them to do everything in their power to block the Devils Straws, is the ethical and possibly even an effective thing for every concerned citizen of California to do. If we can actually threaten their political survivial. Otherwise, our letters, like our concerns, hit the "circular" file.



A Deeper Look

A Screed on Institutionalized Corruption

Both Sides are Crooked
Note that a Republican put this, "lawsuit prohibition," into this bill. His action is directly helping the Dems in California, specifically, the biggest Democrat, Jerry Brown, who's "legasy," like his father's, apparently depends on how long into the future he can screw our state. The Devils Straws will screw California long into the future, as his father's boondoggle of corruption, the Oroville Dam, is screwing us today.


Jerry & Family & Company
Generations of Corruption

Corporate California
A Monument to Greed, Hubris, and Cheating

‘Lethal arrogance’? Oroville Dam crisis sprang from Pat Brown’s towering ambition,
Sac Bee, May 14, 2017.


Systamatic Corruption Then & Now


The Devils Straws is son Jerry Brown's part of the family contribution to the destruction of the State of California, and the enrichment of our corporate elite.
The Devils Straws are part of a much larger and deeper system of corruption that began with the inception of our nation, and has grown and evolved with the times, while remaining fundamentally corrupt.
We can track our own American history of political corruption and cheating from the creation of our nation, through its subsequent development in California, through Owens Valley, & Oroville Dam projects:

Dam Life: The Life & Times of Oroville Dam



Democrats in California are the monsters who built the infrastructure to strip California's human and natural infrastructures naked for their corporate sponsors, and are now pushing this infrastructural monster, the Devils Straws, through, to fuel the last gasps of megacity expansion as our climate implodes around us.
So, it's up to the "environmentalists" Democrats in Congress to defend our environment against being raped by the "environmentalists" Democrat's "Twin Tunnels" in California? Yeah, sure.



Burning forests, a ruined climate, a broken middle class, poverty, and dying ecosystems

Oroville and Devils Straws Children of the Same Mother: CORRUPTION

The Republicans are laughing at their tricky anti-lawsuit move, as helping the Dems has also exposed the Dems as being enemies of our environment, and willing to strip citizens of their day in court to do serve up our public resources for the private profits of their corporate masters. No worries, they'll get their cuts. That's some "Legasy," Jerry. The Republicans are laughing out loud...

Note that we have no reporting whatsoever about how a bribed Corporate Republican is helping the bribed Democrats move a project that gives away a vast and valuable public resource for private profit. Such bipartisanship. Such cooperation. Such thievery! Just like their fine cooperation on the, "war on terror," and agreeing on the stripping all American's privacy rights. Our corporate-sponsored and subsidized parties are unified on lots of stuff.

What we're seeing here with the lawsuit prohibition is the "Right" hand of corruption washing the "Left" hand of corruption. Note that the "environmentilists" in California have already and long been betrayed by generations of the "Endless-Growth" Democrats in California. Now that we're once again seeing how the "Liberal" corporate Dems are openly teamed-up with the Corporate "Conservative" Republicans in Congress, this time to screw our environment by killing all environmentalist's lawsuits against the Devils Straws by law. Haven't you half-assed "corporate green environmentalists" had yet enough?

Any so-called, "environmentalist," that does not realise the "game" is "crooked" and the Democrats are on the, "take," by now is either a fool, on the take themselves, or just trying to make themselves feel better by calling themselves, "green," as the world burns around them. You are as crooked as your leaders.

Our burning world is full of fake "greens!"

Well, since the Repugnants and Demotraitors are both throughly bribed by exactly the same interests benefiting from the Devils Straws, anyone in either party who loves our country and its once pristine environment more than power and wealth is shit out of luck.
Our political parties are both about stealing as much of our country's human and natural wealth and resources as they possibly can, despite the social and environmental damages others may or may not care about. They are running a game of wealth and power. Being fake "greens" adds to their ability to accumulate power and wealth.

The Democraps just provide better "optics" than the Repugnants while they both have been stripping our land and people naked. This Repugnant anti-environment provision cited in the article above shines a bright light on exactly how and where serving corporate corruption has once again brought both parties into perfect alingment, just as they agree about attacking the whole world, in their, "war on terror," which is mostly about securing and expanding corporate control of global resources for their bribe-masters.

How dare you reject our annointed and/or appointed leaders, you deplorable terrorist rascist Russian sympathizer, you!


The Teams
The Dems have taken the corporate bribery money and harnessed it to the druggies, the gays, the girls (liberation & abortion), their millions of illegal immigrants, the environmentalists, and tied all the liberal power-centers into corporate subjection under their Demotraitor banner, each subordinate faction in it for their own piece of the pie, their place at the trough of corruption.

The Repugs have taken the corporate bribery money and harnessed it to the anti-druggies, the anti-gays, to the traditionilists & anti-abortionists, to the anti-immigrants, the anti-environmentalists, and tied all these conservate power-centers into corporate subjection under their Repugnant banner, each subordinate faction in it for their own piece of the pie.

Both parties are fatally compromised both by their both being willing recipients of exactly the same sources of massive corporate bribery. The parties divide and fight each other over which of our rights they will strip from us while while they unify to jointly allow their corporate bribe-masters to loot our human and natural resources.
Their second fatal compromise is each side's mistaken belief that they can tell the other side what to do, if they, "win," and enforce their "morals," or religious beliefs on the "losing" side, with the rule of law.

No, neither "side" has the "right" to make personal belief and personal actions illegal. I don't care what your Pope says. It's un-American. Consenting adult Americans of sound mind can make up their own minds.

"Moral" prohibitions have not worked with guns, gays, drugs, alcohol, or anything else, ever. The First Amendment of our Constitution lets rational adults live their own lives by their own values with their own practices, and we may only apply the "rule of law" to those that lie, cheat, or steal from their fellow citizens, or attack them. Other than that, leave them all alone. That's foundational to our Revolution and Constitutional "deal." Let's all live up to it, if we want to call ourselves, "Americans."

This division into competeing teams is itself tragic, 'cause our Constitution itself gives each of us on both teams the right to live by our own relationship with our own beliefs, however we decide to use that liberty. We agreed to mutually protect each other's rights when we became Americans, if we ever did. Those who fight to impose their moral and religious beliefs on their fellow Americans by law are not Americans.
My "religion" sees nothing wrong with gays, or people that don't want to be gay. With women who want to have an abortion, and those that don't. With folks who want to live a traditional life and those who don't. Those that choose to use drugs, and those who don't. I could give a shit... until you screw up. Then I care. Lie, cheat, steal, or attack a fellow citizen, or try to take away their right to live their selected life, and you need to be put in the pokey.

That's the point of really being an American, rather than making money, or seeking power. Mutual defense of each of our fellow citizen's personal rights was a fundamental part of our Revolution and informs the construction of our Constitution; the principal that every CITIZEN gets to make their own decisions as to who they philosophically "are," what practices they pursue expressing that identity, who they hang with to share their identities, and how they conduct themselves within the limits of our mutual rights. Especially if you are totally against how they use their rights.
Most "Americans" don't seem to be aware that these principals of mutually defending our use of our rights, even when our fellow citizens use them in ways we don't agree with, are a fundamental part of the mutual agreement that's a fundamental part of being an American.

That'd be what once made us exceptional. Mutual defense of differently used private rights is still a cornerstone of our constitution's philosphical basis, even if our corrupted people and politicians have lost the practice. That always gives hope.

Today we've been watching Dems trying hard to suppress speech and gun rights, while the Repugs constantly impede gay, abortion, and drug rights. Neither party has the right to impose their morals one on the other. For example, abortion is not murder, and every citizen is endowed with the right to keep and bear arms. No one or group has the right to impose their personal morality or crazy beliefs on another.

To take the concept of moral imposition to its logical conclusion, it becomes clear this point especially and fundamentally applies to the illegal immigration crisis we're experiencing. We Decide.

Foreigners do not get to "decide" who's an American. Americans decide who gets to join our body politic. Anyone who says they are "above" our laws, or challenges our basic soveregnity as a nation, and has the gall to put that challenge forward as the basis of their so-called "claim," to "citizenship," is NOT An American, and should never be granted citizenship to a country they do not believe in nor respect. They should be immediately deported, after not being granted citizenship.

I really don't care what the Pope says. His religion does not trump my law or the soveregnity of our nation. You are welcome to live under the rule of the Pope, as long as you don' t try to impose his authority over me.
Nor can you impose the greed of the "Markets," nor the bullshit of Marx on my life. I don't care if my border gets in the way of Market's desire for cheaper labor and larger markets. I don't care if Marx (or JP Morgan) says the world has no borders.
You can live under what foolishness you choose, but you cannot impose your Papist, Marxist, or Market "values" on your fellow citizens. They get to choose their own.
Your "human" rights can blow me. Your human rights are not superior to my Constitution.

Your Pope, Marxism, and Market are all inferior to the protections of our Constitution. Our Constitution protects your right to be a fool, and I will fight for your right to believe in the Pope, Marx, or the Markets (even though I don't...), but our Constitution prohibits you from imposing your foolishness on me or your fellow citizens, and I will fight you if you try to make me dance to any of those sad tunes.
If you do not know our Constitution, understand its values, and believe in them to the point of staking your very life, your honor, and all your treasure on these principals and practices, then you are not an American. That's just the way it is. I'll fight for your right to do and believe in things I am totally against, but I will stop you when you attempt to impose those beliefs on others.

If the papist, commie, or corporate fascist agrees to practice their philosophy within the limits and under the protections of our Constitution, I will defend their right to be foolish. If they want to replace our Constitution with their particular system, I am bound to drive them from our shores as enemies. Our Constitution protects all belief systems under a quite simple, but powerful set of rules based on mutual respect for differing beliefs.

Those Citzens who break our mutual constraints and protections to impose their beliefs on their fellow citizens by law used to be our nation's greatest threat. Now we face the spectacle of foreigners who have the gaul to claim to have the right to illegally enter our country and claim the rights and privilidges of citizenship while simultanously denying our country's most basic soveregnity and rule of law. That notion is almost beyond comprehension, if I had not seen and heard so many people claim citizenship based on breaking our laws, that they are above our laws.

The Democrats have granted millions of such folks, folks who claim to be "above" our laws, "citizenship" in our country. The Dems openly put themselves above our laws and most fundamental mutual Constitutional principals. They are not alone.

Our Dems and Repugnants have actively allowed citizenship to be stolen, purchased, and traded for political and personal advantage. That's beyond outrageous. Our politicians of both parties, and their system of shared corruptions, are a disgrace to the values our country was  at one time based on. And then again, today's corrupted Democrat Party well reflects the disgraceful behavior of their party during some of the most corrupted times in our nation's history.

Tammany Hall
Today's Democrats are more corrupt than they were during the height of Tammany Hall, when they showed the flexibility necessary to perform as handmaidens of Southern Slavery while providing cheap labor to the rising local Rail Barons of the North, all while providing and profiting off of the massive waves of Irish immigrants required to fuel the American Indian genocides... That's a trifecta of Evil... The Dems are real pieces of work.

During the past few decades tens of millions of foreigners have been granted citizenship who have never read our Constitution, are only here for the money, for a "better way of life," in service to their own personal greed. These people are by no stretch of anyone's imagination "Americans," let alone citizens. They share none of our values, experiences, history, nor culture. Unless greed is a value. Yet they carry papers that say they are citizens. They share a common greed with our corporate leaders, and many times they actively assisted what can only be called criminal American invasions of their countries. Hard times.

Smedly Butler perfectly characterized "our" use of our military overseas in 1935.

Smedly Butler: US Marine Major General, 2 Medals of Honor, 1881-1940.

They were traitors to their own nation during a foreign invasion...That's good enough to be considered a "citizen," here, now, apparently. We had such folks during our Revolutionary War.

We called them, "Tories," and they did not have a good time.

Hey, I'm a Vet, I'll fight invasion. But, I will not step into a country like Iraq or Afghanistan, who were obviously being set-up when we invaded them. Friking Osama was sitting in Pakistan, his dudes planned 9-11 from Pakistan, and he was Saudi money and supported, at least. Thus, I'd likely be convinced to "step in," if we attacked the Saudis and Pakis after 9-11, as that's who likely sponsored and funded most of it. Nonetheless...

Today we have two sets of "inhabitants" of this nation who follow two very different sets of National Forefathers. We have the Americans, who follow our Revolutionary Forefathers and the Constitution they produced, An American's citizenship is based on their compliance with our Constitution's fundamental principals (...I only have one life to give...).

The second set of inhabitants in our country are what I call (and they call themselves) the, "Consumers" A Consumer's "citizenship" is based on their desires for a "better way of life," and the "American Dream," rather than our specific Constitutional principals, and any ethics at all. These folks have subscribed to the definition of an "American" based on material greed and desire that was created in the 1880s by their "Robber Baron" Forefathers.

The Robber Barons are the white guys who used these same mass immigrants of the 1880s to dissassemble our Constitution, stripped these slave labor immigrants and our natural resources naked, using all to build a corporate aristocracy of industrial power and wealth previously unseen in the world, which they then directed towards joining the Euro-Quest for Global Empire and World Domination.
They were, and their descendents are, in a word, Traitors. They were the people and spirit our Constitution aimed to neutralize, to constrain within the limits of our principals. It, our Constitution, failed in 1880, during the concentration of of a vast amount of our nation's wealth and power by the Robber Barons using the mass immigration of Eastern and Southern Euro peasants.
The Robber Barons showed the depth of their power and wealth when they publicly changed the definition of an American from being based on our Constitutional principals, to a definition based on personal greed. Our Revolutionary Forefathers laid the foundation of our country on fundamental principals and ethics. The Robber Barons transformed our political foundation from ethics to desire, from principals to emotions.

From the time the Robber Barons rose to total political and economic ascendency of our nation in the 1880s, it had taken roughly eighty years, two world wars, a dust bowl, and a great depression to finally wrestle about 60% of our country's wealth, wealth that the Robber Barons had stolen, back out of their hands, and into the hands of a strong American middle class, by 1964.

Since 1964 it has taken our corporate aristocracy about fifty-five years of unlimited illegal immigration and unlimited offshoring of our best jobs, since 1964, to wrestle that wealth back out of the hands of the middle class, and put it back into their own pockets, as we've see accomplished today. The middle class is gone.

Today we are observing the very tail end of the first mass immigration to a corporate state running a global empire, that began in 1964. That type of immigration had never happened before, as both the previous major immigration periods happened before the Robber Barons formed a corporate state and engaged it in the quest for empire. Both those tasks had been accomplished long before the inception of this generation's third mass immigration.

Each of our previous waves of immigration was to a democratic republic with lots of land. This current scam is about over. This current immigration is very different from our last mass immigration during the 1880s. Our last mass immigration built vast cities, but a big part of the nation and continent were still untouched by iron tools, still governed by a loosely configured democratic republic (collapsing into a corporate state under the weight of immigration...), with rapacious sets of local "robber barons" established on the East Coast and "Old" West, out to Chicago, fighting it out for first, local domination, then finally, for national supremecy.

Yesterday's Robber Barons
It was that previous massive industrial Irish immigration of the 1840s that created and put these local Robber Barons into position by the 1880s to form up a national corporate state on the next and even larger, massive, waves of immigrants they themselves induced to migrate. The Robber Barons took full advantage of the situation, and consolidated national control of the politics and business of our nation under a national corporate aristocracy.

Today's Corporate Fascists
Today's waves of massive immigration (much bigger than the massive immigration of the 1880s), combined with offshoring, has been the fuel that's empowered this generation's corporate aristocracy to re-concentrate the wealth and power of their Robber Baron ancestors by using this generation's waves of immigrants to drain our middle class of their wealth, endowing them, once again, the wealth and power sufficient to easily put aside the last of our ethical and Constitutional restraints, thereby transforming their corporate aristocracy into the full-powered, full-blown Corporate Fascist State we see before us today. They style us as "consumers!"

Our Revolutionary Forefathers are spinning in their graves at our nation's plight, while the Original Robber Barons are cheering loudly, from their various positions in the lowest levels of Dante's Inferno.

Mass immigration has never been good for our country. Mass immigration has been the fuel powering the formation and evolution of the brutal industrial elite and corporate empire that rose in this, a country based on rejecting the authority of, and prohibiting aristocracy. How the hell did we get here? Let's review.

1840 IRISH
 The first of the local Rail Barons rose on the backs of the massive Irish Immigration of the 1840s, which pissed off all the anti-aristocrat, and all the "anti-sweated labor," Americans. Massive Irish immigration made their values and concerns irrelevant, by overwhelming them with sheer numbers. The Indians died by the hundreds of thousands as hundreds of thousands of Irish poured in. Local Rail Barons started to pop up everywhere... along with numerous other new regional "industrial age" monopolies. Regional paint, steel, mining and timber monopolies dotted the nation, each a separate, regional concern.

The local Rail and various other local Steel, Oil, Rail, and Banking Barons that rose on the backs of the Irish immigration were all initially supercharged by the massive Eastern and Southern European immigration of the 1880s. Vast wealth was squeezed out of our virgin lands using the massed industrial peasants of Eastern and Southern Europe, living in abject poverty and degradation. This concentrating wealth soon was turned against the local steel, oil, rail, and banking barons themselves, all around the US. They all received, "offers they could not refuse."

That phrase did not come from the Italian Mafia, but from the classic American Robber Baron, JD Rockerfeller. After amassing sufficient production, transportation, and political protection in a competitor's region, JD would systamatically crush that competition. He would drop prices below what the competition could bear, or use another of his favorite scams, which was to make secret deals with rail or banking interests, to keep his costs lower than the competition's, until he could force them to sell or into bankruptcy, and he and his co-conspiritors would share the loot.

As the point of collapse approached for his competition, JD would always tender his, "offer your can't refuse," with everyone in full knowledge that he had the competition cornered. Many refused his offer, and were crushed. Most took the offer, and retired from the field. Rocky, Du Pont, Carnigie, and Morgan were among the most rapacious of regional Robber Barons who used exactly this same method to rise to the tops of the first nation-wide steel, oil, rail, and various other industrial "sectors" of the economy, at the birth of a national, nation-wide American economy. The Robber Barons were in full control.
Rather than our laws and Constitution restraining these, the most rapacious, greedy, power seekers of the industrial era, they restrained our Constitution. They used their vast wealth and power to take predominate power in national and local politics, and institutionalized their aristocratic positions of wealth and power sufficiently to pass through generations.

By 1900 this power gave the Robber Barons who were at the top of each "sector" of the economy predominant influnce and control of our now nationalized polity and society.

Greed is the basic element at the core of the philosophical shift in popular culture engineered by our new, Robber Baron elite that was emerging during the late 19th century. Their efforts from the 1880s on shifted the popular accepeted basis of citizenship from principal to desire, from American ethics to raw greed and desire. This immensely enriched, empowered, and most importantly, legitimized the Robber Barons as the leaders of our new corporate elite by the dawn of the 20th Century.

Man, do we have a Revolutionary history, a Revolutionary Constitution, and a Revolutionary Bill of Rights! Our Colonial and Revolutionary historical experiences defined a set of exceptional ethics that rejected both aristocracy and empire. Our fundamental Constitutional values were structured as restrains on the power of greed, wealth, and the concentrations of power which elites had traditionally used to dominate society, as they had seen in England and their observations of the flow of Western history.
Restraining wealth and power was golden heart of our nation's, "exceptionalism," and that's the ethical spirit that the Robber Barons first killed, and these principals of restrain have been completely lost to our contemporary politicians, intentionally put aside by their completely corrupted political parties, and completely ignored and scoffed-at by their corporate overlords. The result of these massive 19th century waves of immigration empowering the Robber Barons to put aside our Constitution, allowing our corporate elite to launch and empire and begin what has turned into over a century-long foreign and domestic crime spree.

These folks have committed a heck of a lot of war crimes and crimes against humanity over the last 17 years since 9-11, but their "run," better characterized as a "crime spree," stretches all the way back to the inception of their "American" empire in 1899, and their brutal suppression of the Flips.

Ironically, our exceptionalism requires restraint. It requires withholding ourselves from exactly the same aristocratic and empiric activities that our political, press, and corporate leaders are deeply engaged in, and are actively advancing today by force of arms, by political and economic means, with all backed-up by major propaganda efforts. The irony of our situation apparently escapes them, but not us. Our contemporary parties and the governments they form are much worse than the English Empire our Revolutionary Forefathers defeated.

It is time for our Nation to reestablish our own, most exceptional revolutionary values on those who've broken them. We've allowed a corporate nobility to grow itself like a parasite on the neck of the nation that stated that it, "shall have no nobility," we've allowed a corporate elite based on greed to drain our nation's human and naturall wealth, and today this, our criminal corporate, "nobility," has built and imposed a freeking cruel corporate empire on any weaker part of the world that can't fight us off, under the colors of our flag. Those are all crimes against the content and character of our constitution.

Those who feed in this trough of corruption will eventually gag on their meal.

In politics, we can only stop this disgusting greed by sweeping away the corporate bribery that's captured party and politician for over a hundred years. Corporations and our modern Robber Barons who own them must be banned from bribing "their" political parties.
We can and must starve the political parties back to public submission, or kill them. It would be a mercy killing. Both "our" political parties are decrepit, serve no clear interest but self-interest and greed, while destructively wielding great economic and military powers. Euthanasia would truly be merciful for both the parties and for the relief of their victims. The criminal powers they've consolidated need to be dispelled as quickly as possible.

In foreign relations, by removing our foot from the throat of the world, by removing our global chain of military bases, and by removing military sales to, and political support for our global chain of Dictators, Kings, Commie, and Religious-Rascist States. All of those systems are supposed to be anthical to our exceptional values... and will be again.

We can fix up every aspect of our lives by making belief in the values of our Constitution and Bill of Rights operative, and the basis of citizenship, rather than the naked greed, corruption, and cheating practiced by our political parties, the corporations who own them, and their cheap subsidized-labor crimigrants.

We've a lot of work ahead. Greed is easy, but exceptional ethics are difficult.


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