Water News: The Great Water Ripoff Advances, SoCal will Grow at All Costs to Man & Nature

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 27 December 2017



Water News
The Great Water Ripoff Advances

SoCal will Grow at All Costs to Man & Nature

They’re coming for your water,
Mountain Democrat, December 22, 2017.


AB 1668: Establishes a limit of 55 gallons of water per day per person on all Californians.

This legislation is a warning about the reality that our policy of unlimited growth has already created in California, and clearly shows us where our irresponsible growth is bringing us into the future. At our current rate we will soon have "water hours," being the window of time every day between having our water being turned on and then off.

Just like any other third world nation...

Oh, and they will tell us, "its for our own good." Screwing us is good for somebody, just not for anybody that takes the general welfare of Nature or our Nation seriously...

The Chinese and Indian cultures long ago overpopulated their lands, bringing critical shortages of water and all resources, plunging the vast majority of their populations into abject squalor, and their elites into unimaginable luxury.

Our country and people had charted a very different political and cultural path through life than overpopulation, shortage, and squalor overseen by greedy elites, until recently. We are clearly following the China-India model of social degradation...

Now we've fallen into the traditional human pattern of greed, growth, and empire, despite our own self-limiting Constitution.

Today with AB 1668 our "leaders" have shown us another one of the consequences of their program of irresponsible growth, being the harsh rationing of water in "normal" times, that they have in store for us.

And make no mistake at all, the weather has already changed, to a much warmer and drier California, and is continuing to change at a faster pace.

We've got a lot of "new normals" we are going to have-to get used-to, as we have already grown ourselves out of our natural fertility and out of our democracy and our middle-class, and are currently growing ourselves far past our reliable water supply.

That's what irresponsible, greed-driven growth has done to our state, our country, and our planet.

Well, now that we've got squalor up and down the Valley and LA, now that we've got third world wages and living conditions everywhere, now that our infrastructure & schools are bad jokes, now we're about to see Nature really, "turn up the heat," so to speak, if this legislation is any indication of coming conditions, which I believe it is.

We've already proved that we've stuffed way too many people into California to maintain American living standards... I can't wait to see what our "leaders" come up with next, as they finish "leading" us to the "finish line" of the "race to the bottom" they've "led" us down...

Adjust your safety gear. The bottom of the well they've thrown us down, er, the, "finish line" approaches rapidly.



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