Water News. Water Ripoff Depends on Political Ripoff: Nor Cal Politicians Call on Trump to Forstall Oroville Go-Ahead

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 25 December 2017



Water News

The Great Water Ripoff Depends on the Great Political Ripoff

Nor Cal Politicians Call on Trump to Forstall Oroville Go-Ahead

Politicians to Trump: Don’t relicense Oroville Dam until we know why spillway failed,
Sac Bee, December 21, 2017.


It’s about time somebody demanded these bribed, tainted officials who are responsible for the spillway failure, provide a precise answer as to how it happened (“culture problems,” ie, corruption), how it’s been properly fixed, and how the causes of the problem have been terminated. I’ll save everyone a lot of time: It’s impossible.

It's actually kind of ironic: throughly-bribed California politicians calling on Trump to regulate FERC, which is a throughly-corrupted oversight agency. All of these jerks all know exactly why the system does not work, bribery, and none of them address the real problem, or they would not themselves be sitting in Congress.

They all kissed the ring of corporate bribery...

The Oroville Dam spillway failed because our state and federal regulators are bribed, they are more concerned with providing their bribers, being the great agricultural, industrial, and developer billionaires and their corporations with low-cost, taxpayer subsidized water at the lowest cost possible, to fuel their irresponsible growth feeding their concentration of wealth and power, than they are with the general welfare of our citizens. Oroville Dam was irresponsibly built and irresponsibly maintained to fuel irresponsible growth and development, and its true sponsor, its mother, was greed, and its midwife, corporate bribery. Desire is what ties this system of greed and corruption together, to be precise.

This corruption assured we designed and built a flawed dam, and subsequently deferred needed maintenance, ultimately resulting in spillway failure. The state regulators and federal overseers can’t put that, the truth into their reports, that both they and their spillway failure are both products of the corporate bribery that runs our political system, that they and the failure are part of the payoff. Karma, baby.

Our traitor press cannot even identify political bribery itself as a systamatic problem in the first place, let alone honestly report on how this system of political bribery has systematically compromised our health, safety, and basic welfare in every aspect of our lives. How corporate political bribery has cheated us all.

Honest reporting would compromise the corporate ownership of both press and politician, a system of corrupted social and political power, and the press's role in legitimizing and normalizing political corruption.

So much for the "free press" in a corporate state.

These same “cultural problems,” of political bribery and special interest corruption tainting every aspect of the inception, building, and funding of Oroville can be tracked back to the political bribes assuring our infrastructure is built to provide vast private profits at huge public expense.
This institutionalized bribery and corruption first "inspired" the initial problems of cheapness of design and construction, which, when added to decades of deferred maintenance, ultimately manifested the ethical corruption of our political system as the physical spillway and emergency spillway failures of 2017, which seriously threatened to take out the whole dam dam, along with the Northeastern quadrant of the San Joaquin Valley. Corruption is dangerous.

This long era of contemporary institutionalized political corruption, expressed in this case as faulty design and the  long deferral of of proper oversight and maintainence, when added to yester-year's corruptions initially compromiszing the original design and construction, are what directly led to this year's near disaster.

Today these initial construction and ongoing maintenance corruptions have come together to produce spillway structural failure. Will the true causes of our danger, this open corruption, even be addressed?

Do you want to end this danger? Then you want to end political corruption, you want to end the political bribery that's raping our country and the world. The only way we can restore trust in a corrupted system is to fix this fucker. We've got to stop the cheating, and stop the cheaters from profiting and prospering from their cheating, let alone expanding it.

All of this corruption and destruction is to grow "profits."

Actually, our corrupt corporate traitors built Oroville so they could build a disgusting megacity in the desert, LA, and they must drain a whole lot more water out of Northern California if they are going to continue with their plans for the massive population growth they have planned.

Our corporate master plan on importing-up California's population, up to fifty million by 2050, by expanding their foolish development East from LA across the deserts of Southern California, as they are currently doing. Oroville and the Twin Tunnels are critical to this plan.

We’ve got to deny them this water, deny them the money or authority to expand our population at all, or to build our infrastructure any larger. Not a bit larger until they fix what their irresponsible growth has already broken.

Nope. Not one more bit of growth can be tolerated until our environment, let alone our society, are no longer being asset-stripped by our "growth." Our environment is crashing. Our society has already crashed.

No, not one bit of additional immigrant or international growth can happen until our schools, roads, incomes, middle-class wages and our share of our state’s wealth are back up to the standards of the 1960s.
That's when our corporate traitors began this “race to the bottom” for the American middle-class using massive illegal & legal immigration, along with offshoring our manufacturing jobs to China. They planned then to use these tools to rob our middle class of its share of our nation’s wealth and political power, and today their plans have borne full fruit.

Stripping our environment and middle-class of their wealth was the rational behind the opening-up of immigration and China.

“Mission Accomplished.” The American environment and people have once again been completely ripped-off, both man & nature, by our own organized corporate greed’s corruption of our political processes and institutions.

It's this intentionally misplaced idea that our Constitution unleashed unlimited greed, rather than limiting the power of greed, that has allowed the greedy to drive forward the forces of irresponsible growth necessary to first strip us of our ethics, which then allowed the asset-stripping of both man and nature, to strip every thing out of our environment and out of our people. We need to put our corporate elite back within the harsh constraints of our own democratic rules and values. They've lost their way...

Therefore, to have any chance of protecting our country or its environment, our only mission is to end the power of the organized forces of greed over politics: We must end all corporate and special interest bribery in politics. This, democratic institutions, will be the mother's milk of real environmentalism. We must restore the actual operation of democratic ethics by removing the forces of organized greed.

The fundamental rule must be, “If they are not voters, they cannot contribute in the election.” All corporations must be banned from any type of political participation. Only individual’s may contribute, within reasonable limits, into the elections which they are qualified to vote. After re-instituting democratic practices, we’ll have a real chance to break the corporate monopoly over our, “free press.” After having a clean, non-bribed decision-making process, we need good information to make good decisions.

We have neither today. Both are tainted with corruption.

Making these fundamental, structural changes to our political institutions and process will change who has power and influence from corporate bribers back to our citizens. Ironically, any decent citizen will see the necessity and validity of these reforms, of stopping all the cheaters and all the cheating.

Cheating must be removed as a political force in our country, no matter how well it serves your self-interest.

These fundamental reforms to our political process will result in a gusher of long-needed secondary reforms in all aspects of American domestic and foreign policy.

Re-instituting our democratic republic will break the corporate fascist state domestically while fundamentally threatening all the kings, emirs, corporate elites, and dictators within the sphere of our global empire of corporate evil.



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