Water News: Too Many Thieves Doom Abalone & Wild Fish in California

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 01 February 2018


Water News
Theives of Nature

Too Many People, Too Many Thieves Doom Abalone & Wild Fish in California

Jail sentences for North Coast abalone poachers highlighted as state braces for closure of fishery,
Press Democrat, January 31, 2018.

The consequences of the flood tide of massive overpopulation in our state during the last fifty years has stripped our state and our country's natural resources bare. Previous to this growth our country had enough, enough natural resources for everyone and nature. Until we began this massive, irresponsible population expansion. Now we don't.

Now we have many more people than resources, and this pressure is further diminishing our resources. This overdevelopment makes everything even more, "profitable!" Except labor...

The wild fish are almost gone. The abalone. Our water resources have been drained beyond their natural capacity to support us, fish, nature, and replenish ground water, while the weather itself is rapidly changing in response to our fifty year frenzy of irresponsible greed and "globalized" growth. This behavior has critically degraded our human and natural infrastructures and quality of life for man and nature to disgraceful levels. "Globally."

And still our corporate masters swell the number of "consumers" to whom they can forever charge higher prices for the upward pressures these massive populations have put on our food, water, not to mention rent prices, as the very same population pressures making food and rent more expensive have simultanously pushed wages and benefits down to third world levels.
This massive population increase has, "expanded markets," pushing demands for natural resources through the roof. This has powered, and been the means of executing a classic asset-stripping of a people and their land. It's almost over, as man and nature have almost been drained to their limits.

Stealing the last of the abalone offers irrestible profits to the greedy.

In the meantime, as the physical demands of the growing megacity strips out the last bits of nature's fertiltiy, the destruction of nature itself pushes our corporate master's profits even higher, as this destruction drives overwhelming, desperation-driven, "market-demands," the desperation that their irresponsible growth itself created, increases the scarcity, and therefore the prices and profits generated by monopolizing all the basics of life, as the corporate program of irresponsible growth destroys the last bits of our traditional web of life itself.

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