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Water News: Epic Drought: California 2012-2017 Drought one for the Ages

Water News: Epic Drought: California 2012-2017 Drought one for the Ages

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 13 March 2018


Epic Drought

California Drought of Long-Term Significance, "for the Ages"

Last California drought one of the worst since Columbus landed in the New World,
Sac Bee, March 12, 2018.



"...it was either the worst or second worst since the century Columbus landed in the New World, the Ottoman empire was started and Joan of Arc was burned at the stake."

"The research revealed two nine-year droughts in California history: one starting in 1452 and another beginning in 1775."

"At one point in 2015, the Sierra Nevada snowpack was the thinnest it has been in 500 years."


Extreme Weather?
Time to Double, then Triple the Population with CHEATERS!

That's exactly the perfect time to move millions of ILLEGAL CRIMINAL "CONSUMERS" into California, and give them all driver's licences! That "fixes" our environmental problems! Put millions of extra cars on the roads.
Our climate, our water supply, our schools, our roads, pay, benefits, and costs for everything, everything except the wealth of the rich, has gone down the toilet pursuing the policies of unlimited greed, growth, "globalism," and very irresponsible development.

That's "Misson Accomplished," for our corporate elite and their foreign minions. They broke it, the balances of Man and Nature, and now they are going to have-to live in what they broke.

Their method of operation, of pursuing the massive population increases that have already drained and damaged all our ecosystems, has been to OPENLY cheat our political and legal systems. Specifically, "our" politicians have put Mexicans far above our most basic rules of law: Mexicans are Above Our Laws!

The relentless greed and cheating of our corporate-bribed political, "leaders," and their massive armies of illegal foreign minions, has damaged everything human and natural in our country, and it shows.

It's time to drain the greedy cheaters out of our country, from top to bottom, to save what little's left of our country's human and natural resources, and its rapidly evaporating natural fertility.

That's how we become effective Americans and effective Environmentalists, at exactly the same time. Two birds, one stone.

Our leader's massive 100+ million crimigrant immigration, while simultanously sending all our union jobs to Filthy China, has destroyed both our democratic republic and its natural enviornment. Both have been eliminated in their greedy global quest for endless profits.

"Transforming" cheaters who put themselves, and all of Mexico, above our rule of law into supposed, "citizens," makes the very notion of American Citizenship no more than a sick joke, that, "Americans are greedy foreigners who put themselves above the law."

That the "dream" of foreign and domestic criminals, not Americans.

Our corporate leadership loves their reality of having their slave labor force above our rule of law, while we pay to subsidize the very same foreigners driving us to poverty, while we have the privilidge of serving-up our lives to our corporate elite just like Mexican Peasants. All this to feed their ever-increasing "globalized" greed that drives the corporate profits of our billionaire-corporate nobility.

That's not America, nor American: That's domestic Corporate Fascism running a Global Corporate Empire... And, that's a political configuration that's very bad for both man & nature, everywhere...

It is our international globalism and our domestic growth programs which have destroyed both our climate and ecology, and concentrated all the wealth and power of our nation into the hands of a brutal traitor corporate elite: They no longer even pretend to "play" by our own "rules," the rules defining our rights, let alone the specific limitations on political power and process specified by our constitution. Those are long gone.

They, our corporate elite, "play," by the rules of wealth and power, not our sacred grant of mutual rights and responsibilities defined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The mutual agreeement of citizens to mutually defend each other's rights and values are the basis of American citizenship, not breaking them.

All cheaters (both parties are corporate subsidiaries) must first be removed from our government, then we can eliminate the cheaters over-running our borders and the streets of our country.

That's exactly how we really, "fix," our environment: We address the source of our environmental problems, composed of the Corporate Growth Machine of Death, at its source: being the corruption-driven greedy cheaters who've corrupted our government to asset-stripped the natural and human resources of our country. Mission Accomplished. The vast majority of our natural and human resources have been fundamentally degraded.

The current growth trajectory, let alone the current status of "corporate environmentalism" pushing for, and justifying continuing relentless growth assures the destruction of our ancient climate and ecosystems will continue unabated, until they are gone. Then everything will decline radically.


It appears the DWR article above echoes this earler piece of research:

What does California’s future look like? Scientists asked trees



"Corporate Green" Lying Theives

Jerry & Family & Dems
Generations of Corruption


Jerry the Oil Company Map
We Are Owned and Boned


Stuffing California FULL of Millions of CRIMINAL FOREIGN CONSUMERS


Jerry "protects" us after being caught poisioning us...


Kill 'em All:
Water for Growth


Sucking the Life
out of
Man & Nature


Our Throughly Bribed Corporate Fascist State



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water news epic drought 2012-2017 worst since columbus


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