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Irresponsible Growth Funded by Rubes: Devils Straws Stealing Water to Kill Nature | High Sierra Backpacker

Irresponsible Growth Funded by Rubes: Devils Straws Stealing Water to Kill Nature

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 30 March 2018


Irresponsible Growth Funded by Rubes

Stealing Water to Kill Nature

Southern California might foot the bill for delta tunnels project — with no promise of reimbursement,
LA Times, March 28, 2018.


"The MWD's board voted last fall to invest $4.3 billion in the twin tunnel project, which proponents say is necessary to sustain water deliveries to San Joaquin Valley agriculture and Southland cities."

"But after valley growers said they couldn't afford the project, the state decided to press ahead with a less costly, one-tunnel version financed by the MWD and the other, largely urban districts that get delta supplies from the State Water Project."

"The staff is planning to offer two options for a board vote next month: Add $1 billion more to the MWD's 2017 funding commitment and move ahead with one tunnel, or throw roughly $5.5 billion more into the WaterFix pot and build two tunnels. The latter would push the agency's total financing to nearly $11 billion."


Ratepayers being forced to subsidize "developer's dream," the Twin Tunnels, which will provide the water for unlimited expansion of the LA Megacity to the East with full "ratepayer" subsidy. We are watching as political corruption is moving to subsidize massive private profits bringing massive ecological destruction with taxpayer and ratepayer dollars.

Our state and its water and ecosystems are being raped so that very irresponsible, corruption-driven, pubilcally subsidized "growth" can generate vast private profit.

As explained below, the Devils Straws are a scam to provide fully subsidized water to spread the Megacity Filth of LA East, East into the deserts of the Imperial Valley towards Vegas and Phoenix. Our idiot corporate leaders who converted LA into a filty megacity are now laying the foundation to spread tens of millions of illegals East towards the Nevada and Arizona borders: That's the TRUTH.

This will be bad for everyone, but especially for all ecosytems in Northern California dependent on that water as the Sierra and Rockies continue to dry out, because believe me, despite any promises to the contrary, LA and the Dems will insist that the existing populations they have illegally stuffed into California have access to water over our crashing natural ecosystems, when the drying out of the Sierra and Rockies inevitably deepens into a "perma-drought."

Both the Rockies and the Sierra water systems are failing. This is a last-minute grab at making as much money as our "corporate leaders" can steal before the Party's Over.

"The forces of evil," being the Dems and their corporate bribers/sponsors, need to get their plans for a "new megacity" hooked into our water infrastructure and growing as quickly as possible, so their million-dollar bribes to the politicians can be quickly turn into billion dollar profits, based on building the taxpayer/ratepayer subsidized "Devils Straws," to provide them with the subsidized water to fuel yet more irresponsible growth into the face of our ongoing and rapidly deepening climate-ecosystem disasters.

That's why I call the Dems and their Corporate Sponsors, "The Forces of Evil," because their corruption and cheating are the direct causes of the destruction of whole ecosystems and species in California. The intentional reduction in the sophistication, size, and fertility of the web of life is a manifestation of evil itself.


Why the Devils Straws?
THE REAL DEAL: Sucking the Life Out of Man and Nature


National Geo Feature Documentary, March 14.


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